2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – June

Feng Shui Almanac

June has come!  Time to have new Feng Shui cures for your home!

Yes, Feng Shui is not static.  It changes every year, month and day.  Even if you have followed my instructions in the Feng Shui 2013 free e-book, you are advised to slightly adjust the Feng Shui settings at home / office every month for the best protection and luck.

This is why I have this monthly Feng Shui cures column in this blog.  Simply follow the guidelines below, you could keep the Feng Shui setting of your home/office up to date.

The following Feng Shui cures are valid from 5 June to 7 July 2013, according to the Feng Shui month.  This is why the duration is not the same as a Gregorian month.

Feng Shui Almanac

June Feng Shui Cures



There is a Flying Star 3 here for this whole year, while in this month the Flying Star 5 comes.  The latter is a sickness Flying Star and the Flying Stars are not compatible.  If the main entrance of your home or the bed is located in the East, you should place a metallic music box here and make it sound often to reduce the adverse effect of the sickness Flying Star.



There is a conflict of “metal” and “wood” here due to the co-location of Flying Stars 4 and 6.  You should place a glass of water or a steady water feature here.  Do not put a dynamic water feature such as a water fountain with running water.



The monthly Flying Star 2, which is a sickness star, is boosted by the yearly Flying Star 9.  So if your home’s entrance door or bed room is in this corner, you should place a metallic music box and a glass of water here.



Unfortunately Southwest is also not a good direction, because the yearly sickness star is attacked by the monthly Flying Star 4.  You should place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.



This direction is not good for lung, stomach, throat and respiratory system in this month, if possible please place eight white pebbles here.



Finally there is a good direction!  Northwest is a direction good for wealth growth in this month since the yearly wealth star is supported by the monthly Flying Star 8. If possible, stay in this corner to make any money-related decisions such as buying stocks.  It would be even great if the main entrance door is here.



You should place something red in this direction in this month, since the conflict of two Flying Stars may cause interpersonal disputes.



The struggle of “water” and “earth” is not favorable to the kidney and urinary system.  Avoid sleeping in this direction in the house.  If possible, place a metallic music box here to cure.



To center is the big sickness location in this year.  Luckily, this month’s Flying Star 7 comes to here to help to reduce the bad effects.  To further reduce the negative energy, place glass of water here.

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