Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Case Studies [Final Master Class]

Sickness Stars at Door

Welcome back.  This is the last lesson in the Feng Shui Master Class.  Thank you for following us through the end.  In the last 31 weeks you have already learnt a great deal of Feng Shui.  From Feng Shui theories to Form Feng Shui essentials, from Ba Gua Feng Shui to Flying Star Feng Shui, the knowledge delivered through this Master Class is well enough for not only self-assessment but also doing Feng Shui for other people.  Time flies, it is time to say goodbye.  There are certainly more to discuss in Feng Shui, please frequently come back to Feng Shui DIY, I will from time to time post Feng Shui articles discussing matters from elementary to expert levels.

Let’s come back to this lesson.  This time we do not study the static Flying Star Map of a house, but the dynamic Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Maps.  I said they are dynamic because according to traditional Flying Star Feng Shui theories, the Flying Star dispositions changes every year (the Yearly Flying Star Map) as well as every month (the monthly Flying Star Map).  On the other hand, the Flying Star Map of your house does not change unless you demolish the house or have a major renovation.

It is relatively not difficult to examine the static Flying Star Map of a house, because once the judgment is made it is valid forever (you just need to take into account of the change of Period and the corresponding change in prevailing stars).  However, since there are Yearly and Flying Star Maps, we also need to examine the effects of the dynamic Flying Stars on the static Flying Star Map.  This is the theme of this final lesson.


Dynamic Flying Star Map “Sets”

There is one thing I need to remind you before we move on.  By saying Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Maps, we mean there are two “sets” of dynamic Flying Star Maps.  One is the Yearly Map the other is the Monthly Map.  In other words, in a given direction there exists one Flying Star which stays there for 12 months, at the same time there is another Flying Star that changes every month.  These two Stars co-exist.  DO NOT think that Yearly Flying Star Map is the “collective” way to describe the 12 month’s Flying Star Map.

By examining these two Stars’ impact on the static Flying Star Map of the house and the relationship between these two Stars themselves, we could predict much more events that may happen on the house and the occupiers.

Finally, although I explained the Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Maps here, there are even more.  Everyday there is a Daily Flying Star Map (in which the Stars changes their locations every day) and even Hourly Maps (the Stars changes their locations every two hours).  However, since the duration of these Maps are quite short, Feng Shui master would usually not take them into consideration.  Otherwise, how could ask the clients to change the Feng Shui settings every month?


Case (1) – Big Fire in a Village

This was a case happened in 1923 in China.  The exact location was in ZheJiang near Shanghai.  The whole village settlement was built at a location where there were high mountains in North and a junction of rivers in South.  Most people lived around the river junction in South for ease of getting water for all kinds of activities.

A big fire happened in the Ninth Month of the year and destroyed most houses.  Below are the Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Maps.  Please note what Stars were located in South in that Year and particularly in that Month.

Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Case 1

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There is a Yearly Flying Star 9 and Monthly Flying Star 7 in South.  Referring back to the Double Star Interpretations, the co-location of 7 and 9 giving the 7 – 9 combination is prone to have fire.  This was the major reason of the big fire in that month.

Location-wise, most houses were built near the river junction in South, where the 7 – 9 combination was found.  We may therefore consider that the effects of the combination happened mostly in South where the two Stars met.

Finally, there was a river junction in South.  In Feng Shui, when we talk about the bad Flying Star combinations, we usually want to keep them static and do not tough them, to avoid triggering the bad effects.  However, since there was a river junction in South, the bad effects of the 7 – 9 combination was much increased due to the moving Chi in this direction.

Now you see how the combination of Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Maps could be used for analysis and prediction.  Besides, the external environment plays an important role in Feng Shui, as evidenced by the river which magnified the bad effects of the 7 – 9 combination.  If you have the chance to interpret Feng Shui, don’t forget to take into consideration the Yearly and Monthly Maps.


