Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (4)

We have already seen how to read the personality of people of Gua 1, 2 and 3.  This time, I will show you what are the typical characteristics of Gua 4 people.

Gua 4 – Soft Wood

Similar to Gua 3, Gua 4 also belongs to the wood element.  However, they are quite different.

There are basically two types of vegetation, one is big tall trees, the other one is flowers, grasses and bushes.  The former is very hard and strong wile the latter is soft.  You can see the latter bending as wind blows, but it is rare to see big trees bending under the wind unless it is very strong wind.

Gua 4 Characteristics - Grass

The above difference highlights the characteristics of Gua 4 people.

Gua 4 People’s Advantages

Gua 4 people are like beautiful flowers.  They are usually gentle, soft and liked by many people.  As they resembles the characteristics of soft wood, they usually would not be arrogant but rather polite.

Unlikely Gua 3 people who would persist to achieve their goals, Gua 4 people are less concerned about making achievement.  They usually tend to enjoy spiritual satisfaction.  Earning money is not necessarily their top priority task.

Girls of Gua 4 usually have an aura of elegance.  Boys are usually debonair gentlemen.  They usually like literature, music and arts.  Of course, this certainly depends on the background and education of that particular person.

Gua 4 People’s Dsiadvantages

You could probably guess what “disadvantages” Gua 4 people would have by relating to the differences between hardwood and softwood.  Gua 4 people are usually considered to be lack of persistance.  They tend to accept the reality as it is (consider grasses bending as the wind blows).  It is likely that they may change their ideas easily.

When facing failure, they have less self-confidence to overcome it.  They may be less able to resist pressure.

Because they are usually liked by many people, sometimes they may be too casual in lovelife.

My overall view is that Gua 4 people are generally great.  They would be even better if they could be tougher and upholding their principles more.

If you want to find out which Gua you belong to, you can check out my article that introduces 9 Star Ki.  I have also re-posted below a reference table that you can quickly find out your own Gua.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

Next time, we shall examine the common characteristics of Gua 5 people.

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (3)

We have come to the third article in this Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters series. This time, we shall look at the personality of people of Gua 3.

Gua 3 – The Big Tree

Flying Star 3 belongs to the Wood element, so as Gua 3. People of Gua 3 more or less have some personal characters that resemble a big and tall tree.

Gua 3 Characteristics - Big Tree

Gua 3 People – The Advantages

Gua 3 people are usually tough and strong They could face challenges without much fear. They are usually proactive, optimistic, bright and self-confident.

Consider a tall green tree standing upright under the sunshine. It can stand the strong wind and the heat of the sun. It could also be a great shelter for other animals. So, you really can count on Gua 3 people for help.

If Gua 3 people find a goal, they would go all the way to achieve it. They could have good concentration. This character could help them to get through troubles.

Gua 3 – The Disadvantages

Same as other Guas, when there are advantages there would be disadvantages. A common problem of Gua 3 people is that they are too eager to win, so while they strive for the best result, chances are they forget what price they need to pay for it. And because they are a trunky big tree, they tend to have less flexibility when dealing with people. This could cost them a lot.

Since Gua 3 people are quite optimistic, they tend to think only the bright side of a thing. While positive thinking is usually regarded as a good thing, extremely positive thinking may make a person not sensitive to potential danger.

Gua 3 people have a tendency to think that they are great and people count on them. However, over-confidence on oneself may be a bad thing.

Finally, if a Gua 3 person is in a low tide period, i.e. having bad luck, he or she could still good. The detachment from reality may prevent him or her from responding to the changing environment.

My overall verdict is that Gua 3 people are lovable but sometimes you just cannot stand their over-confidence. They are hard wood without much flexibility.

Wonder which Gua you are of? No problem. I re-attach the following table, which I firstly posted in my article that introduces the 9 Star Ki system. Just look up this table, find your year of birth and gender, you will see your corresponding Gua.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020


Instantly Know Any Person’s Character (2)

Last time, we examined how to read the characters of Gua 1 people.  This time, let’s learn about people of Gua 2.

