Feng Shui 2018: What Not to Do in Your House

Feng Shui 2018: Don't do these things

Year 2018 is coming, it is time to make adjustments to the Feng Shui of your home, to make this a prosperous year. Some of you may plan to place Feng Shui decorations in your house. But before you make any changes to your home decoration, let me remind you things that you absolutely should not do in 2018.

Worst Feng Shui Direction in 2018

In Chinese Feng Shui we divide the space into nine mansions, i.e. the eight directions and the central mansion. In each year, there is a mansion that has the worst energy among all. It is the mansion that you should absolutely avoid touching.

In 2018, the worst mansion of all, which is occupied by a Flying Star associated with bad luck and troubles, is North.

What Not to Do in the Worst Direction – North

We should absolutely avoid carrying out building works in the Northern corner in the house in 2018. Building works include construction, repair, alteration, demolition and any other works that involve the building fabric, such as the floor, wall and ceiling.

Feng Shui 2018: Don't do these things

The Flying Star in this direction in 2018 has enormous power in Feng Shui, and it should never be tampered with. Even the most experienced Feng Shui master would avoid carrying out works in this direction.

What if the ceiling in this direction is broken and necessitates a repair? If that is the case, try to choose an auspicious date, begin the works in a good direction first and gradually extend the works to the North. If in doubt, consult your local Feng Shui master.

Now you know which direction is the worst in 2018. Next time, I will tell you other Feng Shui tips for 2018. Stay tuned!

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