Home Finder’s Guide to Feng Shui (1) – Compass Test

Thank you for reading this article.  If you are a loyal reader, you would have noticed that I haven’t updated this blog for at least two months.  Why was I so lazy?

Well, In the last two months, I visited over 50 flats. However, I didn’t do it for my clients and I earned $0 from the visits.  All because I visited all these flats to find a new home for my family!

It is really not easy to find a Feng Shui home, especially when I know Feng Shui. The possession of Feng Shui knowledge means that I would not compromise my requirements. If I found that the flat has bad Feng Shui, even if it is very affordable I would definitely say NO to it.


Home Finder’s Feng Shui Guide

After this long journey of flat hunting, I had an idea to write a series of articles to help home finders to find their Feng Shui homes. Although you may not have studied Feng Shui before, or have never tried my online “Feng Shui Master Class” (trial available!), it does not mean that you cannot pick a Feng Shui flat. There are some simple things you can do, all by yourself, to filter out bad Feng Shui flats.

Here, I want to share with you a simple tip first.  All you need is a compass. It does not have to be a Feng Shui compass. And you don’t even need to know how to use a compass. What I ask you to do is, when you inspect a flat, hold the compass in hand and check if any irregular movement of the pointer.

18-Feng Shui Compass

The theory behind this simple compass check is that, Feng Shui examines the energy (a.k.a. Chi) inside the living space. If the energy inside a flat is not pure or is negative, chances are the movement of the pointer should reflect such a problem. I have been to a flat where the pointer swings from one side to another in a range of over 30 degrees. There extent of movement is certainly not within acceptable tolerance.

Please note that, however, the electronic appliances inside a flat may affect the compass. If the compass pointer swings a lot, try to walk to another location inside the flat and observe the pointer again. If the compass pointer swings irregularly at a few locations inside the flat, you should probably give up on this flat.

There is one thing to note.  I found that many people use their smartphone’s compass app.  It is not bad as a basic tool for ordinary purpose, but for Feng Shui use you cannot use a smartphone to determine the directions.  The result is not reliable at all.  If you go more advanced in Feng Shui, you would know that even a one degree error in direction could result in big difference in Feng Shui.

There are certainly much more Feng Shui home finding skills.  Stay tuned!

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