The Nature of Gua 2

Gua 2 belongs to the earth element under the Five-element Theory.  It is also a Yin (陰) element.  To visualize it, you could consider Gua 2 as flat ground.
Instantly Know Any Person's Characters - Gua 2 - Earth

The Characters of Gua 2 People

How would a person be if we consider him or her as a flat ground?  Firstly, the ground supports all the buildings.  So, a person of Gua 2 is usually reliable and trust-worthy.  In the context of family, Gua 2 people should be good father or mother who cares the family (as how the earth nurtures different creatures).
Gua 2 people are usually practical.  Unlike people of Gua 1, they have relatively less creative ideas.  They tend to do things step by step.
The ground could take heavy load, so Gua 2 people usually could stand hard work without much complaint.  They are considerate people.  They also tend to save rather than spend.
On the other hand, if the above advantages were driven to an extreme, they could become drawbacks.  For example, since Gua 2 people do not usually pursue new ideas, they may be too conservative.  And since they tend to save money, they may more likely be misers who are reluctant to spend.
As hard as the ground, Gua 2 people could be stubborn, inflexible and difficult to adapt to new environments.  These characteristics make them less suitable as good leaders.  Even if there is a good chance in front of them, they may be afraid to snag it.
Finally, while we say Gua 2 people usually could survive hard working environment, it could also mean that they suffer while not speaking out.  This is also why Gua 2 people may be good employees in the eyes of employers.

Tips for Gua 2 People

As I always say, there are no good or bad characters.  Although we say there are drawbacks, Gua 2 people could turn them into advantages.  The key is you need to know how to maximize the use of these characteristics to produce favourable results.
Gua 2 people must not forget that they are linked to the earth and ground.  In the context of investment, it means that they have a relatively higher chance of achieving gain by investing in real estates.  This matches the characteristics of Gua 2 people, as they tend to save.  They do not like the volatility of the stock market, so it is good that they save money and invest in real estates.  Certainly, any kind of investment requires good sense, smart decision and luck.  Please do not think that Gua 2 people must always win in the real estate market.
If you cannot remember who are Gua 2 people, please read my Introduction to 9 Star Ki article.  Next time, we shall talk about the characters of Gua 3 people.

Instantly Know Any Person’s Character (1)

In my Introduction to 9 Star Ki article, I have explained that people born in different years have different Guas (卦).  The Gua of a person could be used to do fortune telling.  Do you know the Gua also reflects a person’s character?

In this second series about 9 Star Ki, I shall demonstrate how you can know any person’s character.  All you need to know is his or her year of birth and the gender.  You can re-read my Introduction to 9 Star Ki article to know how to find out a person’s Gua.

From 1 to 9

According to the 9 Star Ki theory, each person has a Gua that represents him or her.  The Gua could be identified by knowing the year of birth of that person.  There are totally nine Guas, you could treat each Gua as a Star.  This is why 9 Star Ki is so named.

If you have learnt 9 Star Ki from other web sites, books or teachers, you may have learnt a system which determines a person’s Gua only by the year of birth.  This system is particularly popular in Japan.

However, the traditional Chinese 9 Star Ki uses both year of birth and the gender.  In a given year, all male born in that year have the same Gua, while all female born in the same year have another Gua.  This reflects the Yin and Yang characteristics of everything on earth.  This is why we should check both the year of birth and gender.

9 Stars with Unique Characters

Each Gua (or Star) has a group of unique characters.  The characters are partly inherited from the Five-element characteristic of the Gua, and partly inherited from the corresponding Ba Gua characteristics.

The Characters of Gua 1

Let’s use the first Gua, 1, as an example.  Gua 1 belongs to water element.  So it inherited the “flowing” characteristic of water.  Water is also considered as flexible and volatile.

Flowing Water - 9 Star Ki - Gua 1

[Photo via See-ming Lee]

In the context of human character, people of Gua 1 are usually clever.  They have flexible minds and could adapt to different environments and new things easily.  They are usually eager to learn and may have many hobbies or interests.  They are usually not stubborn and have good sense to how things work.  They usually love thinking.  They usually could enjoy social life and could make friends easily.

