2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – March

Feng Shui Almanac

This Feng Shui Cures series is about what you need to do in response to the changing Feng Shui.  Feng Shui is by no means static, it changes over time.  From my FREE 2013 Feng Shui guide you could learn a Feng Shui setting that is good in the Year of Snake.  However, the Flying Stars relocate every month.

This is why this Feng Shui Cures series is published every month.  In these articles I shall tell you exactly what to do to fine-tune the Feng Shui of your living place in response to the changes of Feng Shui every month.  Today, I’m sharing with your the March Feng Shui cures.

These settings are valid from 5 March to 4 April.


March 2013 Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui Almanac


The yearly “earth” characteristic meets the monthly “earth” characteristic.  The struggle between the two is not good for you.  You should put a piece of red stuff here, such as a red area rug or red wall-hung picture.



The yearly Flying Star 4 meets the monthly Flying Star 9, the “wood” characteristic of the former enhances the “fire” characteristic of the latter.  If your bed is located in the Southeast corner of the house (measured from center) or the entrance door opens into this direction, there may be happy occasions in your family, such as job promotion, new baby, marriage, winning lottery, birthday, etc.  (It certainly depends on your own destiny, though)



Although this is a good direction for the whole year, in this particular month there is a illness-related Flying Star coming to here.  If the bed, kitchen  or entrance door is here, you should put a metallic music box or wind chime (with six tubes), PLUS a glass of water here.

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This is the yearly sickness direction, however, the monthly Flying Star reduces the bad effects.  You could even put a glass of water here to further reduce the bad effects and enhances your luck in wealth.



Here is where the Flying Stars 3 and 7 encounter, the bad effect that they generate could not be overlooked.  You should place a glass of water here to reduce the problem.



Similar to Southwest, the bad effects of a bad Flying Star was reduced by another Flying Star.  You could put a glass of water here for better wealth.



Yearly Flying Star 1 meets the monthly Flying Star 6, this is particularly good for relationship as well as wealth.  If your bed or entrance door is located here, you could be benefited from the good effects.



This is another direction where the “wood” and “earth” struggle.  Similar to East, you should put a red stuff here.



This is where the sickness Flying Star 5 meets the Flying Star 1.  This phenomenon is not good for health, particularly about kidney, urinary bladder and the urinary system.  You need to put a metallic music box here and make it sound often.


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