Feng Shui Tips – Sharp Edges and Corners

There are many little tweaks that you can apply to your home to make it better. Today I am going to introduce a simple yet important thing, i.e. to avoid sharp edges and corners.

Sharp Corners are Bad Sha

In traditional Feng Shui theories, Sha is how we call bad energy. A very common Sha in modern buildings is sharp edges and corners.

Sharp edges and corners of building
Sharp corner is Feng Shui Sha

In Hong Kong, the city where I live, architects used to avoid sharp corners on the external walls of buildings. The reason was that round corners look better. Besides, pointing a sharp corner to your neighbour was not a friendly act.

Round corner is better

Unfortunately, this is a tradition that is no longer appreciated by modern building designers. Sharp corners do not look good, and they cause bad energy. If you can see a big sharp corner of another building right outside your window, chances are that corner is causing negative effect on the health of your family members.

Sharp Edges are Bad Too

Similarly, sharp edges outside and inside your house are also not good. It is quite common to find beams with sharp edges on the ceiling soffit. This is bad if found in bedroom. Even worse if the beam is located right above your head. Health problem of is prone to be caused.

The Remedies Remedies

So what can you do if you find sharp edges or corners?

Try to cover them up. You may build a false ceiling to hide sharp beams. For sharp corners outside your window, it make good use of window curtains.

Try to avoid sleeping in a room with sharp corners and beams. If it is unavoidable, at least do not allow your bed to be faced by them.

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Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (9)

Here we come to the final article in this series. This time, we learn how to read Gua 9 people’s characteristics.

Gua 9 – Some Like It Hot

Gua 9 belongs to “Fire” of the five elements. Just like fire, Gua 9 people are usually active. They tend to be energetic.

Gua 9 people are usually talkative. They can get alone with other people easily. It is their natural tendency to make new friends. They can settle easily in a large group of people.
Gua 9 people are curious about the world. They usually have many hobbies. They would like to explore new things. They are usually outreaching. Outdoor activities are usually their favourite. Even if they stay at home, they would have many things to do to keep themselves busy.
With all the above characteristics, you could certainly agree that Gua 9 people should also be able to act fast. Yes, they are quite fast in making decisions. While other people are still planning, they have already started working.

Gua 9 People – Disadvantages

Gua 9 people act fast. If this characteristic is not used in a good way, Gua 9 people may become too aggressive. They may want to press for the completion of everything, while sometimes things just cannot be done easily. The drive for speed may need to the compromise in quality.
Gua 9 people are very good at getting along with people. But for some of them, they may also be “too good” at their social circles, and get involved in troubles in their relationships.
Gua 9 people are usually weaker in perseverance. They need to learn to have greater patience.

Who are Gua 9 People?

Now you know how Gua 9 are like, but may be you don’t know who are Gua 9 people. The Gua of a person is determined by the year of birth and gender. You can check the following tables to find out your Gua number. You could also read my introductory article about 9 Star Ki to know more.

A point to note: Chinese Astrology regard Spring as the start of a year, and Spring usually begins on 4 February. In other words, if you were born from 1 January to 3 February, you should look up for the previous year when you check the following tables. For example, a person born on 27 January 2001 should be regarded as born in 2000 when determining the Gua number.

Feng Shui 2018: Some Other Advice for the Year of Dog

We have reviewed the best direction and the worst direction in 2018. This time, let’s talk about some miscellaneous things you need to take care of.

The San-Sha You Should Avoid

San-Sha means “the Three Killings” in Chinese. It is associated with bad luck, particularly in the business and career aspect. In Chinese, we usually say a bad position in the company is a “San-Sha Position”.

In 2018 the Year of the Dog, the San-Sha direction is North. If your desk or room is in the Northern corner of the office, chances are you may face challenges in this year. Things that are usually pieces of cake may become unmanageable in 2018.

The Tai-Shui You Should Respect

Tai-Shui means the “God of the Year”. In 2018, the Tai-Shui direction is Northwest. Same as the worst direction in 2018, you should avoid carrying out any demolition or building works in this direction.

If you were born in the Year of the Dog, you would be the first among all people in the same building to experience the bad energy, if there is any building works in this direction in the building. If the building’s door opens into Northeast, it is also not good for occupiers who were born in the Year of the Dog.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to counteract the bad energy of San-Sha and Tai-Shui. Be patient and well plan before you take action is the best advice a Feng Shui master could give.