How cool are these characters?  Right.  But there are two sides on a coin.  You have advantages and inevitably disadvantages as well.  Since people of Gua 1 are very flexible and volatile, they usually have less concentration, particularly on things they do not like.  It may be more difficult for them to stay in the same environment for many years without a change.

Besides, friends of a person of Gua 1 may think that this Gua 1 guy always changes his thinking.  There are always new ideas in Gua 1 people’s minds.  However, these new ideas may not necessarily be practical.

As mentioned, Gua 1 people usually can socialize easily.  To an extreme, this could also mean that Gua 1 people may have a relationship easier.  In the eyes of other people, Gua 1 people may be less serious in finding a long-term partner.

Gua 1 people are usually like water.  Unless frozen, water needs a container to form a shape.  Water without a container will flow to everywhere and make no real use.  That’s why, many Gua 1 people has high tendency to rely on other people.  They need advices from other people to consolidate their innovative ideas and guide them through the every-changing environment.

The above are typical characteristics of Gua 1 people.  The list is not exhaustive, nor is it definite.  Human being is shaped by the surrounding environment, educational background, family, peers and personal experience.  If all male born in 1990 have the same characters, it would be a very boring world.  Please make your sensible judgment when appraising people around you using 9 Star Ki.

There are other factors that may affect the weighting of different characteristics that a person manifests.  An example is the month of birth.  We shall examine these factors in the final article in this series, after the overview of the remaining eight Guas in the coming articles.

Stay tuned!

Who are Your Noble People that Give You Luck?

This article is about noble people who give you luck. In Chinese Astrology, there is a theory that people have different types of energy. If you know what kind of energy you need and you can find out people around you who have this kind of energy, you could get support from them and live your life much easier.

To do this, traditionally we need to know your year, month, day and time of birth to calculate the 8 words (or four pillars) of you. This may not be easy because not all people know their birth time. The calculation also involves the correction of solar time which is quite complicated (and beyond the scope of this simple article).

Here, I present to you a simplier way to find out your noble people by knowing your year of birth only. This method is simple, yet quite reliable. If you can memorize the five combinations I am going to introduce, you could quickly find out the noble people of all your relatives and friends in seconds.

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Prediction by Date of Birth – Predicting Your Luck in a Year, Month, Day and Hour

In the last article in this “Prediction by Date of Birth” series, we have seen how you can find out your representing star by checking your date of birth.  The significance of the first day of spring was also introduced to you.  This time, I will move on to introduce how you can predict your luck in a given year and a given month.

Prediction by Date of Birth – Your Yearly Luck

Now you know you have a representing star.  In fact, there is a representing star for any given year.  For example, the representing star of 2015 is “3”.

By knowing this, you can do simple prediction using your own representing star and that of the current year.  We do this by examining the interactions between the five-elements of these two stars.  The basic principle is, if the two five-element characteristics are compatible, this year is good for you.  But if they are not, this may be a bad year.

Prediction by Date of Birth – Your Monthly Luck

Similar to Yearly representing star, there is also a monthly representing star for every month.  The logic is the same, if the monthly star is good for you, that should be a lucky month for you, and vice versa.

The Five-element Theories

So the critical question is, what are the five-element characteristics of the 9 representing stars:

  • Star 1 – Water
  • Star 2 – Earth
  • Star 3 – Wood
  • Star 4 – Wood
  • Star 5 – Earth
  • Star 6 – Metal
  • Star 7 – Metal
  • Star 8 – Earth
  • Star 9 – Fire

Next, you need to know the interactions among these five elements.  These could be described in words, but a picture is certainly better than a thousand words, so I shall use the following diagram instead.  This is a nice diagram I found in Wikipedia.

Fortune-telling, the Simple Way

For example, if your representing star is 2, your five-element characteristic is earth.  Unfortunately, the representing star of 2015 is “3” (wood), which is incompatible with earth.  Therefore, 2015 may be a less fortunate year for you in general.  However, it does not mean that you will have bad luck in all 365 days in this year.  It simply means that you have a relatively higher chance of encountering bad luck in this year.  DO NOT lose your confidence in the future simply because you found that the current year is not good for you.  The 9 Star Ki analysis is not intended to work this way.

