Feng Shui 2018: Best Feng Shui Direction in the Year of Dog

Feng Shui 2018: Good Direction

Last time we examined the worst Feng Shui direction in 2018, this time, let’s talk about the good direction. Each year, the Flying Stars locate in different directions. By knowing the whereabouts of the Flying Stars, we know the disposition of good and bad energy.

Best Feng Shui Direction in 2018

Southeast is the direction with the best energy in the coming Year of the Dog. The Flying Star in this direction has the strongest energy that brings luck, joy and prosperity.

Now, the problem is, what should you do to make the most out of this direction? Well, if the entrance door of your house is in the Southeast side, then you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of it. As you open and close the door everyday, the dynamic energy could give enough push to the prevailing Flying Star.

Similarly, if there is a water fountain in this direction, you could also expect to see some good influence. Water is associated with wealth. The use of a water fountain, with water flowing every second, has very good effect on the Feng Shui energy.

Feng Shui 2018: Good Direction

What Not to Do in this Feng Shui Direction in 2018

You should avoid affecting the Flying Star in this direction in a negative way. For example, it is advisable not to carry out demolition or building works in this direction. Besides, if the toilet or kitchen is in this direction, the Flying Star may be adversely affected. This is because the toilet and kitchen are where the water closet and stove are located. The dirty water and fire could reduce the positive energy of the Flying Star.

New Year Begins in Spring

Remember, according to Chinese Feng Shui theory, the new year begins in Spring, which is usually on the 4 February every year. What mentioned above are effective from that day onward.

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