Ba Gua Feng Shui Essentials (1) – Eight Xing-yaos and Choosing Ceiling Light [Feng Shui Master Class 8]

Ceiling light

We’ll start learning Ba Gua Feng Shui in this lesson.

If we have to classify Chi calculation Feng Shui systems, Ba Gua Feng Shui should be belong entry level.  According to this system, houses are categorized into 8 types.  All people are divided into 8 groups as well.  The basic requirement of Ba Gua Feng Shui is to match the house type with the type that the occupiers belong to.

Ba Gua means eight different Guas.  A Gua is a symbol consisting of three lines, either broken or complete.  Eight Guas represent eight directions.  To have a serious study of Ba Gua requires knowledge of Chinese Taoism and the concepts of Taiji (太極), Yin (陰) and Yang (陽).  But for this Master Class, we’ll skip these difficult concepts and let you know only those necessary ideas.

Ba Gua Feng Shui


Not only do the eight Guas represent eight members in a family, they also represent virtually everything on earth, such as colors, body parts, shapes, stages of a process, etc.  We have already seen the meaning of the eight directions, which is in fact originated from the Ba Gua theories.  We shall see more about the meaning of the Ba Guas in the coming lessons.


What is Ba Gua Feng Shui

Ba Gua Feng Shui examines the qualities of different directions according to what Xing-yao falls on different directions in a house.  There are four good and four bad Xing-yaos.  The location of these Xing-yaos depends on the orientation of a house.


The Best Ba Gua Feng Shui

But only knowing the disposition of the Xing-yaos in your house is not enough.  The second level of Ba Gua Feng Shui is to find out the whereabouts of your own Xing-yaos.  In fact, you personally also have the Xing-yaos in eight directions.  The most desirable situation we want to achieve is to have the Xing-yaos of your house matching exactly your own Xing-yaos.  For example, if the Tien-yi (天醫) direction of your house is the same as the Tien-yi direction of your own, this is the best Feng Shui, because by using your house’s good direction your own good direction is also triggered, thus doubling the lucky effects.


The Second Best Ba Gua Feng Shui

The second best situation is to have the four good Xing-yaos of your house the same as your personal four good Xing-yaos in a collective way.  For example, if the four good Xing-yaos of your house is in North, East, South and West, even if the exact four Xing-yaos of yours are not in exactly the same four corners (e.g. the house’s Tien-yi in North while your personal Tien-yi is also in North), as long as they also occupy North, East, South and West (e.g. the house’s Tien-yi in North while your another personal good Xing-yao such as Yien-nian is in North), this is good Ba Gua Feng Shui too.


The Worst Ba Gua Feng Shui

The worst scenario is certainly the total mismatch of the house’s Xing-yaos and your own.  Why?  For example, if according to the house’s Xing-yaos the bed room should be located in South, but South is your bad direction according to your own Xing-yao, no matter you put the bedroom in South or not there is one set of Xing-yaos that could not be satisfied.  In this case you should consider relocating.


The Eight Xing-yaos of Ba Gua Feng Shui

Let us first learn what the eight Xing-yaos are and what meanings/effects they carry.


Sheng-chi (生氣)

It means success.  It is the best Xing-yao among all, which brings good health, wealth and luck.  It would be very best if the critical elements in your house are located here, such as entrance door and bedroom.

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Yien-nian (延年)

Yien-nian is the second best Xing-yao.  It means relationship.  If properly triggered, it could bring good relationship and career.  So it is also good for entrance door and bedroom.


Tien-yi (天醫)

Tien-yi is the third best Xing-yao which good effects on health.  It also bring support from other people.  Usually Feng Shui masters would ask the client to move the bed in this direction if the client suffers from illness.


Fu-wei (伏位)

Fu-wei is the last lucky Xing-yao.  It is still a good one, albeit not as good as the three Xing-yaos above.  It brings gentle growth of wealth and career.


Jue-ming (絕命)

Jue-ming is the worst Xing-yao you could get.  It literally means “losing a life”, or simply “death”.  Its bad effects include injury, poor health, poor career and poor wealth.


Wu-guei (五鬼)

Wu-guei literally means five ghosts, it is the second worst Xing-yao.  It could bring bad health, injury or easy loss of money/properties.  If there is insufficient lighting, this Xing-yao may even attract spirits (ghosts).


