Door Facing Door Feng Shui and Remedies

Toilet Door Facing Door of Bedroom

The topic of this article is door facing door Feng Shui.  I think many of you have heard of a saying that a door facing another door is bad Feng Shui.  Do you know how bad this situation could be and what adverse effects it could bring?  Read on to know more.


The Significance of Door

Before we analyse the different door-to-door situations, let us first learn why door Feng Shui is important.

Feng Shui is basically the examination of energy and Chi.  The flow of energy and Chi is therefore a critical part of Feng Shui.  According to Chinese Feng Shui theories, the openings of a house are where the Chi flows in and out.  We call these openings “氣口” in Chinese, which literally means “the mouth of Chi”.

Door is the most common kind of Chi opening.  This is why when we determine the orientation of a building, we use the main entrance door as a reference.  When we say a building faces North and backs South, we mean that the main entrance door is located in North of the house when measured from the center point of the building.  The Flying Star Map of the house is drawn according to this orientation, and we base our interpretation of the building’s Feng Shui 100% on the Flying Star Map.  So in summary, the direction of a door is critical to the Feng Shui of a building.

This is why door is important to Feng Shui of a building.  Just consider it as the mouth of yourself, what you eat and drink could have significant impacts on your health, isn’t it?

Main Entrance Door Facing Main Entrance Door

Main entrance door facing another main entrance door is one of the most typical door facing door Feng Shui problem, particularly for multi-storey apartments.  Usually in this kind of apartments, the flats are aligned along two sides of a common corridor, and in many cases the main entrance doors of flats simply faces the doors of the opposite flat.

Door Facing Door Feng Shui

The implication of this kind of door facing door Feng Shui problem is that there may be more interpersonal issues happenings on the occupants of both flats.  It looks like a person’s mouth opens directly facing another person’s mouth… not for kissing but for arguing (if you kiss the mouthes would be in close contact of each other).  By analogy, this Feng Shui situation is bad for interpersonal relationships.


Door Facing Door of Kitchen

This situation happens when the a door (be it one of the whole flat or a bedroom) faces directly opposite to the door of a kitchen.  This door to door Feng Shui is bad as well.

Kitchen is considered as a place with strong heat and fire.  The existence of the “fire” element could bring bad temper and disputes according to Feng Shui theories.  Besides, it may also increase the chance of having respiratory system problems.

If the kitchen door faces the bedroom door, the person who sleeps in the bedroom would be affected.  If it is the entrance door of the whole flat that faces the kitchen door, the occupants of the whole flat would be affected.


Door Facing Door Feng Shui of Toilet

Similarly, if a door faces directly the door of a toilet, it is bad door to door Feng Shui too.  The floor plan below show a toilet door facing a bedroom door (in red circle).

Toilet Door Facing Door of Bedroom

(Image source, CC Licence)

What it’s different from the kitchen scenario is that the health problem mostly concerns the urinary system.  Besides, there may be a positive side effect that the occupant of the room facing the toilet may have good romance and interpersonal relationship.


Toilet Door to Kitchen Door Feng Shui

We have seen how bad it is if the room door faces kitchen / toilet door, how about toilet door facing kitchen door?  Unfortunately it is bad too.

Kitchen is where food is prepared, while toilet is where the dirty waste is discharged.  It is logical to think that they should not face each other due to hygiene concern.  For Feng Shui, this door to door Feng Shui situation may bring bad health too.


Door Facing Door Feng Shui Remedies

We always say that the best remedy is prevention.  If you are an architect or interior designer, try not to create such a situation.  If you purchase an existing flat, try to pick one without the door to door facing Feng Shui situation.

If it could not be avoided, try to block the movement of Chi between the two doors.  For example, in front of the door you can hang a curtain so as to block the in/out flow of Chi.


The above are only a small portion of Form Feng Shui techniques, which examines the use of shape, form and size of objects to do Feng Shui irrespective of orientation or direction.  If you want to learn more Feng Shui skills like these, try my online Feng Shui class for dead cheap!  Trial classes are available!

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    Can you please tell if Pooja/temple room door faces bedroom door, Is it good or bad?

    1. Thank you very much for your detailed information. Could you tell me if the one bed room’s door is facing another bed room’s door, is it bad too?

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  9. Its awesome it helps a lot! I am intend to do a little renovation. My main entrance door is facing west. My master bedroom door is facing a garage wall at this moment and I am intend to open a garage door for easy access. Is it OK to open/create a new doorway access to a garage, which may be partially if not directly opposite of the master bedroom door?

  10. Our main door is facing our back door. We are planning to transform the backdoor to a window instead? Thanks.

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