Feng Shui 2016 – The Good Directions with Great Power

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In the previous Feng Shui 2016 article, we have briefly looked at the bad directions to avoid in 2016 Year of Monkey. This time, we shall learn what are the good Feng Shui directions in the coming year.  Please read until the end of this post to know a special point to note regarding when you should make the Feng Shui changes in your house for 2016.

Feng Shui 2016 – Wealth

The most important direction where every Feng Shui practitioner would pay attention to is the Flying Star 8 direction. In 2016, this Feng Shui direction is in Southwest. This flying star is famous for bringing wealth. The simplest way to leverage its power is to put something related to water here. As simple as that. A mild yet effective method is to place a glass or vest here and fill with water. If you want a bigger kick, place a water column here.

Please, however, beware that while the above Feng Shui strategy works in many houses, some houses may not be suitable because the water may also bring negative impact to health to some of your family members. Wealth does not come free of charge, if you earn more chances are you pay by having worst health. So I suggest not to put a big Feng Shui tower or water fountain like what other Feng Shui masters would recommend. You need a balance of health and wealth, always.

Feng Shui 2016 – Happiness

Another good direction to check is the East where the Flying Star 9 occupies in 2016 Year of Monkey. This flying star is associated with every thing happy, such as marriage and new baby. If you are single, you may try to put a vest with flower in purple color here. Make sure the flower is real (no plastic flower please) and you regularly replace the water and the flower.

Feng Shui 2016 – Career and Study

If you want better luck in study and job promotion, you may try the West direction where Flying Star 4 locates. Place a vest with four green plant here. People commonly choose lucky bamboos but as long as the plant is green it is good enough (so your good choice is green plant without flower).

Read (and re-read) the above and my last Feng Shui 2016 article if you don’t understand. In fact, these are all simple advices that you should find no difficulty to understand. Lastly, do not forget that, Chinese Feng Shui always has a year begin in Spring. The first day of Spring in 2016 Year of Monkey is 4 February 2016. You don’t need to implement the Feng Shui strategies in this and my last Feng Shui 2016 article until that day.

(The above advices are made based on the Yearly Flying Star Map only. The Feng Shui strategy of different houses may differ, depending on the actual location and design of each house. If in doubt, you are advised to consult your local Feng Shui masters.)

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