Feng Shui for Specific Goals (3) – Tips for Getting Pregnant [Master Class 28]

Feng Shui Tips for Conceiving a Baby

The topic of this lesson is quite interesting.  While most people believe that Feng Shui could help on bringing health, wealth, career and relationship, most people don’t believe that Feng Shui also could affect people’s chance of getting pregnant.  When talking about increasing the chance of pregnancy, most people would turn to medical advice.  It seems that consulting a doctor is way more reliable than consulting a Feng Shui master.

But yes there are really ways to “help” to do so.  I said “help”, because Feng Shui is not almighty after all.  Feng Shui could enhance the chance but cannot control it.  There are many other factors that influence the chance of people conceiving a baby.

So what exactly is the method to “help”?  Remember in Flying Star Feng Shui we use the Mountain Star to bring health?  In fact, Mountain Star governs not only health but also “family”, i.e. how many babies a family have and how healthy the second generation is.  So the basic principle is to utilize the prevailing Mountain Star.

Apart from the prevailing Mountain Star, the Flying Star 9 is also a tool we could use.  Remember Flying Star 9 governs happiness things?  No matter marriage, new baby… all happy events are controlled by this Star.  If we could smartly leverage this Star, we could add to the chance of getting pregnant.

The basic principle is here, let’s see how we could do it!

Feng Shui Tips for Conceiving a Baby


Sleep in the Right Direction

I don’t think I need to explain how important the bed is to conceiving a baby.  For the selection of bed, I think you can easily find a lot of references on the internet on interior design, sizing and material of the bed, etc.


Flying Star

In this Feng Shui class, what I would like to share about the location of the bed.  Firstly, you should always avoid directions where the sickness Flying Stars are located.  In other words, Flying Stars 2 and 5 are what you should avoid.

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In the example below, the two directions where you can find are red circle, are bad for people to sleep if they want to have a baby.

Bad Feng Shui Directions for Getting Pregnant

In this case, Southeast is not good because the sickness Flying Star 2 is in the Mountain location.  Similarly, Flying Star 5 is the Mountain location in West.

What adds to the problem of these two directions is the combination.  The 2 – 5 combination in Southeast and 5 – 2 combination in West are very bad for health.  There are not much to do to eliminate the bad effects of them, what we could do at most is to reduce the harm.  So in this case, I would strongly request the occupants not to sleep in these two directions.  If unfortunately the bedroom is located in these directions, the occupants MUST relocate.  We will come to other Flying Star combinations later in this lesson.

Now we know the directions to avoid, what are the good directions?  In this Eighth Period, the prevailing Flying Stars are 8, 9 and 1, in descending positive effect.  So it looks like North is the best.  It really is.  But since North is also the Double Star direction when both the Mountain and Water Stars are 8, if we take the advantage of the Mountain Star 8, than those who sleep in this bed in this direction may have relatively worse luck in wealth.

So, another good choice is Southwest, where the Flying Star 9 is in Mountain location, while Flying Star 9 is also prevailing.  The next best choice is East where Flying Star 1 is located in Mountain location.


External Environment

After identifying the potential directions, the next thing to do is to check which direction has the most matching external environment.

If you remember what I taught you before, the Mountain Star should have the best effect if there is a mountain in the same direction.  This is so because Mountain Star likes “mountain”.

If there is no mountain, an alternative is tall buildings that are higher than your own.  In Feng Shui, tall buildings could be considered as an artificial mountain.

If on the other hand, there is a large piece of sea outside the house in this direction, or similarly a flat piece of land, than the external environment is not providing adequate support.  In this case, even if the prevailing Mountain Star exists, the positive effects to getting pregnant would be low.


Internal Environment

If the external environment is not helping and you have no better choices, you should than seek help from interior design.

A frequently used method is to put an artificial mountain in the good direction.  If there is a garden in the house, it would be very good to consider doing so.  If not, you may also place 8 big white pebbles without sharp edges in this direction, which also serve the same function.  So, you may consider putting the pebbles right next to the bed.

Remember, always try to use the external environment first, the internal environment is only for providing aid.


Flying Star Combinations

We learnt the basic principle of searching for good Mountain Star.  Now let’s see how double star combinations could help or cause damage.

Firstly, the bad combinations.  Basically, all combination with Flying Stars 2 or 5 are bad for getting pregnant.  The bedroom should never sit in these directions.  Listed below are combinations that are particularly bad:


2 – 2

Double 2 is a sickness combination, it is certainly not good to have it in the bedroom direction.


2 – 5

There is a saying that “when 2 and 5 meet, the occupant must be hurt”, this combination is the worst for health among all combinations.  Never ever try to locate the bedroom in this direction.


5 – 2

This is simply the same as the 2 – 5 combination, the bad effect is as bad as 2 – 5.  Again, avoid if possible.


5 – 5

This is the double “big sickness star” combination.  Flying Star 5 is worst than Flying Star 2, it is the worst Star for health.  When two of this Star arrive, you could tell how bad this direction is to health.  How could you expect to safely and healthily conceiving a baby if you sleep in this direction every night?


Besides, the following combinations are related to infertility as written in ancient Feng Shui books:


1 – 4

1 – 8

4 – 1

4 – 5

5 – 4

8 – 1


Apart from the prevailing Flying Stars, we could also use the Flying Star 9 to bring help, since it governs all happy events.  Basically all combinations with 9 are good, the following combinations are great in particular:


1 – 9

This combination, when prevailing, means good health and having many children.


6 – 9

This combination is good for having children as well as wealth when prevailing.


7 – 9

This combination has similar effects as the previous one, 6 – 9.


8 – 9

This combination has the best two prevailing Stars in this Eighth Period, how could it be bad?  And yes it really could bring wealth as well as good family to you.


9 – 9

This is the true double-happiness combination with two Flying Star 9.  One could expect very happy family when living in this house.


A good strategy to use is to have the bed/bedroom in the healthy directions, and the main entrance door in good directions with Flying Star 9.  In this way, you could maximize the good effects not only to health but also bring happiness to the family.



There is one point I need to stress before concluding this lesson.  Feng Shui can help people to achieve certain goals but it is not almighty.  Health depends on a number of factors.  In Chinese, we have a saying that “Fate comes first, then luck, then Feng Shui” (一命二運三風水), Feng Shui only comes third as the driving factor of your everyday life.

This is very true.  I have seen a lot of cases in which the client wanted to get married and have a baby, but since she’s destined to be alone, her chance of finding a white knight is very low.  We could of course manually override the fate, but it doesn’t mean that the end result would be good.  Similarly, you could  try very hard to conceive a baby, but there are things that governs your fate, Feng Shui only helps to enhance the chance.  If the chance according to your fate is 20%, Feng Shui may double or even triple it, yet the chance is still not high.

So if you wish to become a Feng Shui practitioner, remember not to give too much expectation to your clients.  Knowing how to set up a Feng Shui strategy for wealth doesn’t mean that you are make everyone Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

Now we have finished this class, see you next week!

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