Who are Your Noble People that Give You Luck?

This article is about noble people who give you luck. In Chinese Astrology, there is a theory that people have different types of energy. If you know what kind of energy you need and you can find out people around you who have this kind of energy, you could get support from them and live your life much easier.

To do this, traditionally we need to know your year, month, day and time of birth to calculate the 8 words (or four pillars) of you. This may not be easy because not all people know their birth time. The calculation also involves the correction of solar time which is quite complicated (and beyond the scope of this simple article).

Here, I present to you a simplier way to find out your noble people by knowing your year of birth only. This method is simple, yet quite reliable. If you can memorize the five combinations I am going to introduce, you could quickly find out the noble people of all your relatives and friends in seconds.

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