Feng Shui 2014 (2) – How to Improve on Love & Relationship

This is the second article of the Feng Shui 2014 series.  In the previous Feng Shui 2014 article, we have seen why South and North are directions you need to beware of in 2014 Year of Horse.  This time, we will look at a specific topic, love and relationship.  By doing a little Feng Shui improvement, you could enhance the chance of finding a true love or improving your interpersonal relationship.


2014 Feng Shui Direction for Love – Southwest

According to Feng Shui 2014 Flying Star Map, the lucky Flying Star for love, the Flying Star 1, locates in Southwest.  If there is only one Flying Star you can use to increase your chance to start a relationship, it must be this Flying Star.

Feng Shui 2014 Love Relationship

(Image via mrhayata, CC licence)

Traditionally we suggest people to place a vase with a colorful flower in this direction.  Flying Star 1 is named as the Tao Hua Star, which literally means peach blossom.  In Feng Shui, peach blossom means good relationship.  The best matching Feng Shui accessory for a peach blossom direction must therefore be colorful flower.


Feng Shui Direction for Relationship in 2014 – Southwest

Not surprisingly, the direction for interpersonal relationship is also Southwest in 2014.  Why?  Because Tao Hua also governs interpersonal relationship.  For people in the show business, even if they don’t need a lover they should place a colorful flower in the Tao Hua direction because Tao Hua means relationship.


Apart from placing a vase with one colorful flower here, you may directly leverage the positive power of this Flying Star by placing the bed in this direction.  By doing so, you sleep in a good direction for love and relationship for 8 hours a day.  How good is that?  It is in fact the most effective way to boost your luck in relationship, but since it may not always be feasible to do so, you may use the colorful flower solution instead.

If you choose to use flower, remember you should place one but not more flower, because it is Flying Star “1” that governs relationship.  The flower is better to be water-grown.  You should not use plastic fake flower.  Don’t choose flowers with sharp prickles such as rose.  They look beautiful but actually are bad for relationship.

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Feng Shui 2014 - Year of Horse Lucky Guide


Feng Shui 2014 (1) – Beware of South and North Directions

It’s late October now, Year 2014 will come soon.  Same as previous years I’ll write a series of articles in this blog to highlight the do’s and don’ts in different directions in the coming year.

In this first article under this Feng Shui 2014 series, I’ll point you to two directions where you should exercise caution.  They are South and North.  And let’s forget about Flying Stars first, we’ll see why these are two directions you need to take care of even if the Flying Stars in these two directions are not bad at all.


Feng Shui 2014 – South

Shown below is the Flying Star Map of 2014 Year of Dragon.  As always, the Flying Star Map is 180 degrees rotated so South is on top and North is at the bottom, and East is on the left and West is on the right.  This is not a mistake but the traditional way of presentation in Chinese Feng Shui.

Feng Shui 2014 Flying Star Map

South is the direction of Tai Shui in 2014.  Let me first explain what Tai Shui is.

In layman and simplest terms, Tai Shui is where the “on-duty god” of the year.  The Tai Shui direction is where the Tai Shui locates in a year.  Tai Shui governs the year and so it is accustomed to say that we should respect Tai Shui.

There is also a saying that “you should not touch the head of Tai Shui”.  Tai Shui is a powerful someone, so you should never attempt to adversely affect Tai Shui.  For this reason, we never suggest clients to have building works in the Tai Shui direction of the flat through out the year.  In fact according to Feng Shui theories, having building works in all bad directions is strictly not recommended.


Feng Shui 2014 – North

The case for North is similar but even worst.  North is the San Sha direction as well as Shui Po direction in 2014.

San Sha literally means “three attacks” or “three bad happenings”.  You can tell how bad it is because it has three times the bad effects.  Shui Po is another bad direction in a year, it literally means “broken in this year”.

Same as South, you should never carry out building works in North in 2014 Year of Horse.


No Building Works in South and North in 2014

So what constitutes a building work?  A building work, in Feng Shui sense, covers new construction, alteration, repair and demolition.  Typical examples are digging the ground, demolishing the wall, constructing a new room and installing a new door.  There are certainly more that comes under this umbrella.  Literally we say in Chinese that you should not “touch the soil or structure”, but even if you fix a ceiling cornice or plug a nail on the wall that’s building work.


Any Cures?

Sometimes these works are unavoidable.  You may control the home improvement works, but what if the roof is broken and you need to fix it?  Am I asking you to ignore water seepage from the roof even if it is very annoying?

No.  Feng Shui is not that rigid.  If you really need to carry out building works for unavoidable causes, try not to begin the works in South or North.  For example, if the roof from Southeast to Southwest is broken, you should begin the repair in Southwest first and then gradually extend the working area towards South.  In other words, you begin in a lucky direction, maximize the positive Chi you could get, that gradually move to the bad directions.

And if there are simpler fixes that requires less vigorous works or shorter direction of work, you should always attempt to choose these options, because the direction and magnitude of work also matter.


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Feng Shui 2014 - Year of Horse Lucky Guide

Feng Shui 2014: Free Lucky Guide

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Feng Shui 2014 - Year of Horse Lucky Guide

Feng Shui 2014 – Year of Horse Lucky guide

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