Feng Shui DIY

Again, please be reminded that the above takes effect in Spring, i.e. usually on 4 February every year, since Spring marks the beginning of a year according to Chinese Feng Shui theory.

Feng Shui 2018: Best Feng Shui Direction in the Year of Dog

Last time we examined the worst Feng Shui direction in 2018, this time, let’s talk about the good direction. Each year, the Flying Stars locate in different directions. By knowing the whereabouts of the Flying Stars, we know the disposition of good and bad energy.

Best Feng Shui Direction in 2018

Southeast is the direction with the best energy in the coming Year of the Dog. The Flying Star in this direction has the strongest energy that brings luck, joy and prosperity.

Now, the problem is, what should you do to make the most out of this direction? Well, if the entrance door of your house is in the Southeast side, then you don’t need to do anything to take advantage of it. As you open and close the door everyday, the dynamic energy could give enough push to the prevailing Flying Star.

Similarly, if there is a water fountain in this direction, you could also expect to see some good influence. Water is associated with wealth. The use of a water fountain, with water flowing every second, has very good effect on the Feng Shui energy.

Feng Shui 2018: Good Direction

What Not to Do in this Feng Shui Direction in 2018

You should avoid affecting the Flying Star in this direction in a negative way. For example, it is advisable not to carry out demolition or building works in this direction. Besides, if the toilet or kitchen is in this direction, the Flying Star may be adversely affected. This is because the toilet and kitchen are where the water closet and stove are located. The dirty water and fire could reduce the positive energy of the Flying Star.

New Year Begins in Spring

Remember, according to Chinese Feng Shui theory, the new year begins in Spring, which is usually on the 4 February every year. What mentioned above are effective from that day onward.

Feng Shui 2018: What Not to Do in Your House

Year 2018 is coming, it is time to make adjustments to the Feng Shui of your home, to make this a prosperous year. Some of you may plan to place Feng Shui decorations in your house. But before you make any changes to your home decoration, let me remind you things that you absolutely should not do in 2018.

Worst Feng Shui Direction in 2018

In Chinese Feng Shui we divide the space into nine mansions, i.e. the eight directions and the central mansion. In each year, there is a mansion that has the worst energy among all. It is the mansion that you should absolutely avoid touching.

In 2018, the worst mansion of all, which is occupied by a Flying Star associated with bad luck and troubles, is North.

What Not to Do in the Worst Direction – North

We should absolutely avoid carrying out building works in the Northern corner in the house in 2018. Building works include construction, repair, alteration, demolition and any other works that involve the building fabric, such as the floor, wall and ceiling.

Feng Shui 2018: Don't do these things

The Flying Star in this direction in 2018 has enormous power in Feng Shui, and it should never be tampered with. Even the most experienced Feng Shui master would avoid carrying out works in this direction.

What if the ceiling in this direction is broken and necessitates a repair? If that is the case, try to choose an auspicious date, begin the works in a good direction first and gradually extend the works to the North. If in doubt, consult your local Feng Shui master.

Now you know which direction is the worst in 2018. Next time, I will tell you other Feng Shui tips for 2018. Stay tuned!

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (8) – The Mountain People

We have already seen two types of people who possess earthy characteristics, i.e. Gua 2 and Gua 5 people. Yet, there is another type of earthy people, Gua 8. Although all three Guas have earthy characteristics, they are not all the same.

Gua 8 – The Mountain

The kind of earth that Gua 8 belongs to is like mountain, in contrast to Gua 2 which is like flat ground. So, although both of them are quite inflexible, Gua 2 people tend to be satisfied with the status-quo, while Gua 8 people may the tendencies to achieve goals.


When try to achieve goals, Gua 8 people could set targets to progressively reach to the top, just like climbing mountains. They have goals but they are not greedy. They would not set aggressive targets but reachable goals only.

Similar to Gua 2 and Gua 5 people, Gua 8 people also have good perseverance. You can’t beat a mountain easily. No matter how hard you hit it, the mountain still stands there.

Gua 8 People – Disadvantages

Looks like Gua 8 people are quite good. Do they have bad characteristics? Yes. as they are quite down-to-earth, sometimes they could go overboard and become hardheaded. They could be a little bit too practical and lack flexibility to handle challenges.

