Important Message about This Site… and Hong Kong

This is an important message about Feng Shui DIY.  If you have been following my posts, you would have noticed that this site has rarely been updated in the last few weeks.  I must apologize for not updating this blog as frequently as I should.

There are a lot more to do at this moment of time.  In the city where I live, Hong Kong, a large civil disobedience movement is undergoing.  Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have rallied along major streets at various locations across the territory, including the central business district, and outside the Central Government Office.  These people, most of whom are students, uphold just one request, i.e. universal suffrage, after the Beijing Government denied Hong Kong people to freely elect their top leader, the Chief Executive.  Despite all protesters are unarmed and largely peaceful, the Hong Kong Police used tear gas to evade them, making hundreds of people injured.

Occupy Central


At the moment of writing this post, the protests are still going on but the situation is getting worse.  The pro-democracy protesters have clashed with the police as well as pro-China protesters whose violent acts have caused injuries.  Many pro-democracy protesters were arrested, including a student leader of a pro-democracy group who is just 17 years old.  Many Hong Kong residents, including me, are doing whatever we could to support these protesters.  For this reason, I am unable to regularly update this blog and send out e-newsletters as usual.  The release of my yearly Feng Shui guide will also be delayed.

Occupy Central


My city is the getting through the toughest time ever.  Please pray for us, for democracy, and peace.


(To know more about this movement, which is called “Occupy Central”, please check out CNN’s FAQ page:

Feng Shui Myths (3): Bad Marriage, Bad Relationship

Over the years, I have heard so many rumours about how bad Feng Shui at home could cause bad relationship.  These rumours sound very reliable because they are usually supported by Feng Shui theories that seem to be correct.  In this article, I am going to explain whether these rumours are correct or not.


Feng Shui Myth 1: Wall Cracks = Bad Marriage?

A very commonly heard Feng Shui myth is that if you found cracks on the walls of your house, your marriage would be bad.  The advocates of this theory suggest that since cracks mean breakage and separation, more cracks at home means higher chance of divorce.

Feng Shui Myths - Wall Cracks

This is absolutely wrong.

If you know a little bit of home decoration, you would know that the plastering on wall is prone to cracks due to natural shrinkage.  And if your house is more than 10 years old, most probably there would be one or two cracks on the wall, not to mention those on the ceiling and floor.  Basically, it is impossible to find a house without any cracks.

So cracks by themselves would not cause bad marriage.  But if the cracks are the result of defects in the building structure, say ground settlement, the defect itself may cause Feng Shui problems.  And certainly, even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, you would not want to live in a house with structural problems, right?


Feng Shui Myth 2: Bad Kitchen Design Brings Two Wives?

Traditionally we believe the Feng Shui of the kitchen affects the housewife of a family.  This is why many Feng Shui myths related to bad marriage concern the kitchen design.

A very common Feng Shui rumour is that if there are two stoves the husband may have an affair with someone else, because the stove means the housewife, and if there are two stoves there would be two housewives in this family, meaning that the husband would fall in love with someone else.

Feng Shui Myths: Feng Shui Kitchen

A similar rumour is that if there are mirrors in the kitchen, when the housewife works in the kitchen the mirror would produce a duplicated image of the housewife.  There would, again, mean that there are more than one housewives in this family.

You may also have heard of that if there are two refrigerators in a kitchen, the chance of the husband having an affair would be high.  Basically, all these rumours are supported by a fundamental belief, that there should be only one kitchen and everything in the kitchen should be the only set in that kitchen.  Following this principle, you may even say that there should not be two ovens or wash basins in a kitchen.

These are all nonsense.

Firstly, it is not uncommon to have two housewives in a house.  If there are three generations living in the same house, it is just normal to have two or three housewives under the same roof!  And you can tell by common sense that, unless you live alone there are usually more than one stoves in your kitchen!  Don’t believe in these bullshxt theories!


Feng Shui Myth 3: Ivy Causes Bad Marriage

Some people believe that ivy, or hedera, hedera helix, etc., planted inside a house may cause bad marriage.  The idea behind may be that ivy is a climbing plant that is attached to a base structure, so it carries the meaning of having a third person clinging to a family member’s marriage.  And the stems of ivy is not straight but curved, so it may mean hiccups in a marriage.

Again, this myth is totally wrong.  In contrast, ivy is a good Feng Shui plant that may bring wealth if used properly.  While analogy is widely used in Feng Shui, it does not mean that you can arbitrarily make a conclusion simply because the shape of something looks like something else.


