Interpretation of Double Stars (1) [Master Class 23]

Flying Star Map Illustrated

Welcome back to Feng Shui Master Class, in this week we shall begin to learn the interpretation of double stars.  Here, the term “double stars” carries a different meaning from the one we have seen in the last two lessons about “Double Stars to Mountain/Water”.  The “double stars” here simply means any two stars in a given direction in a Flying Star Map.

In Flying Star Feng Shui, there are some typical scenarios with special effects.  We have covered the most common four cases, namely the Jewelry Line, the opposite to Jewelry Line, Double Stars to Water and Double Stars to Mountain.  In the real world, these case are only a fraction of all possible situations.  There are many more cases not falling into any one of these four.  How do we interpret the Feng Shui in these cases?

The tips I gave at the end of the last lesson are the basic steps all Feng Shui masters take but they are not exhaustive.  Starting this lesson we shall learn the other ways to interpret a Flying Star Map, even it does not fall into any one of the special categories.


Interpreting the Double Stars

Remember there are three stars in every box in Flying Star Map?  There are two on top, which are the Mountain and Water Stars, and one at the bottom which is the Period (Yun) Star.  Below is a typical Flying Star Map.

Flying Star Map Illustrated

When interpreting a Flying Star Map, we examine the interactions between the stars in the same box, and sometimes across different boxes (we may also add a fourth star, the current year’s Star, but let’s talk about this later).  “Double Stars Interpretation” is the way we analyse the relationship between any two of the three stars in a box.  For most of the time, this method is used to interpret the Mountain and Water Stars (the two stars on top), but occasionally we apply the same principles between the Period Star and either one of the two stars on the top.

The rationale behind the analysis is the interactions of the five elements.  For example, if the Mountain Star has a “Fire” characteristic and the Water Star is of “Earth”, we say that the Mountain Star is good for the Water Star (“Fire” generates “Earth”).  So the Water Star is benefited.  The effects of the Water Star would be magnified.

On the other hand, if the two stars are in conflict, we shall see which one is being attacked by which.  For example, if the Mountain Star is weaker in a given situation, and that Mountain Star represents the eyes, blood vessel and heart in this situation, then it may mean that the occupiers of this house may suffer from problems in these parts of the body.


Status of the Stars

Another factor that influences the result of the interpretation is whether the stars are prevailing.  For example, if both stars are 8 then the situation is good during the Eighth Period.  However, the same 8-8 combination would be bad in the First Period, because in the First Period Flying Star 8 has already losen its positive power.

So when you read the interpretations below, you could see in many cases I tell you the effects in both the prevailing and non-prevailing situations.  Depending on the current Period, the same Flying Star combination may result in totally different interpretations.

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Flying Star 1

Listed below are the eight combinations beginning with Flying Star 1:


1 – 1

When prevailing, it is good for study of students, fame and job promotion, particularly for the white collar.

When non-prevailing, there may be sickness or personal injury.  It may also bring alcoholism (uncontrolled consumption of alcoholic beverages) or undesirable sexual relationship.


1 – 2

When prevailing, the mother or old lady in the family may suffer from stomach or digestive system sickness.

When non-prevailing, the family may be dominated by female, the male may feel not respected at home.  The family members may have problems in the kidney or the urinary system.


1 – 3

When prevailing, the eldest son in the family would be most benefited for health, wealth and/or fame.

On the other hand, when the stars are non-prevailing, the eldest son and his own family may have terrible luck, they would face troubles in family finance, there may be lawsuits, disputes may happen in the family due to wealth distribution, people may have sickness in liver or feet, or the family may lose their home.

(Explanation: in the past in Chinese societies, all people of the whole family across different generations live in the same house.  In this case, only the eldest son and his family, i.e. his wife and children, would be adversely affected.)


1 – 4

When prevailing, this is a very good combination for study and examination, or working in the family.  People in this family may easily get promoted if work as a white collar.  Fame and wealth may easily be resulted.

When non-prevailing, people in this house may still be benefitted, though there may merely be good examination results and fame but without much financial gain.  Even if the positive effects on wealth exists, there may be undesirable sexual relationship happening on the family member(s).  If in this particular direction there is anything of the “Earth” nature, such as a big square building or a big mountain, infertility or children died young may be resulted.

(Explanation: This is a terrible situation.  If it so happens there is anything “Earth” in this direction where the 1 – 4 combination of Mountain and Water Stars is found in the Flying Star Map, make sure the house is not occupied by a family with children or young couple who want to have baby)


1 – 5

When prevailing, one could expect good fortune in wealth.