The same applies to monthly divination.  The representing star of the seventh Feng Shui month of 2015 is “8”, which belongs to earth.  Since both you and the month are of earth characteristic, this should be a good month for you!

See?  It is not difficult to tell your fortune in a given year and month.  Only if you know how to find out the representing star of any year and any month.  There are a set of complicated formulas behind, but to save your time, I recommend that you go to the following web site, where you can find an online calculator to find out the representing star for any given year and month:

Fairly simple, right?  In fact, you can also use the same method to predict your luck in any given day and bi-hourly period.  What you need to do is to find out the representing star of that day or bi-hourly period.

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to find out the representing star of a year or bi-hourly period.  You need to calculate every time you want to find out these stars.  The formula is not very difficult but I certainly would not call it simple.  Being a lazy guy, I choose to copy what’s already been explained in Wikipedia (all credits go to Wikipedia and those who contributed to it):

Daily Flying Star

Daily and bihourly flying stars are usually applied to predict the time of a happening. Daily Flying Stars are governed by,

RULE 1: From the onset of Winter Solstice until Summer Solstice in the following year, the daily stars progress in ascending order (… 7,8,9,1, 2, 3, …). The stars are distributed around the nine palaces following Lo Shu path.

On the very first Yang Wood Rat day or Jia-zi day after Winter Solstice, daily Star 1 presides the center palace.

RULE 2: From the onset of Summer Solstice until the next Winter Solstice, the daily stars progress in a descending order (… 3,2,1,9,8,7,…). The stars are distributed around the nine palaces fleeing Lo Shu path.

On the very first Yang Wood Rat day or Jia-zi day after Summer Solstice, daily Star 9 presides the center palace.

Bihourly Flying Star

Bi-hourly Flying Stars are ruled by,

RULE 1: From the onset of Winter Solstice until Summer Solstice in the following year, the bi-hourly stars are distributed around the nine palaces following Lo Shu path. The stars progress in ascending order every bi-hourly.

On Rat, Rabbit, Horse, and Rooster days, star 1 occupies the center sector at Rat hour (11 pm of previous day – 1 am). On Ox, Dragon, Goat, and Dog days, star 4 occupies the center sector at Rat hour. On Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig days, star 7 occupies the center sector at Rat hour.

RULE 2: From the onset of Summer Solstice until next Winter Solstice, the bi-hourly stars are distributed around the nine palaces fleeing Lo Shu path. The stars progress in descending order every bi-hourly.

On Rat, Rabbit, Horse, and Rooster days, star 9 occupies the center sector at Rat hour. On Ox, Dragon, Goat, and Dog days, star 6 occupies the center sector at Rat hour. On Tiger, Snake, Monkey, Pig days, star 3 occupies the center sector at Rat hour.

The reason that I chose not to explain the day and bi-hourly star formula in details is that, besides the formula you also need an almanac which tells you the dates of Winter Solstice and Summer Solstice, as well as the date of the twelve Chinese sodiac signs.  Otherwise, you cannot determine the order of allocating the stars.  And I guess not so many of you would have an almanac in hand that gives these dates.  This kind of almanac is usually used by Feng Shui practitioners only.

Luckily, the technology is so advanced nowadays that we no longer need to own the paper almanac or memorize the formula.  Try to search “9 star ki” or “nine star ki” in the iOS Appstore and Google Play Store, you can find lots of apps that tells you the representing stars of the current day and time.  Some apps can even point you to your daily good directions!  The best of all, some of these apps are free of charge!

Feng Shui 2016 – The Good Directions with Great Power

In the previous Feng Shui 2016 article, we have briefly looked at the bad directions to avoid in 2016 Year of Monkey. This time, we shall learn what are the good Feng Shui directions in the coming year.  Please read until the end of this post to know a special point to note regarding when you should make the Feng Shui changes in your house for 2016.

Feng Shui 2016 – Wealth

The most important direction where every Feng Shui practitioner would pay attention to is the Flying Star 8 direction. In 2016, this Feng Shui direction is in Southwest. This flying star is famous for bringing wealth. The simplest way to leverage its power is to put something related to water here. As simple as that. A mild yet effective method is to place a glass or vest here and fill with water. If you want a bigger kick, place a water column here.

