Feng Shui 2014 (2) – How to Improve on Love & Relationship

Feng Shui Love Relationship

This is the second article of the Feng Shui 2014 series.  In the previous Feng Shui 2014 article, we have seen why South and North are directions you need to beware of in 2014 Year of Horse.  This time, we will look at a specific topic, love and relationship.  By doing a little Feng Shui improvement, you could enhance the chance of finding a true love or improving your interpersonal relationship.


2014 Feng Shui Direction for Love – Southwest

According to Feng Shui 2014 Flying Star Map, the lucky Flying Star for love, the Flying Star 1, locates in Southwest.  If there is only one Flying Star you can use to increase your chance to start a relationship, it must be this Flying Star.

Feng Shui 2014 Love Relationship

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Traditionally we suggest people to place a vase with a colorful flower in this direction.  Flying Star 1 is named as the Tao Hua Star, which literally means peach blossom.  In Feng Shui, peach blossom means good relationship.  The best matching Feng Shui accessory for a peach blossom direction must therefore be colorful flower.


Feng Shui Direction for Relationship in 2014 – Southwest

Not surprisingly, the direction for interpersonal relationship is also Southwest in 2014.  Why?  Because Tao Hua also governs interpersonal relationship.  For people in the show business, even if they don’t need a lover they should place a colorful flower in the Tao Hua direction because Tao Hua means relationship.


Apart from placing a vase with one colorful flower here, you may directly leverage the positive power of this Flying Star by placing the bed in this direction.  By doing so, you sleep in a good direction for love and relationship for 8 hours a day.  How good is that?  It is in fact the most effective way to boost your luck in relationship, but since it may not always be feasible to do so, you may use the colorful flower solution instead.

If you choose to use flower, remember you should place one but not more flower, because it is Flying Star “1” that governs relationship.  The flower is better to be water-grown.  You should not use plastic fake flower.  Don’t choose flowers with sharp prickles such as rose.  They look beautiful but actually are bad for relationship.

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