To conclude, Feng Shui has an effect on relationship and marriage but it is not the only factor.  The key to a successful marriage is the efforts that the couple made to maintain a good relationship.  If the love is real, it is unlikely that a plant or two stoves at home could cause any damage.

How to Choose a Feng Shui Hotel Room?

For most of the time people study Feng Shui for their homes or offices.  The topic of this article is a bit different.  I would not tell you what constitutes a good Feng Shui home or office.  Instead, I will teach you how to choose a Feng Shui hotel room.  In other words, after reading this article, you would know how to select a hotel room with good Feng Shui when you are on vacation or business trip.

Does it really matter to find a Feng Shui hotel room?  It depends.  If you have just a short stay for one or two nights, the Feng Shui of the hotel room does not really matter.  But if you have a long stay or you are having a business trip for an important business meeting, a good Feng Shui room could how to bring good luck.

"Ace Hotel NYC guest room interior" by Jeremy PelleyUploaded by Orangejuice1 at en.wikipedia - press kitTransferred from en.wikipedia by SreeBot. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

“Ace Hotel NYC guest room interior” by Jeremy Pelley


Feng Shui Hotel Floor Level

If you studied my Feng Shui Master Class, you would know how to choose lucky floor level.  Even if you don’t, here is a quick tip.

In 2014, the luckiest floor levels are those ending with 6, i.e. 6, 16, 26, 36, 46, etc.  If possible, when you check in at the concierge, tell the hotel staff that you want a floor level ending with 6.  Unless the hotel is really fully booked, usually the hotel staff would be able to fulfill your requirement.

There is one thing to note.  We need to count the actual floor number.  Sometimes the floor levels are not in simple 1, 2, 3, 4… sequence.  Instead, the floor levels may be G, UG, Podium, L1, L2, etc.  In Feng Shui, we count the real floor number only.  So the ground level is 1/F, 2/F is one floor above, 3/F is next… all the way to the highest floor.  We do not skip unlucky floor numbers like 13.  The 6, 16, 26, 36, floors here refer to the real floor number.


Feng Shui Hotel Room

Now that the first requirement is met, it is time to examine the hotel room.  Firstly, avoid choosing the last room in the corridor, i.e. the room at the dead end.  We believe that the energy, a.k.a. Chi, needs to flow.  The Chi at the end of a corridor is stagnant, so a room located there is usually not preferred.

We also do not prefer a door to door situation.  This happens when the door of your room faces the door of the opposite room.  Nowadays hotel doors are usually positioned alternatively for better circulation so this should not be a big problem.

Preferably, your hotel room should not be adjacent or directly opposite to the elevator.  The first reason of this requirement is that the elevator could be noisy, either due to the mechanics (doors opening and closing) or the elevator passengers who produce noise.  Secondly, the Chi around elevators could be messy.

Finally, the directions of the hotel room must be good.  For this, you should refer to my free Feng Shui guide, which explains the good and bad directions in this year.  In 2014, South is the best direction, so if the door of the hotel room opens to South, the room is not bad.  Besides, the bed is preferably be in a good direction as well, such as South, North, Southwest or West.

With all these criteria met, the hotel room should be a Feng Shui place to stay for a few nights.

Home Finder’s Guide to Feng Shui (1) – Compass Test

Thank you for reading this article.  If you are a loyal reader, you would have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog for at least two months.  Why was I so lazy?

Well, In the last two months, I visited over 50 flats. However, I didn’t do it for my clients and I earned $0 from the visits.  All because I visited all these flats to find a new home for my family!

It is really not easy to find a Feng Shui home, especially when I know Feng Shui. The possession of Feng Shui knowledge means that I would not compromise my requirements. If I found that the flat has bad Feng Shui, even if it is very affordable I would definitely say NO to it.


Home Finder’s Feng Shui Guide

After this long journey of flat hunting, I had an idea to write a series of articles to help home finders to find their Feng Shui homes. Although you may not have studied Feng Shui before, or have never tried my online “Feng Shui Master Class” (trial available!), it does not mean that you cannot pick a Feng Shui flat. There are some simple things you can do, all by yourself, to filter out bad Feng Shui flats.

Here, I want to share with you a simple tip first.  All you need is a compass. It does not have to be a Feng Shui compass. And you don’t even need to know how to use a compass. What I ask you to do is, when you inspect a flat, hold the compass in hand and check if any irregular movement of the pointer.