When non-prevailing, there may be inflammation in the private parts, problems in the kidney, food poisoning or early pass away of the son in the middle.


1 – 6

When prevailing, the family may be benefitted from good wealth and luck.  Children would have good study.

When non-prevailing, there may be bodily conditions in the head or bones.  Alternatively there may be bodily injury / accident.


1 – 7

When prevailing, this is a very good combination for both relationships and wealth.  One could expect to generate money easily.

On the other hand, when non-prevailing there may be bad relationships, disputes (which may also lead to bodily injury) and accident.  Even worse, people may suffer from sexually transmitted disease.


1 – 8

When prevailing, children in this family may get drowning, while it is also good for study.

When non-prevailing, the female in this family may suffer from infertility.  People may suffer from conditions in the ears or anemia.  There may also be children who died young.


1 – 9

When prevailing, this is an extremely good combination that brings good wealth.  Besides, people would have good health.

While non-prevailing, people may suffer from problems in the heart or bones.  Disputes between couple and conflicts between family members may be resulted.


Flying Star 2

We then look at the effects of combinations beginning with Flying Star 2.


2 – 1

When prevailing, the family will be wealthy due to gains in real estate.  People in the family will be healthy, particular the old mother.

When non-prevailing, the family will be dominated by a strong wife, the relationship between the husband and wife would be bad.  The son in the middle or the middle-aged male may die early, people may suffer from illness in the digestive system.


2 – 2

When prevailing, this combination brings wealth from real estate.  People working in the military service, police and other “power” related jobs (in contrast to white collars) would be greatly benefitted.

When non-prevailing, there may problems surrounding the female, including bad health or bad relationships.  There may also be interpersonal issues with people outside the family.


2 – 3

When prevailing, the old mother / female will control the family, the family may accumulate wealth easily, but the eldest son may have bad behaviors.

When non-prevailing, this 2 – 3 combination brings very bad disputes and conflicts within and outside the family.  People in this family may have sickness and bad relationship.

(Explanation: Traditionally we call the non-prevailing 2 – 3 combination “Bullfighting Sha”, i.e. 鬥牛煞 in Chinese.  It is a very bad combination that brings struggles that could be as strong as bullfighting.  So it brings disputes and conflicts.)


2 – 4

When prevailing, again the family may be dominated by female, people will be healthy and there may be many children.

When non-prevailing, men in this family may have affair, the old mother may be badly treated by the family.  People in this family may easily suffer from problems in the digestive system or the lower limbs.  If this is a dark corner, people may suffer from interpersonal issues or lawsuit, there may even be spirits occupying the house.


2 – 5

When prevailing, this combination brings good luck in wealth generation, the family may be able to buy real estate easily.

When non-prevailing, people in this house may suffere from various kinds of sickness, especially problems in the digestive system.

(Explanation: This is a terrible combination when non-prevailing, a notorious combination in Feng Shui.  Beware not to live in a house with this combination in the entrance door, kitchen, bedroom or living room)


2 – 6

When prevailing, children in this family will be very smart, people can be famous if working in the health and medical industries or any power-related jobs such as military service or police.

When non-prevailing, the old father may have serious body condition, family members will have disagreements, people surrounded by lawsuit and conflicts.  People may also suffer from bad emotions or headache.


2 – 7

When prevailing, this combination brings good wealth, the family will likely to have more female.

When non-prevailing, it is easy to have fire accident.  Female in the female may involve in disputes, people may suffer from digestive system problems.

(This 2 – 7 combination is a very famous one for “fire”, if it appears in the entrance or kitchen, beware that fire accident may happen, particularly in years / months when the yearly or monthly “fire” related Flying Star arrives)


2 – 8

This combination brings big wealth from real estate when prevailing.

However, when non-prevailing the children may have sickness easily and there may be bad luck falling on the female.


2 – 9

When prevailing, people in the family may get wealth and fame.

When non-prevailing, this combination brings bad health and undesirable sexual relationship.  There may be accidents happening on the occupier, besides it is likely that problems with eyes may happen.


As you can see the interpretation is quite detailed, sometimes the information could be as specific as “which one of the sons could get sick”.  This is the power of Flying Star Feng Shui.

So far we have covered Flying Stars 1 and 2, there are seven to come in future lessons.  Before we say goodbye, here are the Flying Star Maps for the Ninth Period.  See you next week!

>> Flying Star Maps of the 9th Period <<

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