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Feng Shui 2017 (3) – Good Directions in Year of Rooster

Happy Lunar New Year! In my last two articles about the worst direction and some other bad directions, we have seen too many bad Feng Shui directions for 2017. This time, we shall see

Feng Shui 2017 (2) – Other Bad Directions

Last time, we learnt which is the worst Fung Shui direction in 2017.  This time, let us look at other bad directions in 2017. Flying Star 2 – Sickness Flying Star 5 brings disaster

Feng Shui 2017 (1) – The Worst Direction

The new year is coming, it’s time to prepare your home or office Feng Shui decorations.  In this Feng Shui 2017 series, I will introduce various good and bad directions, that you need to

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (6)

In the previous five articles, I have examined the characteristics of people of Guas 1 to 5. This time, let’s learn how to instantly tell the characteristics of Gua 6 people. Gua 6 –

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (5)

This is my fifth article in the “Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters” series under the 9 Star Ki Collection.  This time, we will look at the characters of people of Qua 5. Wonder who

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (4)

We have already seen how to read the personality of people of Gua 1, 2 and 3.  This time, I will show you what are the typical characteristics of Gua 4 people. Gua 4

Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters (3)

We have come to the third article in this Instantly Know Any Person’s Characters series. This time, we shall look at the personality of people of Gua 3. Gua 3 – The Big Tree

Instantly Know Any Person’s Character (2)

Last time, we examined how to read the characters of Gua 1 people.  This time, let’s learn about people of Gua 2. The Nature of Gua 2 Gua 2 belongs to the earth element

Instantly Know Any Person’s Character (1)

In my Introduction to 9 Star Ki article, I have explained that people born in different years have different Guas (卦).  The Gua of a person could be used to do fortune telling.  Do

Who are Your Noble People that Give You Luck?

This article is about noble people who give you luck. In Chinese Astrology, there is a theory that people have different types of energy. If you know what kind of energy you need and

Prediction by Date of Birth – Predicting Your Luck in a Year, Month, Day and Hour

In the last article in this “Prediction by Date of Birth” series, we have seen how you can find out your representing star by checking your date of birth.  The significance of the first

Feng Shui 2016 – The Good Directions with Great Power

In the previous Feng Shui 2016 article, we have briefly looked at the bad directions to avoid in 2016 Year of Monkey. This time, we shall learn what are the good Feng Shui directions