2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – August

August has come, it’s the middle of the hot Summer in the Northern hemisphere.  Starting 7 August, the eighth Feng Shui month in the Year of Snake has arrived, the Monthly Flying Stars’ locations are once again changed.  This affects the Chi inside the house, an originally good direction could turn into a bad one almost overnight.  Although you may have made the necessary Feng Shui settings for the Year of Snake according to my FREE Feng Shui 2013 book, you are recommended to fine-tune the Feng Shui at home or in the workplace in order to get the most out of the good Flying Stars and avoid being affected by the bad Flying Stars.

The Feng Shui cures are valid from 7 August 2013 to 7 September 2013.


August Feng Shui Cures



As always, we begin with East first.  Both the yearly and monthly Flying Stars in this direction are of “wood” nature.  This means that there may be more interpersonal disputes and conflicts happening if the entrance door, bed room or desk (for workplace) is located in the East of the house/building.  You are recommended to place something big and red in this direction to dilute the bad effects.



For Southeast, three are two Flying Star 4 here.  This Star is very good for study, job promotion and fame.  It would be great if the entrance door, bed room or desk is located here.  Otherwise, try to place four lucky bamboos in this direction instead to make good use of these Stars if you are a student or a working class.



This is a happiness direction in this month.  It’s good if the entrance door or bedroom is located here.  However, you should beware of risk of fire, in particular when the kitchen is located in South.

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This is a double sickness direction where both the Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars are bad.  You should put a metallic music box in this direction and make it sound  often.



This direction is where the Yearly and Monthly Flying Stars 7 locate.  It would be advisable to place a glass of water here.



Northwest is the direction of change and wealth in this month.  Good to have an aquarium here, or some metal ornaments would be good too.



This direction is very good for interpersonal relationship and love.  If this is what you want, place a glass of water here to maximize the positive effects.  On the other hand, if you think you have too much “Tao Hua” (relationship/love), you can place three pots of plant here to reduce the effects.



This is the best direction for wealth generation in this month.  It would be great if the entrance door, desk or room is here.  Place a glass of water here to make the positive effects even stronger.



The central portion of a building is where the Yearly and Monthly big sickness stars meet.  You are strongly recommended not to have any building works here.  Besides, place something of metal and could produce sound here if possible, such as a metallic music box or wind chime.



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