18-Feng Shui Compass

The theory behind this simple compass check is that, Feng Shui examines the energy (a.k.a. Chi) inside the living space. If the energy inside a flat is not pure or is negative, chances are the movement of the pointer should reflect such a problem. I have been to a flat where the pointer swings from one side to another in a range of over 30 degrees. There extent of movement is certainly not within acceptable tolerance.

Please note that, however, the electronic appliances inside a flat may affect the compass. If the compass pointer swings a lot, try to walk to another location inside the flat and observe the pointer again. If the compass pointer swings irregularly at a few locations inside the flat, you should probably give up on this flat.

There is one thing to note.  I found that many people use their smartphone’s compass app.  It is not bad as a basic tool for ordinary purpose, but for Feng Shui use you cannot use a smartphone to determine the directions.  The result is not reliable at all.  If you go more advanced in Feng Shui, you would know that even a one degree error in direction could result in big difference in Feng Shui.

There are certainly much more Feng Shui home finding skills.  Stay tuned!

Feng Shui Mirrors – What Do They Do?

Mirror is a common furniture in almost everybody’s home.  We usually have a mirror in the toilet, a mirror in the wardrobe and sometimes even one in the kiving room.  If mirror has an impact on Feng Shui, its effect would inevitably be felt by almost everyone of us. 

Feng Shui Mirrors – What Do They Do?

A few weeks ago I came across a term called Feng Shui mirror.  Somebody was selling such kind of thing in a local market.  The seller claimed that by hanging the mirror on the wall you would get better luck.

Does Feng Shui mirror ever exists?  Before I answer this question I should explain the effects of mirror in Feng Shui. 

We all know mirror reflects light.  If you switch on a torch and point it to a mirror, you will see the light being reflected back to you.  The stronger the light of the torch, the stronger the reflected light. 

Feng Shui Mirrors

Mirror has the function of a reflector in Feng Shui.  If there is good Chi in a particular corner of your house, it reflects the good Chi.  On the other hand, if there is bad Chi it brings it out.  The stronger the Chi the bigger the impact.  If there is a mirror in a sickness direction, the mirror will bring out the bad energy.

You may consider mirror a amplifier of energy.  It does not filter the energy, i.e. it would not block out bad energy or convert bad energy into good.  So in practice there is no such thing as Feng Shui mirror because every ordinary mirror can do everything a Feng Shui mirror can do.

The Best Practice of Using Feng Shui Mirrors

So the truth about Feng Shui mirror is that it has good effect only if you place it in  he right place.  If you are not sure where the good / bad directions of your house is, my recommendation is to avoid putting mirrors at unnecessary locations.  Only put them in the toilet and where you make up and dress.

If you can get an expert’s help, mirror could really be used for good Feng Shui.  For example, many Feng Shui masters use Feng Shui to magnify the positive effects of the good Flying Stars in good directions.

Besides, sometimes Feng Shui masters would use convex mirrors to reduce the bad effects of external “Sha”.  “Sha” is something bad in shape that could constitute a threat to the Feng Shui of your house.  A typical example of external “Sha” is a sharp angle pointing to your house’s door or window.  In this case, some Feng Shui masters would hang a convex mirror facing the “Sha” in hope of reducing the bad effects experienced.

If in doubt, ask a local Feng Shui master!

Feng Shui Myths (2): Water Fountain, Wealth Fog and the like

In the last article in this Feng Shui Myths series, we have discussed the use of lucky color to boost luck.  This time, we shall examine another popular topic in Feng Shui, i.e. the use of Feng Shui products.  Do you really believe that these stuff could bring better energy?

Most of the time when you seek help from a Feng Shui master, he would suggest that you place some Feng Shui accessories at home or in the workplace.  There are a large variety of Feng Shui accessories used by Feng Shui practitioners, the most commonly used ones include water fountain (this one is extremely popular), water column, wealth ship, wealth fog, Ba Gua, Feng Shui coins and Wu Lou.  Let me explain their effects.

Water Fountain / Water Column

These two are perhaps the most commonly used Feng Shui accessories.  Whenever we talk about using Feng Shui to bring wealth, we inevitably talk about the use of a water feature.

The logic behind using water fountain / water column is that water represents wealth.  So once we identified the direction where the”wealth star” locates, we should place a water feature there to enhance the power of the “wealth star”.  Both water fountain and water column are features with running water, so they are considered bring a dynamic stream of wealth.

Feng Shui Myths - Feng Shui Water Fountain

Is this true?  Yes.  Water features, if placed correctly, could bring better luck in wealth growth.  According to the Five-element Theory, the “wealth star” has a “water” characteristic, so placing water in that star’s direction could strengthen the power of that star.

