Feng Shui 2017 (2) – Other Bad Directions

Feng Shui 2017

Last time, we learnt which is the worst Fung Shui direction in 2017.  This time, let us look at other bad directions in 2017.

Feng Shui 2017

Flying Star 2 – Sickness

Flying Star 5 brings disaster and everything unfortunate, Flying Star 2 is about sickness.  That’s why all Chinese Feng Shui books ask people to avoid if these two Flying Stars are together.

In 2017 Year of Rooster, Flying Star 2 will be located in Northwest.  In other words, if the entrance door, bedroom, kitchen or toilet in your house is located in the Northwest corner, you family members may have a higher chance of having health issues, ranging from more frequent common flu to serious illness or injury.

What not to do: do not hang anything in red or orange colour in this direction.  Avoid all building works as well.

Shui Puo and San Sha

Shui Puo is a direction against the God of the Year.  This is why you should never carry out any building works in this direction.  In 2017, Shui Puo is located in East.

San Sha is another very bad direction.  It literally means “triple killings”.  In fact, it is where the bad energy accumulates in a year, so it is yet another very bad Feng Shui direction.  In 2017, San Sha is also located in East.

See?  East has double troubles.  Although it is still not as bad as South where Flying Star 5 situates, my advice is never do any building works in this direction.  Avoid moving furniture in this corner too.

Tai Shui

Tai Shui is where the God of the Year locates for the whole year.  This is a very important Feng Shui direction.  In 2017, it is located in West.

Again, do not carry out any building works in this direction.  Otherwise, you may get the God of the Year mad and get yourself in deep trouble.

So these are the bad Feng Shui directions in 2017.  Next time, we shall meet the good ones, i.e. the fortunate Feng Shui directions!

2 thoughts on “Feng Shui 2017 (2) – Other Bad Directions”

  1. Is it ok to move furniture into the East before the New Year(28th)? Currently both a West and East room in my home is becoming very cluttered but if the furniture is rearranged in both rooms, it will would work more efficiently. I don’t want to rearrange the furniture though if it’s bad for the directions. Should I move the cabinets now or deal with it?

    1. It’s just less than one month until the new Feng Shui takes effect on 3 Feb. You don’t bother to do anything until then.

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