2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – November

Feng Shui Almanac

It’s November now, Winter will come to Northern Hemisphere soon.  There a some directions that may attract sickness in this month.  Beware of having bodily conditions like flu and cold.  On the other hand, there are good directions such as Southeast, which is good for study and job promotion.  Try to make good use of these lucky directions.

The Feng Shui cures below are valid from 7 November to 7 December 2013.



Originally East is a direction for disputes ad troubles in this year.  Luckily, this month the Monthly Flying Star 9 arrives, it could reduce the bad effects of the Yearly Flying Star 3.  Besides, it may also add to the chance of having happy events in the family.



When the Yearly Flying Star 4 and Monthly Flying Star 1 meets, the “4 – 1” combination is favorable to study, examination, job promotion and fame.  If you need to attend any examination or interview, make good use of this direction by studying in this corner in your house.



The battle between “fire” and “metal” elements could produce bad effects to health, particularly for head, stomach or lung.  A cure is to place a big white pebble in this direction.


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With the arrival of the Monthly Flying Star 8, the “earth” element is doubled.  This is good for wealth generation but may also bring bad side effect of bad health.  You may place a glass of water or a metallic music box here if Southwest is the direction of entrance door or bedroom.



There is a battle between “metal” and “wood” could produce bad effects to health, such as injury.  You should place a glass of water in this direction.



Same as West, there is also a conflict between “metal” and “wood” in this direction.  You should also place a glass of water here if this is where the entrance door or bedroom locates.



The Yearly Flying Star 1 meets Monthly Flying Star 7.  This produces a good effect of good relationship, as well as higher chance of having wealth growth.  It would be nice if the entrance door or bed room is in this direction.



The Monthly Flying Star 5 comes to Northeast in this month.  It is the biggest sickness star, so you may expect health conditions in your family members if the entrance door, kitchen or bed room is located in this direction.  A cure is to place a metallic music box here.



The Monthly Flying Star 2 arrives the central portion of the Flying Star Map.  It adds to the bad effects of the Yearly Flying Star 5.  This would have bad effects to health.  You should place a metallic music box here.


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