Besides, as rigid as the mountain, Gua 8 people may be less able to appreciate other people’s feeling. They could work hard as an employee, but if they want to be a leader, they need to learn how to drive people to excel.

Who are Gua 8 People?

You can look up your birth year in the table below and find your Gua number. Or, if you want to know more about the theory, read my introductory article about 9 Star Ki please.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

A point to note: Chinese Astrology regard Spring as the start of a year, and Spring usually begins on 4 February. In other words, if you were born from 1 January to 3 February, you should look up for the previous year when you check the following tables. For example, a person born on 27 January 2001 should be regarded as born in 2000 when determining the Gua number.

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (7) – The Soft Metal People

According to Chinese Astrology, everyone is born to belong to one of the nine Flying Stars (Guas). By just knowing the Gua of a person, we could instantly know some of the characteristics of that person. We have learnt how to read the characters of people of Gua 1 to Gua 6 in this series of articles. This time, let us move on to Gua 7.

Gua 7 – Soft Metal

If I need to describe Gua 7 with an element, I would use metal, and in particular soft metal. Gua 7 people has the characteristics of soft metal: ductile, flexible, mobile, fast and outreaching.

Gua 7 people are ductile and flexible. Although both Gua 6 and Gua 7 are metals, they are distinctively different in how they cope with changes. Gua 6 people are like hard metal (e.g. steel beams, giant metal structures) that they could not adapt to new things easily. On the other hand, Gua 7 people are like soft metal, in changing environments they could bend and change shape. This characteristic makes they very good at resisting adverse situations.

Gua 7 people are also mobile, i.e. they tend to move around. They could be good employees if the job requires them to move around, e.g. contact clients at different locations. Gua 7 could also represent transportation, so it is also good for Gua 7 people to be pilots, drivers, etc. or take up jobs that require them to travel or commute frequently.

Gua 7 people can act fast. They are quite smart and can usually come up with solutions to problems easily. They are usually able to reach out to different people and work in a team.

Gua 7 People – Disadvantages

The advantages of Gua 7 people could also be disadvantages. For example, they can act fast but if they put too much emphasis on speed, they may be unable to consider all factors and would make pre-mature decisions.

Besides, with their intelligence and fast action, they may become aggressive and sometimes a bit speculative. If they do not know how to properly manage their finance, this could lead to a big problem.

All in all, Gua 7 people are not bad to work or live with. If you are a Gua 7 person, try to slow down at times when you need to make an important decision.

Who are Gua 7 people?

To find out your Gua number, please read my introductory article about 9 Star Ki. Or, you can find out your Gua number by checking the following tables.

A point to note: Chinese Astrology regard Spring as the start of a year, and Spring usually begins on 4 February. In other words, if you were born from 1 January to 3 February, you should look up for the previous year when you check the following tables. For example, a person born on 27 January 2001 should be regarded as born in 2000 when determining the Gua number.

Feng Shui 2017 (3) – Good Directions in Year of Rooster

Happy Lunar New Year!

In my last two articles about the worst direction and some other bad directions, we have seen too many bad Feng Shui directions for 2017. This time, we shall see some good directions.

You may wonder why this article is published after the Lunar New Year. The fact is, many people are not aware that the Chi of a year does not change right at the first day of the Lunar New Year. According to Feng Shui theories, a year begins on the first day of Spring, which is usually 4 February. In other words, all Feng Shui settings for a new year should only be installed on or after 4 February.

This year, the time of Spring is quite tricky. In many parts of the world, it happens on the 3 February 2017, but in other parts of the world it happens on the 4 February 2017. My advice is you could do all Feng Shui settings on 4 February 2017. It doesnt hurt to start one day late, right? After reading this article, you still have time to prepare for your fortunate year!

Feng Shui 2017

The Most Powerful Feng Shui Direction in 2017

According to Chinese Feng Shui theories, the most powerful Flying Star in the Eighth Yun (Period), which is from 2004 to 2023, is Flying Star 8. This Star occupies East in 2017 Year of Rooster.

For this reason, most Feng Shui masters ask you to put a water fountain or some lucky stuff in this direction. In a way, yes, you could consider East as the luckiest Feng Shui direction in 2017, because the most powerful Flying Star comes to here. The energy here is full.