Please, however, beware that while the above Feng Shui strategy works in many houses, some houses may not be suitable because the water may also bring negative impact to health to some of your family members. Wealth does not come free of charge, if you earn more chances are you pay by having worst health. So I suggest not to put a big Feng Shui tower or water fountain like what other Feng Shui masters would recommend. You need a balance of health and wealth, always.

Feng Shui 2016 – Happiness

Another good direction to check is the East where the Flying Star 9 occupies in 2016 Year of Monkey. This flying star is associated with every thing happy, such as marriage and new baby. If you are single, you may try to put a vest with flower in purple color here. Make sure the flower is real (no plastic flower please) and you regularly replace the water and the flower.

Feng Shui 2016 – Career and Study

If you want better luck in study and job promotion, you may try the West direction where Flying Star 4 locates. Place a vest with four green plant here. People commonly choose lucky bamboos but as long as the plant is green it is good enough (so your good choice is green plant without flower).

Read (and re-read) the above and my last Feng Shui 2016 article if you don’t understand. In fact, these are all simple advices that you should find no difficulty to understand. Lastly, do not forget that, Chinese Feng Shui always has a year begin in Spring. The first day of Spring in 2016 Year of Monkey is 4 February 2016. You don’t need to implement the Feng Shui strategies in this and my last Feng Shui 2016 article until that day.

(The above advices are made based on the Yearly Flying Star Map only. The Feng Shui strategy of different houses may differ, depending on the actual location and design of each house. If in doubt, you are advised to consult your local Feng Shui masters.)

Feng Shui 2016 – The Bad Directions that Bring Bad Luck

Year 2016 is coming, same as previous years, I am going to provide some Feng Shui ideas for you to live a lucky new year. In this first article in this Feng Shui 2016 series, we shall look at the bad directions, so that you know where to stay away from. We shall examine the good directions in the next article.

Feng Shui 2016 – Sickness Directions

Firstly, let’s talk about the directions that may bring you sickness. Every year, Feng Shui practitioners search for the Flying Star 5 on the Yearly Star Map. Flying Star 5 is an extremely bad star which is associated with illness, disaster and troubles. In 2016 Year of Monkey, this flying star occupies the Northeast corner.

For this flying star, the advice is simple. DO NOT carry out any building works in this direction inside your house. Building works include not only new construction, but alterations and repairs too. For example, you certainly should not form new openings on the walls or replace the floor tiles in this direction. Basically, anything that touches on the building structure should be avoided.

Besides, you should try not to place red, purple or orange stuff here. Of course, a very small red cup in the Northeast corner in your house would not harm, but please never place any such big things here. Try also keep this direction stable, do not put any dynamic things like water fountain here. These are all things that would trigger the negative energy of the Flying Star 5.

Next, the Flying Star 2 which also brings sickness. This star occupies the center of your house in 2016 Year of Monkey. So, you should have the same precautionary measures as Flying Star 5 in the center. Do not carry out building works or place any dynamic or red stuff in the center of your house.

Feng Shui 2016 – Building Works

There are a few more directions where you should avoid carrying out building works in the coming year. They are Southwest, Northeast, South and Northwest. These are the Tai Shui (the Yearly God), Shui Puo (the Yearly Sha – negative energy), San Sha (three killings) and Li Shi directions of the year. They are notorious for bringing bad luck in you touch them in a bad way.

The above devices may seem a bit crazy because if you want to follow them through, there is basically no possibility for you to repair your house. So many directions are untouchable!

Yes, this is the unfortunate truth. But it does not mean that you cannot repair the roof of your house even if it is serious leaking water. What you need to do is to begin your repair works in the good directions first, and gradually extend your works to the bad directions. The fundamental idea is to attract good luck from good directions first before you fight against the monsters.

The good news is, we now know what not to do to keep your risk exposure low. We shall find out the good directions in the next post in this Feng Shui 2016 series. Stay tuned!
(The above advices are made based on the Yearly Flying Star Map only. The Feng Shui strategy of different houses may differ, depending on the actual location and design of each house. If in doubt, you are advised to consult your local Feng Shui masters.)

