Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (6)

In the previous five articles, I have examined the characteristics of people of Guas 1 to 5. This time, let’s learn how to instantly tell the characteristics of Gua 6 people.

Gua 6 – Hard Metal

Gua 6 belongs to metal element. While we could further define metal into hard metal and soft metal, Gua 6 is definitely hard. You can imagine hard metal as large piece of steel which is very strong and rigid, while soft metal is similar to the golden rings and bracelets, which are not for building and construction but for collection and decoration.

Instantly Know Any Person's Characters - Gua 6 - Hard Metal

Gua 6 People’s Advantages

Gua 6 people tend to have strong self-confidence. When facing challenges, their persistence could help them get through difficulties. Imagine how a steel column takes on the heavy loading. This ability makes them honest and reliable. They would not change easily.

These people can act fast, they don’t need much time to think.

Gua 6 People’s Disadvantages

Due to the strong and rigid characteristics, Gua 6 people usually are less flexible. They could not easily change the way they do things. They may not be very talkative and easy to communicate with. They tend to believe that they know the world and how things work (but not necessarily).

They usually project the image of strong men and women in the workplace. However, this also means that they care about how people think about them.

With the above characteristics, Gua 6 people are more suitable to work in stable jobs and industries. The volatile trades, such as marketing and investment are definitely good choices (how could you survive in these industries if you are not flexible enough)?

If I am asked to give advice to Gua 6 people, I would suggest them not to insist to be strong. Sometimes we need to change and adapt to the prevailing environment, even if we do not agree with it.

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