Liu-sha (六煞)

Liu-sha brings poor interpersonal relationship and health, it also means water risk (e.g. injury in water, drown).   It is the third worst Xing-yao.


Wuo-hai (禍害)

This is the least bad Xing-yao, do not overlook its bad effects, though.  The adverse effects would not be great in magnitude, yet the effects may be long-lasting.  It mainly brings health problems and quarrels.  It also affects wealth and career.


Dealing with Good Xing-yaos

The best use of good Xing-yaos is the put them into use, especially for critical uses.  What are critical uses?  Entrance door and bedroom.  The entrance door is where you come home and bring Chi into the living space.  Putting it in a good direction where a good Xing-yao locates is beneficial to the occupiers of the house.

For bedroom, since most of us stay in bed for at least 8 hours a day (that is 1/3 of a day), we definitely want to be surrounded by positive energy.

While Sheng-chi is the best Xing-yao which is good for almost everything, there are two Xing-yaos that could bring particular good impacts in particular aspects.  They are Yian-nian and Tien-yi.  The former is good for relationship, so for people who are single, it would be favorable to find a house with entrance door or bedroom located in a direction where Yian-nian locates.

Tien-yi is a good Xing-yao for good health.  A particular use of it is to cure chronic illnesses.  My friend Bob who is a Ba Gua Feng Shui expert helped a client who had heart disease.  The effect was quite good. What did Bob do?  One element of his strategy was to move his client’s bed to the Tien-yi corner.  The positive energy of Tien-yi could help the patient to strengthen his/her body.


Dealing with Bad Xing-yaos

For bad Xing-yao directions, we should never locate the entrance door or bedroom here.  A proper way of using the directions is to put the bathroom, water closet, chimney or storeroom here.

Sanitary and cleaning related uses and storage are the best uses of these Xing-yaos, because according to Ba Gua Feng Shui theories we should never stay long in these directions.  In contrast to the bedroom where we stay 8 hours a day, bathroom and storeroom are places we spend only little time everyday.  Besides, the bathroom is where we clean our dirty bodies and get rid of wastes.  The bad effects of the bad Xing-yaos are exactly what we want to get rid of.


The Whereabouts of Xing-yaos

Ba Gua Feng Shui requires you to fully understand the Xing-yaos.  So I’d rather pause here to allow you to really memorize and digest what’s covered in this lesson.  We shall learn how to find out your own Gua and your Xing-yaos locations.  From there you will know where are your personal good directions.


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Takeaway Feng Shui

There are so many details to talk about internal Feng Shui.  We spent two full lessons on this topic, yet there are many minor topics that should be taught but could not form an individual lesson.  Last week we have seen what impacts air conditioners could bring, this time I’ll teach you the use of ceiling light.

Ceiling light is a good tool to decorate our homes.  Many people like buying beautiful ceiling lights to make their homes more beautiful, but few people know that ceiling light if used improperly could harm.

In my Free Feng Shui 2013 guide, I told you which flying stars locate in what directions.  In fact, you can properly use ceiling light to boost the good luck that good Flying Stars bring.  Similarly, if you installed a wrong ceiling light, it could double the bad effects of bad Flying Stars.

For good Flying Stars 1 and 6, you could consider putting ceiling light with one head (i.e. one light bulb only). The preferred color is white and blue.  For Flying Star 8, the preferred ceiling light should be one with a golden or silver shading and white colored light bulb.

For bad Flying Stars 2 and 5, remember not to use 3-head ceiling light.  The color of the light bulb should not be yellow.

There is also one saying that there should be no ceiling light directly above your bed.  The rationale behind thing saying is that, if you lay on bed with ceiling light right above you, it looks like you lay on the operation bed.  Where the light shades is where the health problem occurs.

Is this saying right?  My experience is that a single light bulb, disc-shaped lighting or fluorescent tube does not really hurt, because they don’t really look like the lamp used in the operation room.  But if the ceiling light has 5 or more bulbs arranged in a circle (similar to the one below), then it would look really like those used in the operation room, and you should avoid using this kind of ceiling light right above the bed.

Ceiling light

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