Double Stars to Mountain – Good Health Bad Wealth [Master Class 21]

Double Stars to Mountain

Welcome back to the Feng Shui Master Class, this time we shall study another Flying Star combination, the Double Stars to Mountain scenario.

In the last two weeks we have examined two combinations, the Jewelry Orientations and the opposite, which are extremely good and bad orientations.  After studying the two extremes, let us talk about things in the middle, i.e. orientations that are not bad but not to be called excellent.  These are orientations with advantages as well as drawbacks.

And the end of this lesson, I’ll also provide the Flying Star Maps for all 24 orientations x 2 Periods, the 3rd and 4th Periods, totally 48 Flying Star Maps.  Again, they are exclusively available to Master Class members only.  Join now if you haven’t to enjoy many exclusive contents!


What is “Double Stars to Mountain”?

In the last two lessons we have seen scenarios in where the prevailing Mountain Star and prevailing Water (Facing) Star are in opposite boxes (directions).  Such as in the below case, the red and blue circles denote the prevailing Mountain Star and prevailing Water Star respectively.


“Double Stars” scenarios are cases where both the prevailing Mountain Star and prevailing Water Star are in the same box.  The two stars are co-located in the same direction.  Below is a Flying Star Map of such case for a building built in the 7th Period.  Two Flying Star 7 are in the Mountain direction.

Double Stars to Mountain

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Again, the blue arrow represents the Facing Direction and the red “T” is the Mountain Direction.  We can see that while the building was built in the 7th Period, both the Mountain Star and the Water Star of the Mountain Direction are 7 (as in the blue and red circle).  Since both prevailing stars are in the Mountain direction, we call this scenario “Double Stars to Mountain”.

You may think that in this case the North direction should be good for both health and wealth because both stars are 7.  Unfortunately this is not the case.  Why?  Please read on.


Good For Health

In the above case the prevailing Mountain Star hits the correct location, because it is favorable to have a prevailing star in the Mountain place in the Mountain Direction, just as in the Jewelry orientation scenario.

The Mountain Star in the Mountain Direction controls health, if it is a prevailing star then the health of the people living in this house (and particularly in this direction) would be good.  Besides, it is also favorable to having new family members.  So for couples who want to have babies, moving to a house where the Mountain Star in the Mountain Direction is a prevailing one would be a good choice.

What makes it even better is if in the Mountain Direction there is really a mountain or a tall building.  Then the external environment would match with the Flying Star combination, thereby boosting the power of the prevailing Mountain Star.


Bad for Wealth

However, the “Double Stars to Mountain” orientation is not good for wealth.  Remember how we described the disadvantages of the bad orientations last week?  One problem was that the “Water Star goes into the Mountain”.

The prevailing Water Star oughts to work in the Water Direction.  If it is “wrongly” placed in the Mountain Star, it’s like the best goalkeeper being asked to play the striker (forward) role in a soccer match.  It not only loses its power but also causes troubles.

So, for a house with such an orientation, the occupiers would be likely to experience financial loss due to wrong investment decisions, bad debts, lost of properties, fraud, etc. in the long term.


The Relationship between the Co-located Stars

In the Mountain Direction, the prevailing Mountain Star is a strong one.  It brings good health and harmony among occupants.  On the other hand, the strong effects of the Mountain Star brings damage to wealth.

So, if you try to maximize the good effects of the prevailing Mountain Star in this direction by doing Feng Shui setting, the wealth of the occupants would be seriously affected.

On the other hand, if you want to improve the Water Star in this Direction, there are ways to do so but the health of the occupants would be adversely affected.

In conclusion, in a “Double Stars to Mountain” situation, boosting either one side damage the other side.  So what can you do if you live in such a house?  Are you willing to take one benefit at the expense of the other?


Case Study

This is a real case that I came across in late 2012.  The subject flat is within a multi-storey residential building in a house estate in Hong Kong.  Below is the Flying Star Map of that building:

Double Stars 8 Example

There are some complications about the orientation and allocation of Flying Stars that you may be unable to appreciate at this moment.  Let’s just focus on the West direction first.

In West both the Mountain Star and Water Star are 8, which is the prevailing Star in the current 8th Period.  According to what we’ve learnt just now, we can only choose health or wealth in this case.

Let’s then look at the external environment outside the flat:

Case Study External Environment

To the West of the building (i.e. the direction where the double 8 locate), immediately there is a large piece of water.  It is actually the junction of a river and the sea in the North.  Further West there is a mountain where a university is located.  So both the water and mountain elements are in the West.

In this case, it was suggested that this house is better for wealth than health, but both are not really good.  Why?  Because the sea is immediately in the West, so it strengthens the effect of the Water Star 8.  The Mountain is further West (i.e. far away from the building), so it cannot add much power to the Mountain Star 8.

However, since both stars match with the external environment, it means that the two stars are struggling.  This would cause bad effects on the health and wealth.

This situation make the case quite tricky.  The status quo is that the balance is slightly inclined to wealth.  If I boost one side, the other side would be affected.  So, I had to ask the flat owner a question.

“If you could only choose anyone from either health or wealth, which one do you want the most?” I asked.

Mr Lee, the owner, replied “I have a new born baby, I think health is of utmost important”.

With Mr Lee’s answer, I designed a Feng Shui setting in his home to protect the health of his family.  This would, however, tighten the financial condition of this family.

Firstly, I asked Mr Lee to find eight pieces of white pebbles.  The pebbles must be smooth and round.  There should not be any sharp corners.  I required Mr Lee to put them in the West on the floor.

The reason behind is to put more weight on the health side.  The pebbles are stone, which could be categorized as “earth” according to the Five-element Theory.  The quantity “eight” also belongs to “earth”.  To add “earth” in West is to create an artificial “mountain”, because mountain is also an “earth” element.

Then I also need to work on the finance of the family because while fulfilling the family’s wish for health, I cannot make them too poor.  The flat, frankly speaking, does not have good Feng Shui.  They need to buy a better house, but before that they need to earn more.

Amongst all things I did for them, the major strategy was to install a water column in the West.  This is to create an artificial source of water.  You may ask, there is already a large piece of water outside, why bother to add a water column in the house?

The reason is like this.  For the external environment, the real mountain was suppressed by the large piece of sea water.  In the interior, the pebbles provide very strong power, somewhat too strong for the interior.  The water column is to counteract a little bit.  In order not to jeopardize the power of the pebbles, the water column is a steady one instead of flowing.  This is quite special because most water columns for Feng Shui use are dynamic ones with water flowing inside.  I intentionally reduce the power of the water column by making it steady.

Now, you see how complicated Feng Shui is.  It is indeed a series of calculations.  There is no a single Feng Shui book that tells you everything.  You need to try and explore before you can find out the best combination of strategies.

In brief, the solution to “Double Stars to Mountain” is to find out to which side the situation is inclined to, and counteract the force accordingly using interior design by creating artificial mountain or water.  In most cases “Double Stars to Mountain” is good for health and bad for wealth, but we certainly need to weight the situation by looking at the actual environment on site as well.


I think that’s all for this lesson.  Before I end this article, here are the Flying Star Maps for the 3rd and 4th Periods.

>> Click Here to Download Flying Star Maps for 3rd and 4th Periods <<

Next time, we will look at a smilar situation, “Double Stars in Water”.  See you!

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