Just remember, there are always exceptional cases. In some houses, the use of this most powerful Feng Shui Flying Star may lead to bad luck. Why? Becasue it is so powerful! If in this direction there is also a bad Sha (deadly Feng Shui problem), Flying Star 8 would increase the power of the Sha too. It is just like adding fuel to the fire.

So, if you want to leverage the power of Flying Star 8, always consult a local Feng Shui master who could go to your house to check. If not, and you found that you encounter problems in your life, stop placing the Feng Shui stuff in this direction, whatever it may be.

Good Feng Shui Direction for Career / Study in 2017

Flying Star 4 occupies Northeast in 2017 Year of Rooster. If you place your desk here, you may be able to make the most out of this Star.

Again, if you find any problem after doing Feng Shui in this direction, stop immediately.

Good Feng Shui Direction for Relationship in 2017

Lastly, the best direction for love and relationship in 2017 is the centre of your house. Flying Star 1 goes to here. If you are eager to have a boost, place a beautiful vase with some colourful flowers here. Only real flowers count, plastic ones have no power at all. Again, stop doing this if anything undesirable happens, because the Sha that originally exists in the centre of your house, if any, may have bad effect if combined with this Flying Star.

Feng Shui 2017 (2) – Other Bad Directions

Last time, we learnt which is the worst Fung Shui direction in 2017.  This time, let us look at other bad directions in 2017.

Feng Shui 2017

Flying Star 2 – Sickness

Flying Star 5 brings disaster and everything unfortunate, Flying Star 2 is about sickness.  That’s why all Chinese Feng Shui books ask people to avoid if these two Flying Stars are together.

In 2017 Year of Rooster, Flying Star 2 will be located in Northwest.  In other words, if the entrance door, bedroom, kitchen or toilet in your house is located in the Northwest corner, you family members may have a higher chance of having health issues, ranging from more frequent common flu to serious illness or injury.

What not to do: do not hang anything in red or orange colour in this direction.  Avoid all building works as well.

Shui Puo and San Sha

Shui Puo is a direction against the God of the Year.  This is why you should never carry out any building works in this direction.  In 2017, Shui Puo is located in East.

San Sha is another very bad direction.  It literally means “triple killings”.  In fact, it is where the bad energy accumulates in a year, so it is yet another very bad Feng Shui direction.  In 2017, San Sha is also located in East.

See?  East has double troubles.  Although it is still not as bad as South where Flying Star 5 situates, my advice is never do any building works in this direction.  Avoid moving furniture in this corner too.

Tai Shui

Tai Shui is where the God of the Year locates for the whole year.  This is a very important Feng Shui direction.  In 2017, it is located in West.

Again, do not carry out any building works in this direction.  Otherwise, you may get the God of the Year mad and get yourself in deep trouble.

So these are the bad Feng Shui directions in 2017.  Next time, we shall meet the good ones, i.e. the fortunate Feng Shui directions!

Feng Shui 2017 (1) – The Worst Direction

The new year is coming, it’s time to prepare your home or office Feng Shui decorations.  In this Feng Shui 2017 series, I will introduce various good and bad directions, that you need to avoid and make the most out of, in the coming 2017, Year of Rooster.  This time, we shall examine the worst of all directions.

Feng Shui 2017

2017 Worst Feng Shui Direction – South

The worst direction in 2017 is South.  According to Chinese Feng Shui theories, there are nine Flying Stars which would change their locations every year.  The Flying Star that represents bad luck and disaster is Flying Star 5.  This Flying Star will come to South in 2017 the Year of Rooster.

This star is associated with all things bad.  The most important thing to remember is not to increase its power.  Always remember not to carry out any building works in this direction at your home or office.  These include major works such as demolishing a wall, forming an opening on the wall or floor, digging holes on the ground, etc. to minor works such as drilling small holes on the wall for installing a hanger.  The more you carry out works in South in 2017, the more energy and power you give to Flying Star 5.

Besides, try not to put any large red / orange stuff in this direction in the coming year, for example, red carpet, orange picture on the wall or painting the wall in these colours.  Absolutely not.  Flying Star 5 belongs to the earth element, red and orange are the colours of fire.  Placing things in these colours in South in 2017 is like adding fuel to the fire (because fire generates earth according to Chinese Five-element Theory).

