Instantly Know Any Person’s Character (2)

Last time, we examined how to read the characters of Gua 1 people.  This time, let’s learn about people of Gua 2. The Nature of Gua 2 Gua 2 belongs to the earth element

Instantly Know Any Person’s Character (1)

In my Introduction to 9 Star Ki article, I have explained that people born in different years have different Guas (卦).  The Gua of a person could be used to do fortune telling.  Do

Who are Your Noble People that Give You Luck?

This article is about noble people who give you luck. In Chinese Astrology, there is a theory that people have different types of energy. If you know what kind of energy you need and

Prediction by Date of Birth – Predicting Your Luck in a Year, Month, Day and Hour

In the last article in this “Prediction by Date of Birth” series, we have seen how you can find out your representing star by checking your date of birth.  The significance of the first

Feng Shui 2016 – The Good Directions with Great Power

In the previous Feng Shui 2016 article, we have briefly looked at the bad directions to avoid in 2016 Year of Monkey. This time, we shall learn what are the good Feng Shui directions

Feng Shui 2016 – The Bad Directions that Bring Bad Luck

Year 2016 is coming, same as previous years, I am going to provide some Feng Shui ideas for you to live a lucky new year. In this first article in this Feng Shui 2016

Prediction by Date of Birth – The Myth of Year of Birth

In the last article in this prediction by date of birth series, I have introduced how to find out your representing star by referring to your date of birth. Although the representing star changes

Prediction by Date of Birth – Introduction to 9 Star Ki

The method of prediction by date of birth that I am going to introduce is 9 Star Ki.  Most of you should have heard of its name before, but chances are you don’t know what

Introduction to Divination

Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology has long been the major focus of this web site, but on and off there are readers writing to me inquiring about other aspects of numerology, including fortune telling,

Feng Shui 2015 – What Colors and Accessories to Use?

This article explains what Feng Shui colors and accessories to use for your home and office Feng Shui in year 2015. In previous years, I published yearly Feng Shui guidebooks to explain the Feng

Important Message about This Site… and Hong Kong

This is an important message about Feng Shui DIY.  If you have been following my posts, you would have noticed that this site has rarely been updated in the last few weeks.  I must

Feng Shui Myths (3): Bad Marriage, Bad Relationship

Over the years, I have heard so many rumours about how bad Feng Shui at home could cause bad relationship.  These rumours sound very reliable because they are usually supported by Feng Shui theories