Feng Shui Office – 3 Essential Elements

Feng Shui Office - Never Use Cactus

A lot of people want to work in a Feng Shui office.  If not the whole office, at least the own seat is preferably be Feng Shui optimized.  I have seen people, mostly of executive grades, employing a master to adjust the settings in their room in hope of boosting their luck in career.

You don’t actually have to pay for Feng Shui office design.  In this article I’ll introduce 3 simple yet effective ways to optimize the Feng Shui in your office.  There is no special accessories required, and you don’t have to do difficult calculations.  Want to learn how?  Let’s start now!


#1 Feng Shui Office Element – Back Support

No, I do not mean chair back support, I mean the backing of your seat or desk.  Traditional theories believe that the back of your seat is related to the support you receive from colleagues and your boss in the office.  With a big backing behind your seat, you would have support by others.

So the best seat is one that is backed by a wall.  In contrast, most home office workers sit in front of the wall with a walking space behind the seat.  This is not a Feng Shui office.

What if your seat do not have a wall at the back?  Well, many modern offices are built with plywood or MDF board partitions.  Although these partitions are usually not full-height (from floor to ceiling), if there is a partition like this at your back, the higher the partition is better the support is.

Now if your office does not even have such partitions?  Try hanging a jacket or coat in brown on the back of your chair.  Brown is “earth” (土) according to Five Element (五行) theory.  Putting “earth” behind your chair is to simulate having a mountain at your back (靠山).  Of course the effect of this is far less than having a real mountain or wall, but still it helps a bit.


#2 Feng Shui Office Element – Plant

Do you have small plants in the office?  Plant belongs to the “wood” (木) group according to Five Element theory.  Wood is good for study and career but you need to know the correct type and quality to place on your desk or in your room to create a Feng Shui office.

From 1 to 9, the number that brings good study and career luck is 4.  If you have a flower pot in your office, put only 4 flowers in it, nothing more nothing less.  That is why many gurus recommend accessories of 4 for Feng Shui office setting.

For color, green is the color of “wood” so ever-green plants are more appropriate.  If not, you can put colorful flowers which are good for interpersonal relationships.  Do not use plant with spines and prickles, e.g. cactus.

Feng Shui Office - Never Use Cactus

Photo by mark_y_goh


#3 Feng Shui Office Element – Always on the Left

Most of us have a messy desk with piles of documents and books that the bookshelves just could not accommodate them all.  Beware of how you place and pile them on your desktop because it could affect Feng Shui.

A good Feng Shui office should be high on the left and low on the right.  By that I mean if you pile up books and documents have bookshelves on the desk, those on the left should be higher than those on the right.  Why?  It is because the left hand side means people who help you and the right hand side means challenges.  This is a less known Feng Shui office tips that not many people know.


Wait… Here’s More

The above are only a few of the many Feng Shui methods you can apply to your workplace.  There are more methods, including Flying Star and Ba Gua Feng Shui, which could sharply increase your career luck.  I have written detailed report, Feng Shui Office: Your Quick Start Guide explaining almost everything you need to know to Feng Shui your office.  Want to read this book?  Click the link below to learn more.

Feng Shui Office: Your Quick Start Guide

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31 thoughts on “Feng Shui Office – 3 Essential Elements”

  1. Feng Shui sounds interresting, I have started making simple changes in both my house and office and already feel less stress and things just look positive, I want to know more and think the three tips given above will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing with.

  2. What do you mean when you say put a flower pot, 4-different kinds of flower in each pot? Or in a single pot?
    I’m consulting for my husbands office, the business is retail paper and supply for business owner of printing. Because of the recession, right now we do owe money to vendor and we are out of terms (order we post need to pay upfront) do it really need to be flower plants? Would you mind suggesting kind of plants? THANK YOU

    1. The flower pot suggestion is good for wage-earners working in an office. For your own business you need to boost the wealth luck. In 2012, you can put water feature (e.g. fountain, aquarium) in the West.

      1. i bought like a photo fountain would that work?….also im planning to let my daughter do a canvas painting of the koi fish swimming, is three fish is a good one?
        thanks a lot.

