Interpretation of Double Stars (2) [Master Class 24]

Welcome back to Feng Shui Master Class, this is the second lesson for the interpretation of double stars. Last week, we have covered two groups of double star combinations, i.e. those beginning with Flying Stars 1 and 2.

From last week’s content, you could probably find out that there are some common features in different combinations.  For example, all combinations beginning with Flying Star 1 are more or less related to study, job promotion and fame.  Those beginning with Flying Star 2 have something related to real estate and female in the family.

These are not coincidences.  Each Flying Star has its own properties and effects.  Flying Star 2 really relate to real estate.  By studying its relationship of the other Flying Star in the combination,  we could predict what effects would be generated.

One typical example is the combination of 2 – 5, which means the Mountain Star is 2 and Water Star is 5.  Since both stars are sickness stars, when both stars are present we could easily tell how serious the bad effect to health could be.

After all, Flying Star Feng Shui is a kind of mathematics.  It is not a religion, there are principles and rules governing it.  Next time, if somebody questions Feng Shui, you can tell him how serious the calculation is!

Now, let’s go back to this week’s content.  We shall learn the effects of some other combinations.

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Flying Star 3

Below are the explanations of the effects of the nine combinations beginning with Flying Star 3:


3 – 1

When prevailing, the eldest son with enjoy prosperous life due to good luck in wealth, besides health and fame would also be good.

When non-prevailing, the eldest son’s family (i.e. his wife, children and himself) would attract interpersonal disputes or lawsuits easily.  They would experience bad luck in daily life easily, and are prone to injury and sickness related to the legs and feet.


3 – 2

When prevailing, there would be good wealth and real estates, the eldest son could have prosperous life and good health.

When non-prevailing, there would be disputes within and outside the family.  There are turmoils that prevent people to be successful in business, career and daily life.

(Explanation: the effects would be quite similar to the 2 – 3 combination introduced last week.  We shall discuss further at the end of this lesson.)


3 – 3

When prevailing, people living in this house would have great power, good money and fame.

When non-prevailing, there will be family members fighting for wealth, or loss of wealth due to theft from outside or fraud.  People in this family may have injury in four limbs easily, besides there may be disputes and lawsuits easily.


3 – 4

When prevailing, the achievements in career/business and wealth is quite stable.  There would be smart boys born in this family.

When non-prevailing, there may be health problems affecting skin, arms and legs or liver and bladder. Besides, the family finance would be bad.


3 – 5

When prevailing, people in this house may have good luck in wealth.  Besides, those who work in the government would have good luck in career.

When non-prevailing, the health problems would be similar to the 3 – 4 combination, i.e. skin, four limbs or liver/bladder problems.  Besides, people in this house may also have bad temper.


3 – 6

When prevailing, people in this family would enjoy good luck in career, they would have the stage to show off their talents, and would be recognized by their bosses, particularly if they would in the government.

When non-prevailing, their lives in the workplace would be bad.  Beside, there may easily be personal injury due to metal cut or accident, or headache/liver problems.  The family members would have disagreements easily.


3 – 7

When prevailing, the career/business would be good, wealth generation is not a problem, there will be people who could support.

When non-prevailing, this combination would bring problems on the four limbs and in the liver/bladder.  If this combination appears in the Southeast direction, there may also be problems in the lungs.  The 3 and 7 combination may also cause theft or lost of wealth.  Some family members may have behavioral problems, the eldest son would be most adversely affected.


3 – 8

When prevailing, this combination could bring wealth and fame.  People affects may have good talent and good study.

While when non-prevailing, the youngest son may be adversely affected by bad luck, his bones may be subject to injury easily.  The second generation in the family, i.e. sons and daughters, would have disputes particularly related to money.


3 – 9

When prevailing, the second generation in this family would be intelligent, they would possess good skills and talent, which enable them to make good wealth for themselves and their own children.

When non-prevailing, there may be problems with the eyes and head, the house may have fire accident.  There may be legal disputes happening on the family members.


Flying Star 4

After looking at the combinations beginning with Flying Star 3, we shall examine the combinations beginning with Flying Star 4 now.


4 – 1

When prevailing, this combination is exceptionally good for study and examination.  Children in this family would be very smart, and family members who are working may have job promotion easily.  For business owners, the company operation would be very smooth and one could expect to make money.

When non-prevailing, this combination relates to improper sexual relationship.  In relation to health, it could mean stroke, for female infertility may be resulted, or the pass away of children in early ages.


4 – 2

When prevailing, the finance of the family would be quite good, while the female would dominate the matters in the family.  Health of the people would be good.

When non-prevailing, there would be conflicts among female family members.  In terms of health, problems in the digestive system may be resulted.  For career the business is destined to fail.


4 – 3

When prevailing, the family in this house would be harmonious, people could enjoy smooth career life/study, it would also be quite good for wealth generation.


When non-prevailing, the husband and wife would have conflicts, their son(s) would have improper behavior.  In terms of health, this combination brings problems with skin and the four limbs.


4 – 4

This double 4 combination is great for study if prevailing.  The second generation should be able to obtain good results in study, they may have a good job and fame.  Of course, wealth would also come.

When non-prevailing, there would be a sign of constant change, meaning that people may need to move to different places to work and live.  It is also bad for the health of the family members.


