Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (7) – The Soft Metal People

According to Chinese Astrology, everyone is born to belong to one of the nine Flying Stars (Guas). By just knowing the Gua of a person, we could instantly know some of the characteristics of that person. We have learnt how to read the characters of people of Gua 1 to Gua 6 in this series of articles. This time, let us move on to Gua 7.

Gua 7 – Soft Metal

If I need to describe Gua 7 with an element, I would use metal, and in particular soft metal. Gua 7 people has the characteristics of soft metal: ductile, flexible, mobile, fast and outreaching.

Gua 7 people are ductile and flexible. Although both Gua 6 and Gua 7 are metals, they are distinctively different in how they cope with changes. Gua 6 people are like hard metal (e.g. steel beams, giant metal structures) that they could not adapt to new things easily. On the other hand, Gua 7 people are like soft metal, in changing environments they could bend and change shape. This characteristic makes they very good at resisting adverse situations.

Gua 7 people are also mobile, i.e. they tend to move around. They could be good employees if the job requires them to move around, e.g. contact clients at different locations. Gua 7 could also represent transportation, so it is also good for Gua 7 people to be pilots, drivers, etc. or take up jobs that require them to travel or commute frequently.

Gua 7 people can act fast. They are quite smart and can usually come up with solutions to problems easily. They are usually able to reach out to different people and work in a team.

Gua 7 People – Disadvantages

The advantages of Gua 7 people could also be disadvantages. For example, they can act fast but if they put too much emphasis on speed, they may be unable to consider all factors and would make pre-mature decisions.

Besides, with their intelligence and fast action, they may become aggressive and sometimes a bit speculative. If they do not know how to properly manage their finance, this could lead to a big problem.

All in all, Gua 7 people are not bad to work or live with. If you are a Gua 7 person, try to slow down at times when you need to make an important decision.

Who are Gua 7 people?

To find out your Gua number, please read my introductory article about 9 Star Ki. Or, you can find out your Gua number by checking the following tables.

A point to note: Chinese Astrology regard Spring as the start of a year, and Spring usually begins on 4 February. In other words, if you were born from 1 January to 3 February, you should look up for the previous year when you check the following tables. For example, a person born on 27 January 2001 should be regarded as born in 2000 when determining the Gua number.

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