2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – February

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Welcome to this regular column, 2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures.  In this article we shall see the particular Feng Shui cures that are required to fix Feng Shui problems of this month.  Apart from getting rid of bad luck, you will also learn how to implement good Feng Shui for good luck.

Do you know Feng Shui changes every month?  Yes, Feng Shui is about the interaction among time, space and people.  As the time changes Feng Shui changes as well.  Other than the 2013 Feng Shui plan I introduced in the FREE Feng Shui 2013 guide, you are suggested to follow the Feng Shui cures in this article to fine-tune the Feng Shui of your home.

In general, South, Southwest, West, Northwest, North, Northeast and Center are where Feng Shui cures should be implemented, particularly for Southwest, Northeast and Center that are not good for health.  Check out the instructions below for cures.

The instructions below are valid from 4 February 2013 to 5 March 2013, which is the first Feng Shui month of the Year of Snake.


February 2013 Feng Shui Cures



East is where the yearly Flying Star 3 meets the monthly Flying Star 9, the bad effects of Flying Star 3 (quarrels, disputes) are naturally reduced by the Flying Star 9 (happiness).  You could maximize the good effects by placing something red, pink or purple here.  A generally good direction if the entrance door, bed or kitchen is here.



Southeast is a good direction for study, because the Flying Stars 1 and 4 meets here.  This direction is best used for placing the desk here for students, as well as people who work at home.  If your cubicle/seat/desk is located in the Southeast of the whole office, this is also a good direction of the month.



This is a direction where “fire” fights against “metal”, so it is not good for health, particularly related to head, stomach, digestive system and lung.  To solve this problem, you should place a big stone in this direction.



This is a direction of “double earth” in this month, however, both sickness and wealth would become stronger.  I’m sure that you only want wealth but not sickness, so if the entrance door, bed or kitchen is located here, you should place a metallic music box here, and make it sound often.  Alternatively, you can place a metallic wind chime here with six tubes.



The monthly Flying Star 4 is attacked by the yearly Flying Star 7, you should place a glass of water here to enhance your finance as well as improve study (for students) or work (for white-collars).



This is a direction not good for health because of injury or accident.  If the entrance door, bed or kitchen is located here, you should place a glass of water here.



The yearly “water” Flying Star is enhanced by the monthly “metal” star, which is good for wealth as well as happiness.  There could be good things to happen if the entrance door or bedroom is located in this direction.



Similar to Southwest, this direction is also a “double earth” one that would make wealth and sickness goes up at the same time.  The Feng Shui cure is the same, put a metallic music box or wind chime here.



Again, a “double earth” place in this month.  Avoid having any construction/building/repair works here, so that the bad effects would not be triggered.


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