Interpretation of Double Stars (3) [Master Class 25]

After learning how to interpret the meanings of 45 double star combinations in the last two lessons, we come to the final week of double star interpretation.  In this lesson we will learn how to read the combinations beginning with Flying Stars 6, 7, 8 and 9.

We have 36 combinations to go through in this single lesson, so this will be a busy week.  But before we go into the details of these combinations, I shall address an issue raised by a student.  He asked whether these double star combinations could only be used to interpret the Mountain and Water Stars.


Double Stars in a Box

Usually when Feng Shui masters teach Double Stars Interpretation, they simply tell the students to use the interpretations on Mountain and Water Stars.  In fact, these interpretation are not confined to these two Stars.

I came across many cases when we use these interpretations to find out the relationship of the current month/year’s Flying Star in a box and the Mountain/Water Star in the same box.  It is quite usual that, due to the coming of a bad Monthly Flying Star, the Mountain Star is adversely affected and consequently the occupiers’ health is also affected.  We find out these relationships by applying these interpretations to any two Stars in a box.

So, the answer to this question is no, you do not limit yourself to the Mountain and Water Stars.  However, in the early stage we usually do not encourage students to go too far.  As your experience grows you would be able to apply all the techniques freely like a master.  For now, let’s just assume the method of interpreting double stars is used for the Mountain/Water combo only.

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Flying Star 6

Let’re resume our study, this week we will begin with all combinations beginning with Flying Star 6.


6 – 1

When prevailing, this combination is good for career, particularly for those working in the government.  Besides, there is a good chance of having big wealth and smart children.

When non-prevailing, the good effects of wealth and career may still exist, but there would be side effects of pain in the head, neck, shoulders or bones of the occupiers.  It may also relate to accidents related to water.


6 – 2

When prevailing, the occupiers are very likely to be rich, the major source of wealth being real estate.  There is also a high chance that the family members have good performance in the medical sector.

When non-prevailing, the family would have trouble in finance, people may become greedy and have disputes all due to distribution of wealth.  The couple may have conflicts easily.  For health, a likely adverse is illness in the head, bones and digestive system.


6 – 3

When prevailing, the luck for both wealth generation and authority (i.e. power in the workplace and fame) would be very good.

When non-prevailing, people in the house may have pain in the head or injury on the limbs.  There may be conflicts between two generations.  This combination also adversely affects the health of occupiers in general, the worst case is the loss of a family member.


6 – 4

When prevailing, this combination brings good luck related to mobility.  For example, people doing international or cross-region businesses would be mostly benefitted.  For the working class, there may be chance of being posted to remote locations with good rewards.

When non-prevailing, the female in the family would be adversely affected in various ways, including having conflicts with other family members and bad health.  All occupiers in general would have a tough life to live.  For health, there may be problems in the head and lower body.


6 – 5

When prevailing, both career and wealth would be good, but there may be some trouble-makers causing problems behind you.

When non-prevailing, the trouble-makers would be very likely be successful in creating big problems, thereby seriously affecting the career.  This combination also brings bad health and accidents, most likely in the head or realized as psychological problems.


6 – 6

When prevailing, the occupier could easily climb to the top of the career ladder with great authority and wealth to follow.

When non-prevailing, the occupier may easily get involve in lawsuits, interpersonal issues and conflicts.  There may also be injuries and accidents that hurt the head and bones.


6 – 7

When prevailing, this combination is good for career advancement as well as wealth generation.

When non-prevailing, we call this combination one of battles (交劍煞), which literally means the battle of swords.  It brings disputes and conflicts and may cause loss of wealth due to fellow family members. For health, headache is a common result, with other possible conditions like problems in the mouth, throat and respiratory system.

(Explanation: this is one of the worst combination that causes conflicts, one may expect frequent and endless involvement in troubles if this combination is not prevailing.)


6 – 8

When prevailing, it is a positive sign for career, money and power.  The family would enjoy prosperous life with health and smart children.

When non-prevailing, the good benefits may remain but the side effects of headache and problems in the bones may also be resulted.