4 – 5

This combination brings stable career, business, wealth  and fame to the occupiers of the house when prevailing.  The good effects may not be as strong as the 4 -1 or 4 – 4 combinations, but still not bad.

When non-prevailing, however, the family that lives in this family would be adversely affected by bad luck.  The family finance would be bad.  There would be troubles with other people.  Health of the family members would also be bad.


4 – 6

When prevailing, the occupiers would have a smooth life with generally satisfactory wealth and health.

When non-prevailing, the father may adversely treat the female in the family, the family will be in constant disputes.  Family members may have health conditions in liver/bladder or the four limbs easily.

This combination also means migration and moving.  When non-prevailing, the occupiers may need to move here and there to work.

(Explanation: In the past, Chinese people thought that it is bad to leave their home.  They were conservative and would rather stay at home.  So, having to migrate or constantly move was treated bad and related to non-prevailing situation.  Nowadays, when the world is flat people don’t really mind.  In fact, some Feng Shui masters would use the non-prevailing 4 – 6 combination to help their clients to achieve there wishes.)


4 – 7

When prevailing, the family finance is dominated by the female, the family could accumulate and make wealth, though.

When non-prevailing, the second generation would be poorly educated, the family members may have affairs (improper sexual relationship).  The family would attract rumors and interpersonal issues easily.


4 – 8

When prevailing, the mother is able to properly educate the children, leading them to the path of success.  The family could make money and accumulate wealth.

When non-prevailing, some members of the family may be addicted to drugs.  The children would have weak health and poor study.  Health would not be good.


4 – 9

When prevailing, the family would have members who would be famous, rich or smart.

When non-prevailing, the female in the family would have disagreements all the time.  People in the family may have bad relationships (poor Tao-hua), eye disease or accident related to fire.  The male may also lose money due to fraud.


Flying Star 5

Finally, we shall look at the combinations beginning with Flying Star 5.


5 – 1

Wen prevailing, the family could make huge money, but the son in the middle may not be benefitted.

When non-prevailing, the son in the middle would be adversely affected, his health would be bad, particularly for the urinary system.  Female may also be affected and results in problems with the fertility system.  In general, the health of all family members would be bad.


5 – 2

When prevailing, both health and wealth would be prosperous, the family is dominated by the mother or a significant female.

When non-prevailing, the house is fully of sickness, the most impacted ones would be the father and mother, mainly related to the digestive system.


5 – 3

When prevailing, this combination also brings wealth and health, particularly for the eldest son’s family.

When non-prevailing, the liver/spleen may be adversely affected.  Besides, this combination may also bring skin problem and lower body injury.  Overall, the family would not be in harmony.


5 – 4

When prevailing, the business/career would be smooth, fame, study or job promotion are the greatest effects this combination could bring.

When non-prevailing, the male in this family may be addicted to alcohol and gambling, both male and female may have skin problems.


5 – 5

When prevailing, the wealth and health of the occupiers would be positively affected.  The family business, if any, would be thriving.

When non-prevailing, there may be accidents/illness happening on the family members.


5 – 6

When prevailing, the family would not be short of money, the children would be obeying.  Basically this is a good combination if prevailing.

When non-prevailing, people in this family may have headache or pain in the bones, or even serious body conditions.  There would be obstacles in the career and daily life.


5 – 7

When prevailing, the family would be harmonious and with good wealth.

In contrast, when non-prevailing there would be many disputes and gossips related to the family.  The young female would be prone to sickness, other family members may have sickness in the mouth or throat.  All family members may encounter accidents / injury due to metal (e.g. car accident).


5 – 8

When prevailing, it is very likely that the family would be wealthy due to the real estates they possess.  The children would be obeying.

When non-prevailing, people living in this house would have body conditions mainly in the bones, the youngest boy may have illness frequently.  The whole family would experience bad luck.


5 – 9

When prevailing, the children would be smart and the family finance would be good.

When non-prevailing, the children may not be intelligent, the family members may be problems in the eyes or headache.


Stars in Reverse Order?

There is one more thing I want to discuss before ending this lesson.  We know that by saying the 2- 5 combination, we mean the Mountain Star is 2 and Water Star is 5 in the same box.  You may wonder if the interpretation would be different in a 5 – 2 combination (Mountain Star 5 and Water Star 2)?

A simple answer is no, there is not much difference.  As said, interpreting double stars is to examine the interactions of the stars.  There placement doesn’t really matter.  If you look at the 2 – 5 and 5 – 2 interpretations, you would be able to tell there really isn’t much difference.

However, in some combinations there may be slight differences.  The reason is the order.  In the case of 1 – 4, it is the Flying Star 1 that is favorable to Flying Star 4 (the “water” nature of 1 generates “wood” of 4, remember how I explained the Five Elements Theory?), so the Mountain Star promotes the Water Star.  The 4 – 1 situation is a reverse.  This slight difference may produce different results.

So, to conclude I would say the difference isn’t great.  In fact, many Feng Shui students simply treat them as the same when preparing flash cards to aid their Feng Shui studies.  In this stage, if you wish to memorize them all, I suggest you can skip the “identical” combinations.  But if you have access to my full explanations, you certainly should refer to them and treat each combination as different.


In the next lesson, we shall learn the effects of some other combinations.  See you next week!


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