Feng Shui for Love & Relationship – Free Preview

Feng Shui for Love & Relationship

Right before the Valentine’s Day I have published my first e-book on using Feng Shui for love and relationship on Amazon.  This book explains in details how to use Feng Shui for love live improvement as well as interpersonal relationship enhancement.  It is great for people without any prior Feng Shui knowledge.  The strategies introduced are easy to apply, you don’t have to buy expensive Feng Shui accessories.

To reward my loyal subscribers, I have released a FREE review copy to all my newsletter subscribers.  Some people wrote to me saying that they missed the 14 Feb deadline due to Lunar New Year travel or other appointments.  For this reason, I have decided to extend the preview period to the end of February 2014.  Simply click the book cover below to download the book.

Feng Shui for Love & Relationship

Comment on ‘Feng Shui for Love and Relationship’

I would love to hear from you comments, positive or negative, about this book, so I have decided to giveaway a $10 Amazon.com gift card to one (1) of the reviewers who published a review on Amazon.com, so if you happen to have access to Amazon.com to leave a comment, please read this book and share your review on Amazon, you could be the lucky winner to get the prize!

Procedures to enter into the lucky draw:

(1) Download the review copy by clicking the book cover above;

(2) Read it and go to the this page: Feng Shui for love and relationship;

(3) Find the “Write a customer review” button, click it;

(4) Give the book a rating and leave some comments.  You can decide what comments to write but you must state that you received a free copy for an unbiased review (as required by Amazon);

(5) You will receive an email notification soon from Amazon telling you that your review is published.  There is a hyperlink to your comment, right click and copy the link;

(6) Register for the lucky draw here.

That’s it!  Get a FREE ‘Feng Shui for Love’ e-book and a chance to win a fabulous prize, take action now!

Preview of Contents of ‘Feng Shui for Love & Relationship’

This book contains lots of practical tips on using Feng Shui for love.  You’ll learn how to boost your love in finding romance, keeping your lover faithful and enhancing your general interpersonal relationship.  No matter you are a love-seeker or you simply want better relationship with co-workers and friends, this is a book you should not miss!

Highlights of topics covered:

Chapter 1 – What is Feng Shui for Love and Relationship

  • What is Tao Hua (the Star governing your love and relationship)
  • What are good and bad Tao Hua?
  • The Time, Space and People strategies of using Feng Shui for love

Chapter 2 – Yearly Feng Shui Cures for Love and Relationship

  • Using Flying Star cures for love and relationship
  • How to locate your bed
  • What objects to place at home / office
  • How to apply Feng Shui for love cures in dorm and other shared living spaces?

Chapter 3 – Finding Love in Your House

  • Determining factors:
    • Color, lighting, toilet and bathroom, bedroom, door, kitchen, etc.

Chapter 4 – Your Personal Tao Hua

  • Your personal Tao Hua directions
  • Who could bring you Tao Hua?
  • Lucky personal accessories to wear for love and relationship
  • The best time to find love – your personal Tao Hua years

… and much more!

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  1. I would love to take up this offer, the book sounds really interesting. I am fascinated by love and it’s relationship to Feng Shui. But like your previous commenter said, it looks like the link has expired? Is this offer still open if we comment and review your book on Amazon? If so I will go and do that now and hopefully you will come back with a response.

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