6 – 9

When prevailing, this combination is good for health and wealth, the family host could live long life and there may be a family member who have great success in the government, police force or military services.

When non-prevailing, there would be conflicts between two generations.  The eldest son and his own family would encounter bad luck.  There may also be chance of fire accident.


Flying Star 7

We now study the effects of Flying Star combinations beginning with Flying Star 7.


7 – 1

When prevailing, there is good chance of career advancement particularly for those who work in the government, police force or military service.  The family would have generally good finance.  Love and relationship are also favored.

When non-prevailing, there could be rapid and big loss of wealth, the children may be disobeying with bad behavior.  There are also chances of theft or problems in the digestive system, respiratory system or injury.


7 – 2

When prevailing, the family could be millionaire, health is good and career is excellent.  Overall, the family lives very good life.

When non-prevailing, there may be fire accident in the house.  The female in the family would encounter bad luck.  There may also be chances of poisoning and problems in the digestive system.


7 – 3

When prevailing, the family’s second generation is smart.  The other occupiers of the house would also have success in their careers.

When non-prevailing, there may be conflicts and lawsuits affecting family members.  The family would lose harmony.  Health of the family members would be bad too.  Besides, same as the 3 – 7 combination, the 7 – 3 combination may also bring theft and loss of wealth.


7 – 4

When prevailing, both career and wealth would be good.  People could have good interpersonal relationship.  The female in the family would have good luck.

When non-prevailing, there would be troubles originated from bad relationship with other people and conflicts within the family.  There could be accidents related to metal (e.g. car accident) and bad health.


7 – 5

When prevailing, the occupiers could make big money.  The good effects of this combination is mainly related to wealth.

When non-prevailing, most problems are related to the mouth.  Firstly, there may be illness in the mouth.  Besides, there would be interpersonal issues related to what people say and talk about.  An advice should be made to the occupiers to talk less and do more.  Besides, there may also be bad relationship.


7 – 6

This combination brings good luck in both career and wealth when prevailing.

When non-prevailing, on the other hand, there will be endless conflicts and disputes, both within the family and with other people.  For health, there may be accidents related to metal and sickness in the mouth and head or inflammation.


7 – 7

When prevailing, the family would enjoy good luck in money, especially those made from other than the regular job (e.g. gambling, stock market, part-time job, etc.).

When non-prevailing, there may be theft causing financial loss, fire accident, disputes and bad relationship.


7 – 8

When prevailing, one could expect career advancement in successive years, the family could make good money and everybody would be healthy in general.

When non-prevailing, the family wealth could lose easily, the children may have sickness.  Other family members may also have health problems in the mouth.


7 – 9

When prevailing, the family is thriving with good wealth and health.

When non-prevailing, the “fire” characteristic of Flying Star 9 may bring fire accidents.  If there is anything big in red color outside the house in this direction, e.g. a building painted in red, there is high chance of fire.  For health, if this combination meets the yearly/monthly Flying Star 5, there is high chance of health problems mainly in the blood.


Flying Star 8

Now we come to Flying Star 8, the prevailing star in the current Eighth Period.


8 – 1

When prevailing, this combination is most favorable to study and career advancement.  It could also bring good luck in investment in real estate.

When non-prevailing, the occupiers may suffer from problems in the ear or anemia, or infertility of female, or children got drowning.  Relationship between family members would be bad, so as that with business partners and friends outside the family.


8 – 2

When prevailing, the family is good at making money in real estate investment.

When non-prevailing, there may be sickness in digestive system or children got hurt.  This combination may also cause bad luck related to mobility, such as frequent relocation due to bad family finance.


8 – 3

When prevailing, there is chance of advancement in authority in the workplace.  Besides, one could expect having good real estate investment.

When non-prevailing, there would be financial loss and bad luck in career.  There is chance of children getting hurt or problems in the digestive system.


8 – 4

When prevailing, the family is properly managed by the female.  The family would be healthy as a result of good investments particularly in real estate.

When non-prevailing, children in the family may get sick easily, the female will dominate the family and have conflicts with the husband.  Overall, all family members may have higher chance to be injured in accidents.


