Double Stars to Water – Good Wealth Bad Health [Master Class 22]

Double Stars to Water Example

Last week we studied a scenario, Double Stars to Mountain, it follows naturally we learn the opposite of it, the Double Stars to Water scenario.  If you understand the Double Stars to Mountain case well enough, you should not have any difficulty to understand Double Stars to Water and what effects it brings.

Double Stars to Water, same as Double Stars to Mountain, is an important concept to know when studying Flying Star Feng Shui.  Not only because you may come across these orientations easily when doing Feng Shui, but also since the principle behind is applicable to other orientations as well.  In the last part of this lesson, I will explain in more detail how you could use the prevailing water and mountain stars for all kinds of Flying Star Maps.  Even for a house not having Jewelry Orientation, the opposite to Jewelry, Double Stars to Mountain or Double Stars to Water orientations, the same principles could be used.


Double Stars to Water, What is It?

So, what the xxx is Double Stars to Water?

Below is the Flying Star Map I took out last week to explain what Double Stars to Mountain is.

Double Stars to Mountain

And below is an example of Double Stars to Water.  Do you see the difference?

Double Stars to Water

Try to compare the Stars in the blue and red circle and the location of the blue arrow and the red “T”.  Could you find anything special?

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Yes!  In the Double Stars to Water case, both prevailing stars in the red and blue circles are in the facing direction as denoted by the blue arrow.  Double Stars to Mountain is a complete opposite, where both prevailing stars are in the backing (mountain) direction as denoted by the red “T”.  Since both prevailing stars are in the Water Direction (Facing Direction), we call it “Double Stars to Water”.


The Effects of Double Stars to Water

Completely opposite to Double Stars to Mountain, the effects of Double Stars to Water are good for wealth and bad for health.  Why?

Firstly, the Facing Direction is favorable to the prevailing Water Star.  Since the Water Star is good for wealth, in the Double Stars to Water scenario, the Feng Shui is favorable to wealth.

Secondly, the prevailing Mountain Star could only realize its power when in the Mountain Direction.  And it would have bad effects on health if in the Water Direction.  This is why Double Stars to Water is not good for health.


Case Study

Ms Swati was a friend of my neighbor.  Before she came to me I have never had any contact with her.  She wanted somebody to help to check the Feng Shui of her home.  Although Ms Swati is an Indian, she was quite open to using Chinese Feng Shui.

So I went to her home, it is a multi-storey residential building built in 2000.  Ms Swati and her family occupy a unit on the 16th floor.

Below is the Flying Star Map of Ms Swati’s home:

Double Stars to Water Example

As you can see both the prevailing Water and Mountain Stars are located in the Facing Direction as denoted by the blue arrow.  This is a typical Double Stars to Water scenario.

Before I go on to analyse the Feng Shui of Ms Swati’s home, I need to explain one more time about the construction of a Flying Star Map.  We need to find out the facing direction of a building, and it is determined by the direction of the main entrance as measured from the center of the building.

In the case of a multi-storey residential building, the main entrance of the building may not necessarily be in the same direction as the door of individual units in the building.  This is why when we talk about Double Stars to Direction, the prevailing stars would be in the same direction as the main entrance door of the whole building, but they may not be in the same direction of the entrance door of individual units.  Got it?

In this case, the Facing Direction of the building, where the Double Stars are located, is not the same as Ms Swati’s home’s entrance door.  The Double Stars are located in the living room where a big couch was placed.

I said to Ms Swati, “I’m quite confident that money is not your big concern because people living in this flat show have good finance.  I guess you are more concerned about health, right?”

Ms Swati said, “Yes!  How do you know?  I’m a senior executive in a multinational company so the family income is completely OK.  However, since we moved into this flat, all the family members got sick in turn.  Firstly my mother, then myself and finally my sister.  I really want to find a solution, could you help?”

I said, “If possible, you should consider having a big renovation of your flat and re-design the layout.  The living room shouldn’t be used as a living room.  It is the source of income while not good for health.  I suggest you convert the dining room into a living room.  People staying in this area would be healthier…”

Ms Swati followed this and other suggestions of mine.  The problems she faced was completely solved, as she told me 6 months later.



Since the prevailing Mountain Star has the greatest effect when in the Mountain Direction, there is not much could be done once the building was built.  What we could consider is to create an artificial mountain in the Double Star direction, such as putting white pebbles there to enhance the “mountain” element.


Critical Rules of Flying Star Feng Shui

After looking at the four special types of Feng Shui orientations, namely Jewelry Orientation, the opposite to Jewelry, Double Stars to Mountain and Double Stars to Water orientations, let us summarize the findings.


Prevailing Stars

The Rule No. 1 of doing Flying Star Feng Shui is to follow the prevailing Stars.  As mentioned in previous lessons, the prevailing Flying Star is the same number of the current Period.  So in the current Eighth Period, the prevailing Flying Star is 8.  Similarly, Flying Star 7 was the prevailing star in the last Period.

Besides, the prevailing stars of the coming two Periods are also good in this Period.  So in the Eighth Period, not only Flying Star 8 is good, Flying Stars 9 and 1 are also good, but they have relatively weaker effects.  If you have to utilize the good stars, these three are those you need to focus on in the current Period.


Health & Wealth

Health and wealth are eternal concerns of all mankind.  From the last four lessons, you must have got an idea on how Flying Star Feng Shui affects these two aspects of our lives.  Whenever we want a push on health, we check the Mountain Star.  For wealth, we turn to Water Star.  This is the Rule No. 2 of Flying Star Feng Shui.

Combining this rule with the previous one, we can get to the conclusion that, a direction where the prevailing Mountain Star locates is a good direction for health.  Similarly, a direction where the prevailing Water Star locates is a good direction for wealth.


Entrance Door, Rooms, Stove

It can’t stress enough how important these three elements are to a living space.  They are called as the “critical three aspects of home” (陽宅三要) according to ancient Chinese Feng Shui books.

For the design of a new house, after finding out the whereabouts of the prevailing stars, we try the best to allocate these three areas to the good directions.  For example, we usually want to locate the entrance door at where the prevailing Water Star is.  For health concern, we should always locate the bedrooms and stove in directions where the prevailing Mountain Stars are.

Since there is one prevailing star and two other lucky stars of the coming two Periods, e.g. in the Eighth Period Flying Star 8 is the prevailing star with 9 and 1 are the lucky stars of the coming two Periods, there are possibly three good health locations and three good wealth locations.  These should be quite enough for a new home design.


Fixing Problems

The case would be quite different for existing buildings.  We usually cannot change the entrance door direction of a flat in an apartment building.  Even for a detached house to form a new entrance isn’t easy.  It may be relatively easier to re-layout the bedrooms and stove, but due to restrictions of pipes and structural elements of the building, the freedom we enjoy as a Feng Shui master to re-design a living space isn’t really that much.

This is how we distinguish a good Feng Shui master from a bad one.  A good master can use the interior design to bring good Chi without drastically changing your home.  For example, a good way to bring wealth is to create an artificial mountain inside the house, by using pebbles or the like.  For wealth, aquarium, water fountain and water column are commonly used tools to bring “water” to the prevailing Water Stars.


So we have finished studying the four special types of Feng Shui orientations.  But this is not the end of the Master Class because there are much more to learn.  There are a lot of other orientations that do not fit into any one of these four.  We shall learn how to analyse these Flying Star Maps in the coming lessons.

Finally, here are the Flying Star Maps for the 1st and 2nd Periods:

>> Click here to download the Flying Star Maps for the 1st and 2nd Periods <<

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