2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – May

Feng Shui Almanac

Time to implement Feng Shui Cures for May!  Every month as the Monthly Flying Stars relocate, new problems and opportunities arise.  In this article I shall share with you where the problematic directions are.  I’ll also point out where the monthly wealthy and study directions are, so that you can maximize the use of them to bring luck in money, study and job promotion. The following Feng Shui cures are valid from 5 May to 5 June 2013.  We consider these days as in the same ‘Feng Shui month’ which is different from the Gregorian Calendar.  If you are interested to know about the rationale behind, plus other practical Feng Shui skills that you can do at home, please consider joining the Feng Shui Master Class. Feng Shui Almanac

May Feng Shui Cures



This is where the Yearly Flying Star 3 and Monthly Flying Star 6 meet, the metal and wood nature in conflict, there may be injury or health problems if you sleep in this direction of the house, or the entrance door is located here.  You should place a glass of water here to help to reduce the bad effects.  



This is yet another direction where metal and wood meet, because the Yearly Flying Star 4 (wood) and Monthly Flying Star 7 (metal) are co-located in this month.  Similarly, you need to put a glass of water here if either the entrance door or the bedroom is here.  



The Yearly lucky Flying Star 9 in South is supported by the Monthly Flying Star 3, so this direction could bring happiness if the entrance door or bed room is here.  There is no need to put anything here to fix, because this direction is already quite good in this month. 



This is a double-sickness direction in this month.  Both bad Flying Stars, 2 and 5, are located here (one is the Yearly and one is the Monthly bad star).  If the entrance door is in this direction, or the bed or bedroom is in this corner of the flat, there would be high chance of getting sick in this month.  You should place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.  Alternatively, a metallic wind chime (preferably with 6 tubes) would also help, if there is a windows with blowing wind in this direction.  



This is a good direction for wealth growth.  Thanks to the Yearly Flying Star 7 and Monthly Flying Star 1, if the entrance door or the desk where you do your home office or investment (in other words, all money-generating activities) is in this direction, you could have good luck in wealth.  



Stay away from this direction if you have problems with your lung, stomach, throat or respiratory system, since there is a conflict between “fire” and “metal” here, between the Flying Stars 6 and 9.  You should place a stone here if it is where the entrance door or bedroom location.  Even if this is only where the living room situates, you should stay less frequently here.  



Good news for students or office employees who want a promotion.  This is a direction that brings good luck in examination and interview, because of the Flying Stars 1 and 4.  You should move your desk here if possible, or place a vase with 4 luck bamboos (or any plant in green color).  



This is a direction of dilemma, on one hand the Flying Stars could bring wealth, on the other hand they also bring sickness, because both Monthly and Yearly Stars are of “earth” nature.  You should place a metallic music box or metallic wind chime here.  



The center is a yearly sickness location, the Monthly Flying Star 8 aggravates the situation in this month.  The solution is to place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.  Besides, do not carry out any building/repair works.

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