Feng Shui and Fortune in 2020 Year of Rat, and FAQs You Should Note

A quick guide to Feng Shui and fortune of 12 zodiac signs in Year of Rat, and answers to a few frequently asked questions.

In the last two weeks I shared with my Facebook Page subscribers the Feng Shui guide and fortune forecast for the coming Year of Rat.

Some subscribers have asked follow-up questions. I would like to share the answers here as they are useful to all people. The Feng Shui guide and fortune forcast are also recap below for your handy reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the new year begin? On 1 Jan or first day of lunar new year?

A: For the purpose of Feng Shui and personal astrology, the answer is neither one. According to traditional Feng Shui theories, a new year begins in Spring, one of the 24 solar terms, which usually falls on 4 Feb every year. The Feng Shui and personal fortune forecasts should take effect on this day.

Q: If I was born after the lunar new year but before 4 Feb, what is my zodiac sign?

A: The prevailing zodiac sign changes on 4 Feb. For example, if a baby was born on 26 Jan 2020, although this is the second day of the lunar new year, Spring (for the purpose of Feng Shui) has not yet come. The zodiac sign of this baby should be Pig (2019) instead of Rat (2020). The same principle applies to other years when the lunar new year is before 4 Feb.

Q: My zodiac sign is Rat and this is the Year of Rat. Some people say this is not good. What should I do?

A: When your zodiac sign is the same as the year’s sign, it is called a year of natal sign return. It happens once every 12 years. Should you be afraid of it? Not necessarily. It may not be the best year for some people but there are also people who could be benefited from it, all depends on your personal Bazi or astro chart. As a Feng Shui practitioner, I usually recommend my clients to refrain from pursuing big plans. By being conservative, you have already avoided much troubles.

Q: There is a construction site outside my house, and it is located right at the corner with bad Feng Shui in this year. What should I do?

A: Bad Feng Shui energy is usually associated with Earth (one of the five natural elements). According to traditional Feng Shui theories, Metal could be used to reduce the effect of Earth (since Metal is a product of and consumes Earth). If you encounter any health problem and suspect that the construction site is the origin, you may place six metal coins or a wind chime with six layers or tubes in that direction.

Feng Shui Guide

Fortune Forcast for 12 Zodiac Signs

Wish you a happy and prosperous Year of Rat!

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