Feng Shui 2017 (1) – The Worst Direction

Feng Shui 2017

The new year is coming, it’s time to prepare your home or office Feng Shui decorations.  In this Feng Shui 2017 series, I will introduce various good and bad directions, that you need to avoid and make the most out of, in the coming 2017, Year of Rooster.  This time, we shall examine the worst of all directions.

Feng Shui 2017

2017 Worst Feng Shui Direction – South

The worst direction in 2017 is South.  According to Chinese Feng Shui theories, there are nine Flying Stars which would change their locations every year.  The Flying Star that represents bad luck and disaster is Flying Star 5.  This Flying Star will come to South in 2017 the Year of Rooster.

This star is associated with all things bad.  The most important thing to remember is not to increase its power.  Always remember not to carry out any building works in this direction at your home or office.  These include major works such as demolishing a wall, forming an opening on the wall or floor, digging holes on the ground, etc. to minor works such as drilling small holes on the wall for installing a hanger.  The more you carry out works in South in 2017, the more energy and power you give to Flying Star 5.

Besides, try not to put any large red / orange stuff in this direction in the coming year, for example, red carpet, orange picture on the wall or painting the wall in these colours.  Absolutely not.  Flying Star 5 belongs to the earth element, red and orange are the colours of fire.  Placing things in these colours in South in 2017 is like adding fuel to the fire (because fire generates earth according to Chinese Five-element Theory).

What if you need to urgently fix the cracks on the wall?  Can you just ignore the defects and let the house collapse?  Of course not.  In case urgent repair is required, try to carry out the work at other directions first, then gradually extend the work to South.  By doing so, you could have a better beginning, bringing positive energy before the bad effect comes.

Now you know which is the worst Feng Shui direction in 2017 and what not to do in this direction.  Next time, we shall examine other bad Feng Shui directions in 2017.  Stay tuned!

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