Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (9)

Here we come to the final article in this series. This time, we learn how to read Gua 9 people’s characteristics.

Gua 9 – Some Like It Hot

Gua 9 belongs to “Fire” of the five elements. Just like fire, Gua 9 people are usually active. They tend to be energetic.

Gua 9 people are usually talkative. They can get alone with other people easily. It is their natural tendency to make new friends. They can settle easily in a large group of people.
Gua 9 people are curious about the world. They usually have many hobbies. They would like to explore new things. They are usually outreaching. Outdoor activities are usually their favourite. Even if they stay at home, they would have many things to do to keep themselves busy.
With all the above characteristics, you could certainly agree that Gua 9 people should also be able to act fast. Yes, they are quite fast in making decisions. While other people are still planning, they have already started working.

Gua 9 People – Disadvantages

Gua 9 people act fast. If this characteristic is not used in a good way, Gua 9 people may become too aggressive. They may want to press for the completion of everything, while sometimes things just cannot be done easily. The drive for speed may need to the compromise in quality.
Gua 9 people are very good at getting along with people. But for some of them, they may also be “too good” at their social circles, and get involved in troubles in their relationships.
Gua 9 people are usually weaker in perseverance. They need to learn to have greater patience.

Who are Gua 9 People?

Now you know how Gua 9 are like, but may be you don’t know who are Gua 9 people. The Gua of a person is determined by the year of birth and gender. You can check the following tables to find out your Gua number. You could also read my introductory article about 9 Star Ki to know more.

A point to note: Chinese Astrology regard Spring as the start of a year, and Spring usually begins on 4 February. In other words, if you were born from 1 January to 3 February, you should look up for the previous year when you check the following tables. For example, a person born on 27 January 2001 should be regarded as born in 2000 when determining the Gua number.