2013 Monthly Feng Shui Cures – April

Feng Shui Almanac

This article explains the monthly Feng Shui cures for April.  Feng Shui is not static but changes every month.  Even if you have downloaded my 2013 Feng Shui guide and acted accordingly, you need to fine tune the Feng Shui of your home every month to ensure your family is fully protected against bad Feng Shui and enjoy the best Feng Shui throughout the year.

The following Feng Shui cures are valid from 4 April to 5 May 2013.  Why these odd dates?  Because Feng Shui changes according to Chinese Feng Shui calendar, not the gregorian calendar.


April 2013 Feng Shui Cures



Since the monthly Flying Star 3 flies to this direction and interact with the yearly Flying Star, there is a higher chance that accident and injury may occur if this direction is where the entrance door or bedroom of your home is located here.  You should place a glass of water here to mitigate the bad effect.



The monthly Flying Star 8 with has an earth characteristic meets the yearly Flying Star 4 of wooden characteristic.  The conflict between wood and earth would cause trouble.  It is better to place something red here.



This is a lucky direction in this month because the monthly Flying Star 4 meets the yearly Flying Star 9.  If the entrance door or bed is located here, there may be happy things that happen.



Although this is a yearly sickness direction, the monthly Flying Star 6 of metallic characteristic could help to reduce the bad effect.  This is not much you need to do here.



The monthly Flying Star 2 which is a sickness star comes, to ensure better health if your home’s entrance door or bedroom is located here, you should put something metallic here, such as a metallic music box.



The monthly and yearly Flying Stars are of water and metallic characteristics.  This is good for both interpersonal relationship (plus relationship) and health.  This is a lucky direction you can utilize by placing a vase with a colorful flower here.



The monthly sickness Flying Star 5 comes here, so this is not a good direction for health if the entrance door or bedroom is here.  The respiratory system, kidney or urinary bladder may be affected.  It is better to place a metallic music box here.



You should put a big red thing here since there is a conflict of wood and earth.  The monthly Flying Star 3 conflicts with the yearly Flying Star 8.



The center is a yearly sickness location and the situation is worsened by the coming of the monthly Flying Star 9.  To protect the health of your family, you should put a glass of water and a metallic music box here.

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