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Feng Shui Myths (1): Lucky Color of a Year?

Thank you for reading this article.  You may have noticed that the topic begins with “Feng Shui Myths”.  It is my new attempt to write a series of blog posts surrounding a common topic.  I have chosen the “Feng Shui Myths” theme because I found that there are many commonly discussed Feng Shui ideas that people usually assume to be correct without trying to verify them.  I want to use my blog as a platform to clarify these ideas.  You will find that some of them are correct while some are actually wrong.

I will begin this series with a frequently asked question.  Many, seriously many, people ask me what is the lucky color for a particular year.  Their questions are not what is “my luck color” in this year.  They simply ask for the lucky color of a particular year, a “universal Feng Shui color” that is lucky for everyone on earth.  For example, many people think that the 2014 Feng Shui color is green.  Do you know why?

Feng Shui Color for A Year

The common saying that the lucky color for a year is xxx originates from the Five-element Theory (五行理論 in Chinese) in Feng Shui (there are similar theories in other traditional theories of other societies such as India, the difference is just that the number of elements and the type of elements are different.).  According to this theory, there are five elements in this universe.  Everything belongs to anyone of the five elements.  They are “Wood”, “Fire”, “Earth”, “Metal” and “Water”.

In Chinese, there is a system to represent a year.  It comprises of two Chinese characters.  For example, 2014 is the year of 甲午 (Jia Wu Year).  The second character is directly related to the zodiac sign of the Year.  午 (Wu) is the Zodiac Horse.  The first character of 2014, 甲 (Jia), belongs to the “Wood” element.  This is why people say 2014 is a Year of the Wooden Horse.

Feng Shui Color - Five Elements

(Image via Wikipedia, CC Licence)

According to the Five-element Theory, there are “Generating Interactions” among the five elements.  Every element is generated by another element.  For example, “Wood” is generated by “Water”.  In this sense, “Water” is a good element for “Wood”.  For a “Wood” year, “Water” is a lucky color.

Besides, the element of the year is also good in that year.  Obviously, “Wood” is a good element for a “Wood” year.

Lucky Colors for 2014 Year of Horse

So, for 2014 Year of Wooden Horse, any color belonging to “Wood” or “Water” elements are lucky.  Green color, in any intensity, belongs to “Wood”.  This is the reason people say green is luck in 2014.

Feng Shui Color for Year of Wooden Horse

(Swedish Dala Horse, image via Wikipedia, CC Licence)

Why don’t we use “Water” colors?  In fact you can, but it is most powerful to use the color of the same element as the year, so green is preferred to blue.

The Use of Lucky Colors

Usually when people ask me what is the lucky color for that year, I would say that the luck color of the year is less important.  What really matters is your own personal color.

There are two reasons.  Firstly, to match the lucky color of each year means that you need to repaint the walls of your flat, buy a new car and replace all shirts before a new year begins.  It is impractical.  Secondly, your personal lucky color is more powerful.  It affects you for your entire life.  What bother to use the yearly lucky color if you already have a powerful personal lucky color?

I have previously written a post about Feng Shui color.  You only need to know your year of birth to find out your personal lucky color.  Check it out!

Feng Shui for Love & Relationship – Free Preview

Right before the Valentine’s Day I have published my first e-book on using Feng Shui for love and relationship on Amazon.  This book explains in details how to use Feng Shui for love live improvement as well as interpersonal relationship enhancement.  It is great for people without any prior Feng Shui knowledge.  The strategies introduced are easy to apply, you don’t have to buy expensive Feng Shui accessories.

To reward my loyal subscribers, I have released a FREE review copy to all my newsletter subscribers.  Some people wrote to me saying that they missed the 14 Feb deadline due to Lunar New Year travel or other appointments.  For this reason, I have decided to extend the preview period to the end of February 2014.  Simply click the book cover below to download the book.

Feng Shui for Love & Relationship

Comment on ‘Feng Shui for Love and Relationship’

I would love to hear from you comments, positive or negative, about this book, so I have decided to giveaway a $10 gift card to one (1) of the reviewers who published a review on, so if you happen to have access to to leave a comment, please read this book and share your review on Amazon, you could be the lucky winner to get the prize!

