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Feng Shui Almanac 2014 Year of Horse

Auspicious Dates for Wedding Listed below are good days to get married. The exceptions mean that if any one of the couple belongs to that zodiac sign, that day is not good for the

Feng Shui 2014 (2) – How to Improve on Love & Relationship

This is the second article of the Feng Shui 2014 series.  In the previous Feng Shui 2014 article, we have seen why South and North are directions you need to beware of in 2014

Feng Shui 2014 (1) – Beware of South and North Directions

It’s late October now, Year 2014 will come soon.  Same as previous years I’ll write a series of articles in this blog to highlight the do’s and don’ts in different directions in the coming

Feng Shui Almanac 2013 – Auspicious Days for Wedding, Business, Travel, etc.

In this 2013 Feng Shui Almanac, you will find the luckiest days to prepare for the new year, make big decisions, open new shops, getting married, travel, etc. in the Year of Snake.  Chinese