Prediction by Date of Birth – The Myth of Year of Birth

In the last article in this prediction by date of birth series, I have introduced how to find out your representing star by referring to your date of birth. Although the representing star changes once a year, you cannot simply find out your representing star by looking at your year of birth. The date of birth also matters.

The Myth of Year of Birth Explained

According to Chinese Feng Shui theories, a year ends on the last day of winter and the following year begins on the following day, i.e. the first day of spring. The first day of spring is NOT equal to the first day of Chinese New Year. This is an interesting fact but unfortunately not many Feng Shui practitioners know it.

prediction by date of birth - spring

Chinese Calendar is a mixture of Yang and Yin calendars. Yang Calender is based on the relative position of the sun and the earth. The Yin Calendar is based on the location of the moon in relation to the earth. The Chinese New Year we usually celebrates is based on the Yin Calendar, this is why some people would call it the Chinese Lunar New Year. This Yin Calendar has been in place for thousands of years.

However, Chinese Feng Shui is related to the flow and cycling of energy. All planets in the solar system, including the earth, is affected by the sun. As for the earth, summer is the hottest season in a year, because during summer the earth is the closest to the sun in a year. On the other hand, it is the coolest in winter because the earth is far away from the sun in its orbit. The four seasons are the “products of the sun”. The kind of energy that Feng Shui examines is that brought by the sun. So, for Feng Shui purpose, we use the relative position of the earth to the sun to determine the time in a year.

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Prediction by Date of Birth – Introduction to 9 Star Ki

The method of prediction by date of birth that I am going to introduce is 9 Star Ki.  Most of you should have heard of its name before, but chances are you don’t know what it actually means.

Some people think 9 Star Ki is a Feng Shui tool, some think it is a destiny analysis tool, but very few people know that it could be used for divinatory purpose to tell the future.

Before learning how the future telling actually works, let us first know the basics.

Prediction by Date of Birth – Lo Shu Square

9 Star Ki is an ancient way of fortune telling that could be traced back to thousand years ago.  It is based on the Lo Shu Square (洛書 in Chinese), a.k.a. Nine Halls Diagram (九宮圖 in Chinese).  There is a story related to this diagram.  It was said that, when a legendary hero, Xia Yu (夏禹 in Chinese), was travelling around the territory to treat flooding, one day a giant turtle emerged from a river.  The shell of the turtle shown the following pattern, which are nine numbers presented in dots linked by lines:

Prediction by Birth Date - Lo Shu Square

If you think about it, you will find that this is actually a magical square.  The sum of all numbers in each row, column or diagonal line is 15.  Since the central number is 5, so the sum of the two numbers in opposite corners or sides must be 10.  How interesting it is!

This Luo Shu Square has been widely used in different aspects of Chinese numerology, including Feng Shui, destiny analysis and future prediction.  In this series of articles related to prediction by date of birth, I will tell you how to utilize Lo Shu Square to do future prediction.

Prediction by Date of Birth – 9 Star Ki

The theory behind 9 Star Ki is exactly Lo Shu Square.  There are nine boxes in the Nine Halls Diagram, each with a number.  You can consider these nine numbers “nine stars”.  Each Star has different characteristics.

According to 9 Star Ki theory, each person is represented by one of these nine Stars, from one to nine.  For example, if you belongs to the Ninth Qua (九命卦 in Chinese), you more or less have some of the characteristics of the Star Nine.

Once your representing Star is known, you know if a particular year, month, date or hour is a lucky one for you, by checking the compatibility of your own Star and the prevailing Star of that particular moment of time.  This is the foundation of 9 Star Ki future prediction.

Since this method of prediction by date of birth is related to your year of birth, basically all you need to know to do the divination is your date of birth and the prevailing Star of the time.

The tables below show the representing Star of people born in different years.  Please note that in the same year, male and female could have different representing stars.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

Try to find your representing Star (Gua) by referring to the above table.  Know it and we shall move on to the next lesson of prediction by date of birth in the next article.  See you!

