Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (5)

Rigid Stone Wall

This is my fifth article in the “Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters” series under the 9 Star Ki Collection.  This time, we will look at the characters of people of Qua 5.

Wonder who belongs to Gua 5?  You may refer to the tables below, which originally appeared in my introductory article about 9 Star Ki and divination.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

Qua 5 – Central Earth

Same as Qua 2, Qua 5 along belongs to the earth element.  In the traditioal Chinese Luo Shu dragram, 5 occupies the central box (palace), that is why we call Qua 5 the central earth.

Qua 5 – Advantages

Qua 5 people are usually hard working.  They tend to believe in working hard in order to achieve good results.  They usually do not mind having to expereience a hard time before getting fruitful result.  If they idntified a target, they could go all the way to achieve it, no matter how hard it could be.

Qua 5 people are usually self-confident.  They believe in yourself and tend to think that they could win in every battle.  So they are not afraid of challenges and enjoy winning in competitions.

Qua 5 – Disadvantages

If the self-confidence and eagerness to win of Qua 5 people are driven to extreme, Qua 5 people may become over-confident and arrogant.

They may be unable to appraise the problems other people face, and insist to think in their own ways.  They may be inflexible when dealing with situations, especially in cases that involve complex interpersonal issues.  In this respect, you may think of Qua 5 people as rigid earth, stone wall or concrete.

Rigid Stone Wall

Because it may be uneasy for them to understand other people, it may be more common for them to be alone even in a large organization.  But sometimes Gua 5 people do not mind being alone.

Due to all the above characteristics, it is not advisable to suggest a Qua 5 person to take part in any risky decision.  For example, even if the stock market is falling, since Qua 5 people are relatively self-confident, they may insist that their judgment is correct and resist to take appropriate actions to cut loss.  You can easily think of a dozen similar situations.


My advice to Gua 5 people is that they really should listen to other people and be more open-mind.  With their good resistance to hardship and eagerness to win, they have the potential to achieve good results.


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