2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – October

October comes, the current Feng Shui Month would end soon.  It is time for me to tell you how to improve your luck in the coming Feng Shui Month by applying Feng Shui cures.  There are quite a few bad directions in this month that could bring bad health conditions.  On the other hand, you could also find ways to enhance wealth and relationship.  Simply follow the Feng Shui cures below!

The Feng Shui cures below are valid from 8 October to 7 November 2013.



The Yearly Flying Star occupying East is 3 and the Monthly one is 1.  The combination of water and wood natures of the two Stars could produce bad effects such as interpersonal issues and disputes.  A simple solution is to place something in pink color here in this month.



There is a struggle between wood and earth elements in Southeast in this month due to the presence of the Yearly Flying Star 4 and Monthly Flying Star 2.  Particularly since Flying Star 2 is related to health, you are recommended to place a metallic music box here and make it sound often if this is the location of the bed or main entrance.



This is a direction that may bring bad health condition, particularly related to the respiratory system including the lung and throat, since there are two Flying Stars, 7 and 9, together.  Together they may cause such bad effects, you should consider placing a large piece of stone here if it is where the main entrance or bed is located.


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The Yearly Flying Star 2 (which is bad for health) is supported by the Monthly Flying Star 9, the end result is higher chance of health problem.  Please place a metallic music box and a glass of water here, if it is where the major elements such as main entrance, kitchen or bedroom locates.



There is the “big” sickness Flying Star 5 here in this month, luckily the Yearly Star is of metallic nature according to Five-element Theory, the metallic nature could reduce the bad effects.  Despite this, you are recommended to place a glass of water and a metallic music box here.



This is a good direction for study, fame and job promotion in this month due to the existence of the Monthly Flying Star 4.  However, this Star is not compatible with the Yearly Flying Star.  There may be chance of metallic wounds (i.e. injury or bodily condition related to metal) if this is where the main entrance, kitchen or bed room (or any other places where the occupant would stay long) located.  Try to place a glass of water here.



This is where water meets earth, which is not good for the urinary system including kidney and urinary bladder.  However, it could be good for relationship.  What you need to do is to place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.



This is a lucky direction for wealth in this month.  If you want to push the good effects even further, try placing a glass of water here.



The Monthly Flying Star 3 of wood nature attacks the Yearly Flying Star 5 which is of earth nature.  The worst thing is the Flying Star 5 is related to sickness.  Again, a metallic music box could help.


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