Feng Shui 2015 – What Colors and Accessories to Use?

Feng Shui 2015 Flying Star Map

This article explains what Feng Shui colors and accessories to use for your home and office Feng Shui in year 2015.

In previous years, I published yearly Feng Shui guidebooks to explain the Feng Shui Do’s and Don’ts. This free guidebook has been so popular that thousands of readers downloaded it every year. This year, I made it even simpler to get access to it. Instead of registering by email, I made everything open right on this web site. Just read this article, you will know all 2015 Feng Shui do’s and don’ts!

A word of caution here.  The guidelines below are general advices only, you should consult a professional consultant if you need in-depth advice.

Feng Shui 2015 Flying Star Map

Feng Shui 2015 – Directions of Bad Luck

The flying stars of sickness are located in Southeast and West. If these are where the main entrance, kitchen, toilet or bedroom locates, chances are your health may be affected.  Avoid anything yellow here, besides, things with motion such as mechanical clock wiyh pendant or aquarium should be avoided.  In case you need to reducebtgd bad effect here, place a pair of real calabash painted in golden colour here.

South is a direction for loss of wealth.  If the entrance door, desk or bedroom is here, place a glass of water here.  Besides, avoid using red, orange or purple in this direction.

There are three directions you cannot “touch” in 2015, they are Northeast, Southwest and West.  These are the Shui Po, Tai Shui and San Sha directions respectively.  By saying “touch”, I mean you cannot carry out any construction / building / repair works.  Otherwise, the occupants may attract sickness or injury.

2015 Feng Shui Directions for Good Luck

The best direction in 2015 is North. It is where the prevailing lucky flying star locates. This star brings wealth and health. If the main entrance or bedroom is located here, you can expect greater chance of having good health and wealth. Similarly, this would be a good direction for placing your desk in the workplace or home office.

Another good direction is East, where the star of good relationship locates. This flying star is named as Cherry Blossom, which means romance in Chinese.  Try to maximize your use of this direction if you are single, for example, by placing a vase with a colorful (real) flower here. It is even better if your bed is right in the East.

Feng Shui Love Relationship

Southwest is the direction of happiness in 2015, but you must avoid any construction / building / repair works here, because it is also the Tai Shui direction in 2015.  To make the best use of this direction, place a purple carpet or wall-hung painting here.

For those who attend school or want a job promotion, Northwest is where you should pay attention to. This i the Feng Shui direction for study and career in 2015. Place a vase with four lucky bamboo here could help.

Feng Shui for Education Luck - Lucky Bamboo

Northeast is another direction of wealth, particularly good for investment / gambling.  Just place a glass of water here and you can see the difference.

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