What if you need to urgently fix the cracks on the wall?  Can you just ignore the defects and let the house collapse?  Of course not.  In case urgent repair is required, try to carry out the work at other directions first, then gradually extend the work to South.  By doing so, you could have a better beginning, bringing positive energy before the bad effect comes.

Now you know which is the worst Feng Shui direction in 2017 and what not to do in this direction.  Next time, we shall examine other bad Feng Shui directions in 2017.  Stay tuned!

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (6)

In the previous five articles, I have examined the characteristics of people of Guas 1 to 5. This time, let’s learn how to instantly tell the characteristics of Gua 6 people.

Gua 6 – Hard Metal

Gua 6 belongs to metal element. While we could further define metal into hard metal and soft metal, Gua 6 is definitely hard. You can imagine hard metal as large piece of steel which is very strong and rigid, while soft metal is similar to the golden rings and bracelets, which are not for building and construction but for collection and decoration.

Instantly Know Any Person's Characters - Gua 6 - Hard Metal

Gua 6 People’s Advantages

Gua 6 people tend to have strong self-confidence. When facing challenges, their persistence could help them get through difficulties. Imagine how a steel column takes on the heavy loading. This ability makes them honest and reliable. They would not change easily.

These people can act fast, they don’t need much time to think.

Gua 6 People’s Disadvantages

Due to the strong and rigid characteristics, Gua 6 people usually are less flexible. They could not easily change the way they do things. They may not be very talkative and easy to communicate with. They tend to believe that they know the world and how things work (but not necessarily).

They usually project the image of strong men and women in the workplace. However, this also means that they care about how people think about them.

With the above characteristics, Gua 6 people are more suitable to work in stable jobs and industries. The volatile trades, such as marketing and investment are definitely good choices (how could you survive in these industries if you are not flexible enough)?

If I am asked to give advice to Gua 6 people, I would suggest them not to insist to be strong. Sometimes we need to change and adapt to the prevailing environment, even if we do not agree with it.

If you don’t know how to find out the Gua number, please read my introductory article about 9 Star Ki. Or, you can find out your Gua number quickly by looking up the following tables.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (5)

This is my fifth article in the “Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters” series under the 9 Star Ki Collection.  This time, we will look at the characters of people of Qua 5.

Wonder who belongs to Gua 5?  You may refer to the tables below, which originally appeared in my introductory article about 9 Star Ki and divination.

List of Representing Stars - 1901 to 1960

List of Representing Stars - 1961 to 2020

Qua 5 – Central Earth

Same as Qua 2, Qua 5 along belongs to the earth element.  In the traditioal Chinese Luo Shu dragram, 5 occupies the central box (palace), that is why we call Qua 5 the central earth.

Qua 5 – Advantages

Qua 5 people are usually hard working.  They tend to believe in working hard in order to achieve good results.  They usually do not mind having to expereience a hard time before getting fruitful result.  If they idntified a target, they could go all the way to achieve it, no matter how hard it could be.

Qua 5 people are usually self-confident.  They believe in yourself and tend to think that they could win in every battle.  So they are not afraid of challenges and enjoy winning in competitions.

Qua 5 – Disadvantages

If the self-confidence and eagerness to win of Qua 5 people are driven to extreme, Qua 5 people may become over-confident and arrogant.

They may be unable to appraise the problems other people face, and insist to think in their own ways.  They may be inflexible when dealing with situations, especially in cases that involve complex interpersonal issues.  In this respect, you may think of Qua 5 people as rigid earth, stone wall or concrete.

Rigid Stone Wall

Because it may be uneasy for them to understand other people, it may be more common for them to be alone even in a large organization.  But sometimes Gua 5 people do not mind being alone.

Due to all the above characteristics, it is not advisable to suggest a Qua 5 person to take part in any risky decision.  For example, even if the stock market is falling, since Qua 5 people are relatively self-confident, they may insist that their judgment is correct and resist to take appropriate actions to cut loss.  You can easily think of a dozen similar situations.


My advice to Gua 5 people is that they really should listen to other people and be more open-mind.  With their good resistance to hardship and eagerness to win, they have the potential to achieve good results.