  3. 1. Instead of the brown jacket on the back of the chair, it is possible to apply a sticker on the back chair symbolizing “eart” element?

    2.it has to be 4 different pot with one flower? OR 4 flowers in one pot? My husbND SAYS THAT 4 POTS ON HIS DESK IS TOO MUCH? They has to be natural or may be plastic flowers? thank you.

  4. Love the information, it is very useful….what if I have a window behind my chair? I have closed the blinds and placed a photo of a mountains on the window ledge. What else should I do?

    1. What you have done are correct. If you want stronger effects, try putting 8 white stones (pebbles) under the window.

  5. My office is my psychotherapy consulting room. How should I position chairs and how can I cleanse the room after each session? Max 15mins between sessions.

  6. i found 3 koi fish in the surplus and planning to buy it is still have positive energy to be lucky since it was just secondhand pls i need your help and thanks for the information!

  7. I have a wall behind my chair. However it is place with cabinet, those swing type to open door. And I’m working as a sales person. And those cabinet is impossible to be remove as my office have space constraint. Will it affect my career, if so what should i do?

  8. I read that according to my birthday, I must facea different direction in my office. The closest I can do is to turn the desk towards the SE, but then it will face the door. Plus I have a window with closed blinds behind my desk. Please help. I just moved here, and do not foresee another move. Thank you!

  9. What side of the desk or office should accounts “payable” be on and what side should accounts “receivable” be on?

  10. I have an office desk and on my left is another desk cabinet. Could this desk cabinet be considered my left side?

    I just purchased your 3 feng shui office books. I live in the Philippines. When do I expect this to be shipped and arrive here?

    1. Thanks for your order. It is an electronic book, yo should be directed to the download page after payment. If not, please email me, thanks.

      As long as the desk cabinet is higher everything on the right hand side of the desk, it’s good.

  11. thanks for the useful tips. What is the cure for a poison arrow hitting my office table?

    thank you.

  12. i have an office cabin being a manager facing east as door , window is on the south west corner so i am seated facing a wall and side of the window little odd feelings are arising.how can i rectify this and sit with back on window and facing the door in east… advise

  13. Here is my pickle, i have been given a new office, a step up from a cubical but with the following.

    It is rectangular with an east facing window (beautiful morning light). okay so far…

    The door to the office is located in the middle of the room and is opposite the side of the windows. It looks like a rectangle with one side half windows the other end the door in the middle.

    My desk is L-shaped with the smaller piece under the window, the longest part against the east side of the wall where my computer is and i sit directly in line of the door.

    There is an open bookcase behind me, and two big metal filing cabinets and a third against the wall, beside the door opening, facing the windows, it is cramped.

    i do have a high back office chair and plants. : )

    the office is at the end of the hall.

    would you be able to advise me how to remedy these many inauspicious arrangements. i do not know too much about Feng Shui, but wanted to start off this new office with a balance and harmony – but now it may be the start of a bigger pickle than i can imagine.

    i appreciate your time with this.


  14. Dear Pierre,

    I bought your book but have a question for you.

    (a) I have a wall at the back of my seat from floor to ceiling. I hung a painting of vendors selling stuff – I am involved in selling med equipment. However, I have a nice growing tall plant that partially blocked the view of the painting and partially behind my back. Is this okay or need re-adjustment? Please kindly advise. Tahnks.

  15. So I have this beautiful Christmas Cactus hanging in my home office that blooms with hundreds of pink flowers twice a year I love it….so is there any cures that I could use on this plant in order to keep it?

  16. we are having an office renovation and i will be shifted to another room. i would like to know if my ideal arrangement will be a good start and will benefit me more in terms of career.

    i have a good back wall support. my table will be place at the middle part of the wall. From my back is an split type a/c, actually it is placed on high part of the wall and almost at the ceiling.

    from the left side of my desk is a window, middle part of the wall. from my right is my room’s door far corner my table.

    Can you let me know if this is ok and what else i have to put inside my room since it is a manager’s office to continue success?

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