Case (2) – Going to Emergency Room Four Times a Year

This is a real case happened in 2013, so this is a very recent case.  The subject flat is one in a multi-storey residential building.  The subject family occupy a unit on the eighth floor.  The family comprises of the father, mother and a 2-year-old little boy.

The family asked for my help because their little boy went into the Emergency Room four times a year.  They suspected that the Feng Shui of their flat may be bad.  I therefore tried to help them by analyzing the Feng Shui.

Sickness Stars at DoorI found that there is the 2 – 5 combination in North.  You should be able to remember that this combination is very bad for health.  What makes the case worse is that the door of the flat is located exactly in this direction.  So, even without looking at the Yearly Flying Star Map, just by examining the static Flying Star Map of the flat, I could tell the occupiers should have sickness easily.  (There are Double 8 prevailing stars in West as indicated in the red and blue circles, but this is out of the scope of this lesson.)

The second finding is that the little boy should be the one whose mostly affected.  Why?  Remember our lesson in the early stage of the Master Class about interpreting the meanings of the eight directions?  North represents the youngest male in the family.  This may be the reason that the little boy in this family went to the hospital four times a year.

I also examined the Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Maps.  The Monthly Flying Star in North in July 2013 was 2, which is a sickness Flying Star.  In April 2013, there was an even worse Flying Star 5.  I believe that these were two of the months when the little boy got really sick, and my analysis turned out to be correct.

The solution to sickness problems in Feng Shui is to use “metal” because the “earthy” sickness stars could generate “metal”.  Placing “metallic” materials in the sickness directions could “consume” the “earth” elements.  So I asked the flat owner to place a white carpet at the entrance (white is a “metallic” color) and put metallic wind chime there.


Case (3) – Theft Due to Flying Star Combination

Ms Lee and I have a common friend.  One day, our common friend brought Ms Lee to me and asked for help.  Ms Lee was being robbed when she was walking to home a week ago.  Luckily she got no injury, she just lost her wallet which contained several thousand dollars.

Before I went to Ms Lee’s home for inspection, I generally asked about her flat’s orientation and shape.  I found that, probably due to a bad Yearly and Monthly Flying Star combination at her flat’s entrance door, she had high chance of loss of wealth in that particular month.  Why so?

In that year, Yearly Flying Star 7 occupied the Southeast direction which is where the entrance door was located.  At the same time, in that particular month the Monthly Flying Star 3 was also in Southeast.

Yearly and Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Case 2

According to Feng Shui theories, the 3 – 7 combination (or 7 – 3 combination) would very likely bring loss of wealth or even theft to the occupier of the flat.  Since the entrance door of Ms Lee’s flat was located in Southeast, we could fairly say that the bad combination may be the cause of the robbery.

I should stress here that Feng Shui is only one of the determining factors.  It doesn’t mean that if there are twenty flats in the same building with the same orientation and interior layout, then all occupants in all twenty flats would encounter robbery.  There merely exists a high chance of loss of wealth happening on the occupiers of these flats.  Robbery is one possible outcome, same for investment loss, bad debts and depreciation of properties.  We should therefore take into account other factors such as the fate of the occupants (fate prediction is out of the scope of this Feng Shui Master Class, though).


Finally… this is the end of this lesson and the whole Feng Shui Master Class.  After these 32 weeks, you have got a good collection of knowledge Feng Shui.  I am confident that the topics you have learnt are much more than what you could find in most Feng Shui books.  Thanks to modern communication technology, you could learn from somebody from Chinese society and knows Feng Shui theories.

With what you’ve learnt, you are already qualified to examine Feng Shui for ordinary houses and offices.  What it takes is experience to make you a real Feng Shui master.  In the these four lessons I demonstrated how to apply the theories in real life, I hope you could re-read the cases if you cannot 100% understand them.

Lastly, thank you for your support in these 32 weeks.  This is a happy period we spent together.  I love sharing knowledge, I hope you like learning as much as I like teaching.  Feng Shui is really fun to learn and powerful to use.  Make good use of the knowledge and help some people!  See you in future Feng Shui blog posts!

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