2021 Feng Shui Guide – The Good and Bad Directions

According to traditional Feng Shui theories, Spring (the solar term Lichun) marks the beginning of a year. It’s time to have a look at how to get the best Feng Shui in the Year of the Ox.

The Bad Directions in 2021 Year of Ox

The Flying Stars change their whereabouts every year. This year, the Flying Star that represents disaster and illness is in the Southeast. If there is any construction site or building works outside your home in this direction, chances are the health and luck of your family may be affected. Similarly, having building works in the Southeast corner in your house is definitely not a good idea. What’s more, if the entrance door of your home is in this direction, we are afraid that there may be bad happenings. To cure, try putting six metal coins or a metal wind chime with six layers in this direction.

Another bad Flying Star, which also brings bad luck, is in the North. Again, avoid building works in this direction.

The Shui Puo direction, which means against the prevailing energy of the year, is in Southwest. This is definitely not a good location to have any building works.

A final bad direction I want to mention is the East. This is the San Sha direction. If your desk in the East of the office, your office life this year may be a bumpy journey to get through. You should also avoid moving furniture in the East (and building work is certainly bad too).

This seems to be a lot, right? Actually, the major problem is building work. In the past, Feng Shui practitioners seldom renovate their homes. They did good Feng Shui when move in and get the most of it. For this reason, these bad directions are not a big deal. In modern days context, do not carry out building works in these directions unless necessary. In that case, try putting the metal coins in the affected directions and try beginning the works in other directions first and gradually extend to other corners.

The Good Directions in 2021 Year of Ox

The prevailing Flying Star with the greatest power is in the West. Some Feng Shui practitioners believe that it is good to have the entrance door or desk in this direction in the house. This is true in many cases but the best advice is to check with a Feng Shui master, since the power of this Flying Star is so great that it may induce side effects if not properly triggered.

The Flying Star related to study and career is in the East. It would be great if your desk is placed here. Yet, as it is also the San Sha direction, make sure you don’t have too many works done here.

Hope the above helps! Wish you a very happy Year of the Ox!