Procedures to enter into the lucky draw:

(1) Download the review copy by clicking the book cover above;

(2) Read it and go to the this page: Feng Shui for love and relationship;

(3) Find the “Write a customer review” button, click it;

(4) Give the book a rating and leave some comments.  You can decide what comments to write but you must state that you received a free copy for an unbiased review (as required by Amazon);

(5) You will receive an email notification soon from Amazon telling you that your review is published.  There is a hyperlink to your comment, right click and copy the link;

(6) Register for the lucky draw here.

That’s it!  Get a FREE ‘Feng Shui for Love’ e-book and a chance to win a fabulous prize, take action now!

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Feng Shui Almanac 2014 Year of Horse

Auspicious Dates for Wedding

Listed below are good days to get married. The exceptions mean that if any one of the couple belongs to that zodiac sign, that day is not good for the wedding.

February 2014

4 Feb 2014 (Tue) except for Rat zodiac

14 Feb 2014 (Fri) except for Dog zodiac

25 Feb 2014 (Tue) except for Rooster zodiac

28 Feb 2014 (Fri) except for Rat zodiac


March 2014

1 Mar 2014 (Sat) except for Ox zodiac

7 Mar 2014 (Fri) except for Sheep zodiac

13 Mar 2014 (Apr) except for Ox zodiac

19 Mar 2014 (Wed) except for Sheep zodiac


April 2014

3 Apr 2014 (Thu) except for Dog zodiac

8 Apr 2014 (Tue) except for Rabbit zodiac

16 Apr 2014 (Wed) except for Pig zodiac


May 2014

2 May 2014 (Fri) except for Rabbit zodiac

10 May 2014 (Sat) except for Pig zodiac

14 May 2014 (Wed) except for Rabbit zodiac

19 May 2014 (Mon) except for Monkey zodiac

20 May 2014 (Tue) except for Rooster zodiac

25 May 2014 (Sun) except for Tiger zodiac

23 May 2014 (Fri) except for Rat zodiac

26 May 2014 (Mon) except for Rabbit zodiac

27 May 2014 (Tue) except for Dragon zodiac

30 May 2014 (Fri) except for Sheep zodiac

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2014 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – January

This is the first month of 2014, we have also reached the end of the Year of Snake.  According to Chinese Feng Shui, a year begins in Spring which usually commences on 4 February.  So although we have turned to 2014, it is still Year of Snake.

January 2014 Feng Shui Cures

The Feng Shui cures below are valid from 6 January 2014 to 4 February 2014.



The Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars created a combination which is called 3 – 7 combo.  It is very bad for health, the result it may produce could be injury.  You should consider placing a glass of water here if this is the location of the entrance door or bedroom location.



The Yearly Flying Star 4 conflicts with the Monthly Flying Star 8.  You are suggested to place a big red stuff in this direction, such as a red carpet or wall painting.



The Yearly Flying Star 9 is supported by the Monthly Flying Star 4.  This is good for happiness.  It is a good sign if the entrance door or bedroom is in this direction of the house.


[contentbox width=”550″ borderwidth=”0″ borderstyle=”none” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”F5C9C9″ radius=”5″]The remaining paragraphs of this monthly Feng Shui cure article is available to members of the Feng Shui Master Class only.

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[s2If current_user_can(s2member_level1)]


The Yearly sickness Flying Star 2 is weakened by the Monthly Flying Star 6.  It would be a good natural cure for sickness if Southwest happens to be the direction of the entrance door or kitchen.



There is a Monthly sickness Flying Star 2 here this month, luckily the Yearly Flying Star 7 could counteract it.  Even so, you are suggested to place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.



The Yearly Flying Star 6 and Monthly Flying Star 1 in this direction are a good pair.  It is good for both wealth and relationship.



There is a conflict between Earth and Water elements in this direction in this month.  It is not good for the respiratory system and urinary system.  If the entrance door or bedroom is in this direction, you’d better place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.



There is yet another conflict between elements here, this time it is one between Earth and Wood.  Placing a big red stuff here could help to alleviate the problem. 



 The Yearly Flying Star 5 here is supported by the Monthly Flying Star 9.  The likelihood of sickness is increased.  You should consider placing a glass of water and a metallic music box here.


Feng Shui 2014 (2) – How to Improve on Love & Relationship

This is the second article of the Feng Shui 2014 series.  In the previous Feng Shui 2014 article, we have seen why South and North are directions you need to beware of in 2014 Year of Horse.  This time, we will look at a specific topic, love and relationship.  By doing a little Feng Shui improvement, you could enhance the chance of finding a true love or improving your interpersonal relationship.


