Small Feng Shui Change Could Bring Big Improvement

A true life example of a client making improvement in health condition just by making a small change at home. The rationale behind is explained.

Small Feng Shui Changes May Bring Big Changes

You think Feng Shui is difficult to apply?  Think again.

This is a recent case.  My client who suffered from migraine for years that she could hardly have restful sleep.  She consulted a few doctors, took medicine as instructed, yet the symptoms were not relieved.

She then turned to alternative treatments.  She tried aroma therapy and acupuncture.  She felt less painful but the problems could not be completely removed.

She was introduced by her friend who was my client. As she lived abroad and could not provide the basic information required, such as floor plans and the orientation of the house measured with a compass, I could not formally offer Feng Shui advices.

Small Changes to Living Environment

Nevertheless, I asked her to at least try to make some changes to her living space. She then moved her bed within her room, from beside the wall to the near the windows.

One month later, she texted me and said her migraine symptoms were much improved. If this could be considered as a success brought by Feng Shui, what actually helped her?

Feng Shui Brings Chi Improvement

Let me explain what difference a simple change in your home settings could bring to the Feng Shui of your home.

According to traditional Feng Shui theories, good and bad Chi (energy) could be found in different directions inside your home. We call these directions “mansions”. Some calculations are required to find out the whereabouts of the good and the bad, all based on measurements by using a compass.

If we could not use a compass, there is no way we accurately tell which mansion is good and which is bad. Yet, by relocating the furniture within your home, you may have moved the furniture from one mansion to another. If a health issue is related to a mansion with bad Chi, moving your bed to another mansion with relatively better Chi could help.

Besides, the orientation of a person lying on the bed also affects the health. Just like your house, your body’s orientation affects how you interacts with the energy in the environment. So, even if you cannot relocate your bed, say the bedroom is too small, try turning yourself 180 degrees, so that your feet (instead of your head) point to the headboard of the bed. This changes your body’s orientation when on bed, and may potentially improve the your Chi.

I would like to remind you that, no body can tell if such simple changes could solve health problems, unless an accurate measurement of the orientation of your home is obtained. Yet, if you suffer from health problems that could not be solved after medical treatment, it may worth to try to make small changes to your living space. Even if it does not work, you could reinstate everything.

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