8 – 5

When prevailing, this combination is very good for wealth generation.  Besides, the family should have generally good luck.

When non-prevailing, not only would it be bad for finance, the health of the children in the family would also be adversely affected.  Overall, the family may be affected by food poisoning or sickness related to the digestive system.


8 – 6

When prevailing, occupiers of the house who are white collars would be mostly benefited in the workplace.  Besides, this combination is also good for fame and wealth.

When non-prevailing, the positive effects may remain, but with some side effects such as conflicts between generations and pain in the bones or head.


8 – 7

This combination is quite good for everything if prevailing.  Health, family, wealth, career should all be great.

On the other hand, when non-prevailing the family would be in constant conflicts, health is adversely affected, family finance is also bad.


8 – 8

When prevailing, this is probably one of the best combinations in the current Eighth Period.  Both wealth and health would be great, so as for study and career advancement.

When non-prevailing, business will decline, finance will be bad, and health is not good, particularly there may be pain in the bones and shoulders.


8 – 9

When prevailing, this is yet another great combination that brings wealth and fame.

When non-prevailing, there will be sickness in he nose, eyes and digestive system.  Beside, the house is also susceptible to fire.


Flying Star 9

Finally, we come to the last 9 combinations, all of which begin with Flying Star 9.


9 – 1

When prevailing, the family could expect happiness full house.  Health and wealth would be good, the family would also have healthy and smart children.

When non-prevailing, the middle son’s family will experience bad luck, people in this house may have sickness in eyes and ears.  If this combination meets the Flying Star 7, e.g. from the current year or month, there may be risk of fire.


9 – 2

When prevailing, the family is not worried about money.  It would be properly managed by the mother.

When non-prevailing, there may be risk of fire and health problems in the eyes and ears or digestive system.  One could also expect conflicts between the mother and son.


9 – 3

When prevailing, this combination is very good for fame, power and wealth.  The children would smart too.

When non-prevailing, the family members may have problems in the eyes or lower limbs.  Besides, there would be behavioral problems and risk of fire.


9 – 4

When prevailing, the family will be in harmony, children are smart, wealth generation is good.

When non-prevailing, the family will children with behavioral problems.  Fame and wealth will decline.  People will have sickness in the waist or eyes.


9 – 5

This combination mainly brings good wealth from real estate when prevailing.

When non-prevailing, the family members may encounter health problems in the eyes.  Children’s schooling would be bad.


9 – 6

When prevailing, this combination brings good fame and study.  People could live long life healthily.

When non-prevailing, there would be conflicts within the family.  This combination is also bad for health, especially for the lungs and respiratory system.


9 – 7

When prevailing, all family members would be smart.  Besides, this combination is favorable to making money from outside the regular job, such as investment and gambling.

When non-prevailing, this combination is notorious for bringing fire risk.  People would have bad behavioral problems.


9 – 8

When prevailing, the occupiers would be wealthy due to investment in the property market.  Those who are the working class would have good chance of being promoted.  The family would be filled with happiness.

When non-prevailing, family members may have sickness in the eyes and the digestive system.  This combination is also not good for children’s intelligence.


9 – 9

When prevailing, both wealth and health would be great.  Very likely those who live in this house may enjoy good luck and have good fame.

When non-prevailing, people may have injury and eye sickness.  This house would be more favorable to giving birth to girls instead of boys.


Finally, we have covered all 81 combinations!  In these three weeks, I have told you in details what effects each combination of Flying Stars could bring.

I understand you may find them difficult to memorize.  For this level of Feng Shui study, let’s just print out these three lessons  for interpretation, do bother with remembering everything.  Once you have built up your experience, you can easily tell even without holding these “cheat sheets”.  For example, some combinations such as the non-prevailing 2 – 5 are very “notorious” so you could remember them easily.  Similarly, you should have no difficulty to remember the 8 – 8 combination which is the prevailing Flying Stars of the Eighth Period.

In the next lesson we shall learn something very useful (too), see you next week!

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