2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – September

September arrived, it is almost fall in the Northern Hemisphere.  This is also time for yet another change in Feng Shui cures for this month’s Flying Star arrangement.  In this month there are bad directions of sickness, as well as good ones for wealth and study.  Simply follow the Feng Shui cures below, you could help yourself and your family to live better lives in this month.

Again, there is a validity for these Feng Shui cures.  Apply them on 7 September or later and remove them on 8 October.  That’s it!


September Feng Shui Cures



Where the Yearly Flying Star 3 (of wood nature) meets the Monthly Flying Star 2 (of earth nature), the two would have conflict between wood and earth.  Besides, the 3 – 2 Flying Star combination is notorious to bring interpersonal disputes and conflicts (join the Feng Shui Master Class to see why this combination is bad, plus much more practical Feng Shui knowledge).

This would be bad Feng Shui if this is where the entrance door, bedroom or the desk in the office is located.  To alleviate the problem, you should place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.



This is a “double wood” direction because both the Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars are of wood nature according to the Five Elements Theory.  This combination is good for studying, fame and job promotion, but not good for interpersonal relationship.

Again, if the entrance door, bedroom or the desk is located here, you would be adversely affected.  Try to place something pink here, the bigger the better.



The Monthly Flying Star 8 is supported by the Yearly Flying Star 9.  Since Flying Star 8 is good for wealth and health, you could expect a good life in this month if the entrance door or bedroom is located here.  For office Feng Shui, having your seat or desk in South is also good.


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Beware of your digestive system if the entrance door, kitchen or bedroom is in Southwest of the house.  The Yearly and Monthly Stars have conflict with each other, the emerge of water and earth elements could produce bad effects on the stomach.  You should consider placing something red in this direction.



This is a “double metal” direction.  However, unlike the “double wood” direction, this situation is bad.  This combination may induce injury and health problems, particularly those related to metal.  You should place a glass of water here if the entrance door or bedroom is in this direction. 



The Monthly Flying Star here is 5, which is the big sickness star.  Although the Yearly Flying Star 6 could partly reduce the bad effects, you are still recommended to place a glass of water and a metallic music box here. 



This is a water meets fire direction in this month.  You may easily tell that these two incompatible elements should not be together, so if they really meet there will be bad effects.  The bad effect of this case is bad temper and emotion.  The solution is to place a glass of water here. 



Northeast is good for wealth generation in this month because of the co-location of the metallic and earth Flying Stars.  To further enhance the effects, you can place a glass of water here.



The center portion is occupied by the big sickness star 5 in the whole year.  In this month, it is triggered by the Monthly Flying Star 4.  If possible, you should place a metallic music box here and make it sound often. 


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