Introduction to Divination

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology has long been the major focus of this web site, but on and off there are readers writing to me inquiring about other aspects of numerology, including fortune telling, destiny analysis, face and palm reading and date selection.  To meet these demands, I am going to expand the scope of my writing to include other topics that readers are interested to know.
The first topic I would like to cover is divination, i.e. the prediction of the outcome of an event.  Some people call it fortune telling.  Although there is a fine difference between the two terms, let’s just use them interchangeably.  There are lots of different methods of divination in Chinese numerology (or metaphysics, as some people say).
Introduction to Divination

Three Types of Divination

The most commonly used divination methods, such as Qi Men Dun Jia (奇門遁甲 in Chinese) and Liu Ren (六壬 in Chinese), rely on the exact time that the prediction is made.  For example, if you ask me to predict the result of the job interview, I’ll use the time when you asked me, say, 4:06pm, to draw out a Map (盤栻 in Chinese), to interpret the likely result.  This kind of divination could produce highly accurate result due to the fact that you are examining the prevailing state of the energy in the prevailing time and space and how the energy would affect the questioner.
However, it is not without drawbacks.  Since Chinese numerology divide a day into 12 sections only, each section equals to two hours, there would only be 12 Maps for a day.  If there are more than one people asking you to do the prediction in the same section of the day, you will have to base your analysis on the same Map.  Imagine you have five friends coming to you together to ask for prediction, you would wonder if your prediction result is still correct.  Of course, there are some advanced techniques that help us in this situation, I have seen a maximum of seven people’s case being analysed using the same Map.
Another kind of divination does not base the analysis on time but the action taken every time when the prediction is done.  These methods include I-ching divination (易經占卜 in Chinese), Word Prediction (測字 in Chinese), etc.  When using these methods, you perform a series of actions to draw out a Qua (卦 in Chinese) every time.  Literally, you can draw out infinite number of Quas in an hour.  These methods could also produce accurate results but usually tools such as coins and cards are required.
There is also a third kind of divination which is basically “asking the god”.  Since this web site is not for the examination of religious belief, I would not go into details of this kind of divination.

What Can be Predicted through Divination?

People usually use divination as a means to probe into the possible outcome of some important events, such as:
  • Job interview
  • Examination
  • Relationship
  • Marriage
  • Business
  • Career
  • Health
  • Lost of property (i.e. can I find it and where to find it)


Basically, what you could imagine could be the subject of divination.


You Learn Divination

Feng Shui DIY is a web site for enabling people to do Feng Shui by themselves.  The same belief applies to other aspects of numerology.  In the coming articles, I am going to introduce to you a very simple way of divination, i.e. Nine Star Ki (my version).
You may have heard of Nine Star Ki before.  It is commonly known as originated from Japan and is usually used for destiny analysis.  In fact, it is originated from ancient Chinese society!  And it could be used for fortune telling!
You can learn my simplified version of Nine Star Ki quickly and begin to apply it to your daily life.  Although it cannot provide the same amount of details as other destiny analysis and fortune telling methods, it is easy to learn yet good for daily use.

I Do Divination for You

But if you are still not sure if you can master the Simple Nine Star Ki, here is a good news.  I am going to offer to do divination for the readers of this blog and my fans on the Facebook Fan Page, all for FREE.  You don’t need to pay a cent, just let me know the background of your case, I can do it for you.  More details will be announced soon.
So, let’s get yourself ready.  You journey to Divination will soon begin.  Stay tuned!


Feng Shui 2015 – What Colors and Accessories to Use?

This article explains what Feng Shui colors and accessories to use for your home and office Feng Shui in year 2015.

In previous years, I published yearly Feng Shui guidebooks to explain the Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts. This free guidebook has been so popular that thousands of readers downloaded it every year. This year, I made it even simpler to get access to it. Instead of registering by email, I made everything open right on this web site. Just read this article, you will know all 2015 Feng Shui do’s and don’ts!

A word of caution here.  The guidelines below are general advices only, you should consult a professional consultant if you need in-depth advice.

Feng Shui 2015 Flying Star Map

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