Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (4)

Gua 4 Characteristics - Grass

We have already seen how to read the personality of people of Gua 1, 2 and 3.  This time, I will show you what are the typical characteristics of Gua 4 people.

Gua 4 – Soft Wood

Similar to Gua 3, Gua 4 also belongs to the wood element.  However, they are quite different.

There are basically two types of vegetation, one is big tall trees, the other one is flowers, grasses and bushes.  The former is very hard and strong wile the latter is soft.  You can see the latter bending as wind blows, but it is rare to see big trees bending under the wind unless it is very strong wind.

Gua 4 Characteristics - Grass

The above difference highlights the characteristics of Gua 4 people.

Gua 4 People’s Advantages

Gua 4 people are like beautiful flowers.  They are usually gentle, soft and liked by many people.  As they resembles the characteristics of soft wood, they usually would not be arrogant but rather polite.

Unlikely Gua 3 people who would persist to achieve their goals, Gua 4 people are less concerned about making achievement.  They usually tend to enjoy spiritual satisfaction.  Earning money is not necessarily their top priority task.

Girls of Gua 4 usually have an aura of elegance.  Boys are usually debonair gentlemen.  They usually like literature, music and arts.  Of course, this certainly depends on the background and education of that particular person.

Gua 4 People’s Dsiadvantages

You could probably guess what “disadvantages” Gua 4 people would have by relating to the differences between hardwood and softwood.  Gua 4 people are usually considered to be lack of persistance.  They tend to accept the reality as it is (consider grasses bending as the wind blows).  It is likely that they may change their ideas easily.

When facing failure, they have less self-confidence to overcome it.  They may be less able to resist pressure.

Because they are usually liked by many people, sometimes they may be too casual in lovelife.

My overall view is that Gua 4 people are generally great.  They would be even better if they could be tougher and upholding their principles more.

If you want to find out which Gua you belong to, you can check out my article that introduces 9 Star Ki.  I have also re-posted below a reference table that you can quickly find out your own Gua.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

Next time, we shall examine the common characteristics of Gua 5 people.

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