2013 Feng Shui Cures – January

Do you know Feng Shui changes every month?  And combined with the yearly Flying Star disposition, the good/bad effects may be doubled!

Starting this year, I’ll start a 2013 Feng Shui cures section, where I’ll provide monthly Feng Shui design tips according to the monthly Flying Star disposition.  I’ll tell you where are the good directions of the month and what you should do to capture the positive energy.  I’ll also tell you what directions to avoid.  The current month’s Feng Shui cures are exclusive to my Feng Shui Master Class members, if you have not yet joined us, click here!

NOTE: The content of this post is valid through 3 February 2013.


January 2013 Feng Shui

East is where the yearly Study Star 4 meets the monthly Relationship Star 1.  This direction is good for study and examination.  If you need to attend an examination in this month, you should study in this direction of the room or place the desk here.

Southeast is where two bad Flying Stars meets, if unfortunately your house’s door, bedroom or kitchen is in this direction, you should put something with metal and water characteristics here, such as a music box and a glass of water.

South is good for interpersonal relationship as well as wealth, it’s nice if the door or bedroom is here.

Southwest is where where the yearly Flying Star 3 comes, it should be a direction of disputes.  However, the monthly Flying Star 9 arrives here in this month, so it reduces the bad effect of the Flying Star 3 and bring happiness.  So you don’t need to alter the Feng Shui here.

West is a “double-earth” direction in this month, so bad health may appear if the bed, door or kitchen is here.  The solution is the same as Southeast.

Northwest could be a bad direction with the implication of loss of wealth, and adding the monthly Flying Star 4 may mean bad health and injury.  You should put a glass of water, aquarium or water feature here.

North is similar to West because it is also a “double-earth” direction with Flying Star 2 involved.  You need to do the same as in Southeast and West if the bed, kitchen or door is located here.

Northeast is where “fire” and “metal” characteristics combat, so you need to put a stone here.

Center is also not a good direction.  If in the unlikely case your bed or door in located right in the middle of the house, you should place a glass of water or a vase with water here.

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