2014 Feng Shui Direction for Love – Southwest

According to Feng Shui 2014 Flying Star Map, the lucky Flying Star for love, the Flying Star 1, locates in Southwest.  If there is only one Flying Star you can use to increase your chance to start a relationship, it must be this Flying Star.

Feng Shui 2014 Love Relationship

(Image via mrhayata, CC licence)

Traditionally we suggest people to place a vase with a colorful flower in this direction.  Flying Star 1 is named as the Tao Hua Star, which literally means peach blossom.  In Feng Shui, peach blossom means good relationship.  The best matching Feng Shui accessory for a peach blossom direction must therefore be colorful flower.


Feng Shui Direction for Relationship in 2014 – Southwest

Not surprisingly, the direction for interpersonal relationship is also Southwest in 2014.  Why?  Because Tao Hua also governs interpersonal relationship.  For people in the show business, even if they don’t need a lover they should place a colorful flower in the Tao Hua direction because Tao Hua means relationship.


Apart from placing a vase with one colorful flower here, you may directly leverage the positive power of this Flying Star by placing the bed in this direction.  By doing so, you sleep in a good direction for love and relationship for 8 hours a day.  How good is that?  It is in fact the most effective way to boost your luck in relationship, but since it may not always be feasible to do so, you may use the colorful flower solution instead.

If you choose to use flower, remember you should place one but not more flower, because it is Flying Star “1” that governs relationship.  The flower is better to be water-grown.  You should not use plastic fake flower.  Don’t choose flowers with sharp prickles such as rose.  They look beautiful but actually are bad for relationship.

[linebreak style=”11.png”]

If you want to learn more about how to do Feng Shui for 2014, here is a good deal.  I have a FREE Feng Shui 2014 guide for download.  Simply click the book cover below, you will be guided to download this e-book.  You will also be enrolled in my FREE Feng Shui email newsletter, from which you receive emails teaching you 2014 Feng Shui and much more Feng Shui tips, all FREE!

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Feng Shui 2014 - Year of Horse Lucky Guide


2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – December

This is the last month of Year 2013.  In Feng Shui, however, this is only the pen-ultimate month of the Year of Snake.  Not until 4 February 2014, we are still living in Year of Snake, so the good and bad directions of the year remain unchanged.  We should still pay attention to the relocation of the Monthly Flying Stars, because their interactions with the Monthly Flying Stars would produce unexpected effects.  This is why I have this monthly Feng Shui cures section in this blog.  Simply follow the instructions below and you can get through this month! 


December 2013 Feng Shui Cures

The Feng Shui cures below are valid from 7 December 2013 to 6 January 2014.



There is a conflict between “Wood” and “Earth” in East in this month, you are suggested to place a red stuff here, such as red carpet or painting, if this is where the main entrance door or bedroom is located.



The Monthly Flying Star 9 meets the Yearly Flying Star 4, this produces a sign of happiness.  Good things may happen if Southeast is where the main entrance or bedroom locates.



The Monthly Flying Star 5, which brings sickness, is supported by the Yearly Flying Star 9.  In other words, if the main entrance, bedroom or kitchen is located in South, the chance of the occupants having sickness would be higher.  If this is the case of your house, you are suggested to place a glass of water and a metallic music box here and make it sound often.


[contentbox width=”550″ borderwidth=”0″ borderstyle=”none” bordercolor=”000000″ dropshadow=”0″ backgroundcolor=”F5C9C9″ radius=”5″]The remaining paragraphs of this monthly Feng Shui cure article is available to members of the Feng Shui Master Class only.

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[s2If current_user_can(s2member_level1)]


The Yearly Flying Star 2, which is a sickness star, is weakened by the Monthly Flying Star 7.  You may even place a glass of water here to further strengthen the effect and attract wealth.



There is a bad Sha here, the 3 -7 Sha, which means the co-location of Flying Stars 3 and 7, in West in this month.  This is not good for health and relationship.  You should place a glass of water here if it is the direction of the entrance or bedroom.



The Monthly Flying Star 2 is weakened by the Yearly Flying Star 6, so the chance of having sickness is not as strong as it should be.  But for the sake of health you should consider placing a glass of water here if this is the location of the main entrance or bedroom.



The Yearly Flying Star and Monthly Flying Stars are of “Water” and “Metal” nature, their co-location is good for relationship as well as wealth.



There is a struggle between “Wood” and “Earth” in Northeast in this month.  You should place a big red stuff here such as a red carpet or painting.



The Yearly Flying Star 5 is not compatible with the Monthly Flying Star 1, this is not good for the urinary system.  You should consider placing a metallic music box here and make it sound often.