2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – December

Feng Shui Monthly Plan

This is the last month of Year 2013.  In Feng Shui, however, this is only the pen-ultimate month of the Year of Snake.  Not until 4 February 2014, we are still living in Year of Snake, so the good and bad directions of the year remain unchanged.  We should still pay attention to the relocation of the Monthly Flying Stars, because their interactions with the Monthly Flying Stars would produce unexpected effects.  This is why I have this monthly Feng Shui cures section in this blog.  Simply follow the instructions below and you can get through this month! 


December 2013 Feng Shui Cures

The Feng Shui cures below are valid from 7 December 2013 to 6 January 2014.



There is a conflict between “Wood” and “Earth” in East in this month, you are suggested to place a red stuff here, such as red carpet or painting, if this is where the main entrance door or bedroom is located.



The Monthly Flying Star 9 meets the Yearly Flying Star 4, this produces a sign of happiness.  Good things may happen if Southeast is where the main entrance or bedroom locates.



The Monthly Flying Star 5, which brings sickness, is supported by the Yearly Flying Star 9.  In other words, if the main entrance, bedroom or kitchen is located in South, the chance of the occupants having sickness would be higher.  If this is the case of your house, you are suggested to place a glass of water and a metallic music box here and make it sound often.


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The Yearly Flying Star 2, which is a sickness star, is weakened by the Monthly Flying Star 7.  You may even place a glass of water here to further strengthen the effect and attract wealth.



There is a bad Sha here, the 3 -7 Sha, which means the co-location of Flying Stars 3 and 7, in West in this month.  This is not good for health and relationship.  You should place a glass of water here if it is the direction of the entrance or bedroom.



The Monthly Flying Star 2 is weakened by the Yearly Flying Star 6, so the chance of having sickness is not as strong as it should be.  But for the sake of health you should consider placing a glass of water here if this is the location of the main entrance or bedroom.



The Yearly Flying Star and Monthly Flying Stars are of “Water” and “Metal” nature, their co-location is good for relationship as well as wealth.



There is a struggle between “Wood” and “Earth” in Northeast in this month.  You should place a big red stuff here such as a red carpet or painting.



The Yearly Flying Star 5 is not compatible with the Monthly Flying Star 1, this is not good for the urinary system.  You should consider placing a metallic music box here and make it sound often.


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