FREE 2013 Feng Shui Guide, Make Year of Snake the Best Year Ever!

Feng Shui 2013 Year of Snake Guide FREEHi all!  After months of preparation, my second FREE yearly Feng Shui guide is now available for download!  Same as last year, this year I explained the Feng Shui of the 8 different directions plus the centre.  You’ll learn how to exactly how to maximize the use of lucky directions, and how to minimize the bad effects of the unlucky directions in the Year of Snake.


2013 Year of Snake Lucky Guide

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The Luckiest Feng Shui Direction in Year of Snake (2013)

In the last post I told you which direction is the worst in the coming Year of Snake, this time let’s look at something good – the best direction in 2013.

Before I reveal this direction, let me tell you why it is regarded as the best direction.  According to Feng Shui theories, there are totally 9 “Yun” (i.e. periods), from the first to the ninth, each Yun equals to 20 years.  9 x 20 = 180 years, so every 180 years the cycle repeats.  From Year 2004 to Year 2023 is the Eighth Yun.  During the Eighth Yun the Flying Star 8 is the luckiest, so the direction where the Flying Star 8 locates in a year is the best direction of that year.

The Flying Star 8 occupies Northeast in the coming Year of Snake.  It follows naturally that Northeast is the best direction in this year.  This Flying Star brings wealth, happiness and good luck, we certainly want to maximize our use of it.

If the entrance door of your house happen to locate in the Northeast, it means that in general your family would enjoy a good year in the Year of Snake.  Similarly, if your desk is located in this direction, you may have a better year in the workplace.  To cut it short, such a good direction is good for entrance door, bed, desk, kitchen and everything and everywhere you would stay a few hours a day or pass through several times daily.

Feng Shui feature for 2013 luckiest direction

What if none of these in your house is located in Northeast?  No worry, you can also use Feng Shui ornaments to boost your luck.  Your top choice is a water feature such as fountain or aquarium.  Alternatively, you can place a large piece of crystal, jade or other “earth” related ornament here.  Where can you find such Feng Shui ornaments?  The most convenient place is Amazon online store!  Just search for “Feng Shui water feature” ad you can find quite a lot.

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