Feng Shui 2018: Some Other Advice for the Year of Dog

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We have reviewed the best direction and the worst direction in 2018. This time, let’s talk about some miscellaneous things you need to take care of.

The San-Sha You Should Avoid

San-Sha means “the Three Killings” in Chinese. It is associated with bad luck, particularly in the business and career aspect. In Chinese, we usually say a bad position in the company is a “San-Sha Position”.

In 2018 the Year of the Dog, the San-Sha direction is North. If your desk or room is in the Northern corner of the office, chances are you may face challenges in this year. Things that are usually pieces of cake may become unmanageable in 2018.

The Tai-Shui You Should Respect

Tai-Shui means the “God of the Year”. In 2018, the Tai-Shui direction is Northwest. Same as the worst direction in 2018, you should avoid carrying out any demolition or building works in this direction.

If you were born in the Year of the Dog, you would be the first among all people in the same building to experience the bad energy, if there is any building works in this direction in the building. If the building’s door opens into Northeast, it is also not good for occupiers who were born in the Year of the Dog.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to counteract the bad energy of San-Sha and Tai-Shui. Be patient and well plan before you take action is the best advice a Feng Shui master could give.

Feng Shui DIY

Again, please be reminded that the above takes effect in Spring, i.e. usually on 4 February every year, since Spring marks the beginning of a year according to Chinese Feng Shui theory.

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