2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – July

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It’s the middle of the Year of Snake.  Half of the year has completed.  Are you satisfied with your life in the first half of the year?  If your answer is yes, congratulations.  If unfortunately your answer is no, this article may offer you a helping hand.  Here I provided some practical Feng Shui settings that are designed to make use of the Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars.  Follow these instructions to get the best out of the good stars and avoid the bad effects of the bad stars.

The Feng Shui cures below are valid for the period of 7 July to 7 August. 


July Feng Shui Cures



This is a direction where both the Monthly and Yearly Flying Stars have “wood” characteristic.  This is favorable to study, examination and job advancement.  But this combination also has a side effect of more disputes and conflicts with other people.

To maximize the advantages, you should place a glass of water in this direction.  On the other hand, to reduce the exposure to disputes, you should place something in red or pink here.



The Yearly Flying Star is “wood” while the monthly Flying Star is “earth”, the struggle between wood and earth would lead to the outbreak of sickness.  If the main entrance or bedroom is located in this direction, it is likely that the occupiers would have sickness in this month.  A simple solution is to place a metallic music box here and make it sound often.



The Monthly Flying Star 1 conflicts with the Yearly Flying Star 9.  When there is a water – fire struggle like this, you’d better place a plant here, to use the “wood” to neutralize problem.

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The Monthly Flying Star 3 has “wood” characteristic, while the Yearly Flying Star 2 has “earth” nature. This is not only the problem of wood – earth struggle, but also a problem between Flying Stars 2 and 3, which is a very notorious combination (you could learn more about how to interpret Flying Star combinations in the Master Class).  You should place a metallic music box here this month.



This is a good direction favorable to making money, because the Yearly Flying Star 7 is supported by the Monthly Flying Star 8.  You could place a glass of water to further enhance the effects.



There are two “metallic” Flying Stars in this direction.  However, this doesn’t mean that there will be double effects just like the “West” direction.  The double “metal” effect is too strong, you should place a glass of water here.



This is a “earth”  meets “water” direction in this month, it may lead to health problems in the digestive system.  You may consider placing something red here to reduce the bad effects if the entrance door or bedroom is located here.



This is another good direction for wealth generation, since the Yearly Flying Star 8 is strengthened by the Monthly Flying Star.  Good if the entrance door is here.



Originally the central portion is occupied by the big sickness Flying Star 5 in this whole year, luckily the Monthly Flying Star 6 comes to neutralize the bad effects.  You could place a glass of water here for further improvement.


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